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Friday, January 30, 2004  
Guess who has a brand spankin' new Snood keychain? Yes, 'tis moi. See, unlike the vast majority of humanity, I actually took pity on the poor code slinger who made the thing. That is to say, I registered for my Snood. And got a keychain. Which is exceedingly cool. I'd post a picture of it but, you know, dead photohost and all that.

Last night I got very excited, because I finally figured out how to take scanned in ink images (such as the ubergeeky comic book character stuff I do) and color them properly in Photoshop. Huzzah! It takes forever, but looks quite smooth. I'm obviously still pretty amateur with it, but this is progress, people! Progress! It's good to know. I don't think it'll ever replace markers for me (god I love those damn Prismacolors), but it's nice for several reasons, not least of which is the infinite color palette. I'd post what I've done so far, but the dead photohost prevents that.

Then we had our guest artist lecture... it was late tonight, at 7. Before I had dinner with Heather, Heather, and Helena. Sigh. Those allierative and repetitive Michigan names again. Heather II isn't actually in the art school, she's in the LSA. Heather I, of course, is art school. Anywho, the lecture sucked immensely, it was some painter from India who couldn't paint to save her life. Plus, feminist. Ugh.

I'm supposed to go out and get Flowers for Algernon for english and some gray middletoned paper for drawing, but I am not going back out again today. It's too damn cold for going out again, unless I get some major sort of impetus to do so.

Bio lecture today was the arthropod guy again, Mr. George Hammond. He's in the insect division of the Museum of Zoology here at good ol' UMich. He's quite good and I greatly enjoy his lectures. Anyways, I had a good, solid 10 minute conversation with him after class. It started out about greenhead flies (we were talking about biting members of diptera in class), and ended up about the art school and what classes I should try to take next year for a dual degree. He asked if I was interested in biological illustration, which of course I am. Then he said I should talk to Joe Trumpey who, as we all know, is my drawing teacher. Whom I adore. Adore Adore Adore.

Ah, I love that class. Both classes, actually. Animal diversity and drawing. In drawing right now we're doing texture, so Prof. Trumpey brought in a bunch of different things from the science illustration department for us to choose from. I picked a white-tail deer pelvis. It's spiffy. I'd scan it in and show you what I've done on it so far but, you know, dead photohost. Can you sense my irateness over that dead photohost?

I went to Michigan Book and Supply with Kevin this afternoon, since I had nothing better to do and he had to return (or try to return... long story) some of his books. They screwed him over immensely. I learned many things of great import. Anyways, a little bit after I got back from that I went to the Starbucks on State St. (which is right near Michigan Book and Supply) for an english paper meeting with Liz and Sang Woo. Then I get back and check my email. What should be in my inbox but an email from my drawing teacher, saying that we're going to need middletoned gray paper for our next class. The big art store 'round these campusy parts is Michigan Book and Supply! I was out that way twice today. And I get told that I need to go there after I'd been there. Aargh. And, indeed, aargh.

Well, I guess I can go pick paper up tomorrow when I trot down to the State Theater to get Donnie Darko tickets. They're doing a midnight showing tomorrow, so Heather and I are going. And maybe Helena. And maybe Katy. And maybe Kevin. And maybe Beth. And whosoever else would like to go too, as it happens. It promises to be good times, despite the fact that we'll undoubtedly freeze ourselves solid walking down there and back in the dead of night.

Now it is time for some links to Things Which Are Filled to the Brim with Awesomeness.

Weebl never stops making things that are glorious. How does he does he do it? How? I know not. Anyways, the man who brought you Weebl and Bob, Scampi, and the extremely famous Badger Badger Badger animation has done it again. It's ace. The animation is glorious, the song is more so. Damn him.

A brief interlude to say that Kevin just stopped by on his way out to go and get holes poked into him. I made noises of protest, but to no avail. I just hope I managed to dissuade him from getting the eyebrow ring. Kevin, if you read this, THAT'S SKETCHY (as if the others aren't).

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And ha! Ah. The Jewish Hero Corps. Featuring the 8-armed, flame flinging Menorah Man and his cohorts, the likes of Yarmulke Youth (the Capped Crusader-- I kid you not-- with a utility belt featuring trick yarmulkes) and Minyan Man (who can multiply himself into 10 people) and several others. Oy, just go see. I laughed out loud and nearly sprayed macaroon all over my screen.

Menorah Man!

French artists. Piffle. Extra piffle when they're only three years older than me and about 8 million times better than I am/ever will be. Go see Lunatique/Anamnesique. Well, go see the Lunatique half, anyways. That girl's artwork blows my mind into little, teeny tiny shards. Eensy weensy little bits. I am going to have to hunt her down and eat her spicily talented brains in order to Gain Her Power. Her illustrations are awesome, her animations are awesome, her style is Tim Burton meets Johnen Vasquez meets Vera Brogosol. The illustration of Death and the girl playing chess especially makes me squeal in jealousy. Too damnably good.

I sent links to Corey and Chris, and they both loved it. Corey thought the style was great, and Chris got extremely jealous of her skill, as I was. See, Corey doesn't have to get jealous, because he's probably the best artist I know. This includes some of my professors. The rest of us mere mortals suffer at the sight of this good internet art. But of course we view it anyways.

Oh, and the guy's stuff (Anamnesiaque) is OK too, but not half so good as the girl.

If you want proof that Boston fans are insane, you ought to go see Boston Dirt Dogs. It's sort of the main fansite for the Red Sox, but this time of year they do Patriots business as well. I've been checking it pretty regularly all year. They're all raving lunatics, and we love them for it.

For more psyching-yourself-up-for-Superbowl-Sunday goodness, check out The Boston radio station, you know. Anyways, their intro right now is a glorious video of Patriots still images set to U2 music. Ah, so lovely.

I was alerted to that one by Adam from Massachusetts, who lives down the hall from me and is possibly a more insane football fan than I am. The lucky bastard is going back to Boston this weekend to party Patriots-style. He came over to gloat at me and say (I quote), "Go check out the WBCN homepage. It'll put a smile on your face." Squee! :-)

Oh, and I was chatting with Curtis in drawing on Thursday. We were talking about something or other to do with the fact that he prefers photography to drawing and why this would lead him to get a real job sooner than me. He said something like, "Yeah, you'll be calling me up and paying me to take pictures of your children," to which I of course replied, "Whoever said I was gonna procreate?" At this he laughed and said, "OK, pictures of your cats, then." Damn. These people know me way too well.

Right, that's enough. I've things to do and souls to consume. Good day all, and GO PATS!

4:11 PM

Monday, January 26, 2004  
Well, no blogs in a while because I am what they call Too Busy and also Freaking Lazy.

I have a drawing assignment to do and an english paper to write, so this'll be brief.

I've gone mad and arsed about with the code on the side so that the links are all rearranged and whatnot. There are new ones up, old ones deleted, and everything is made to shine like new. Check it out, if you will.

I've been watching the Winter XGames. Yesterday past champion Blair Morgan and expected champion Tucker Hibbert were both upset by Mike Island in the Snocross event. Oy, it was a great race, with people flying all over the place (but thankfully not getting permanently injured), and all sorts of switchery and trickery. Madness. Anyways, Island was a great underdog win, especially beating Morgan, but I kind of wanted Hibbert to win. Ahh well.

Island in the blue, Morgan in the yellow, Hibbert in the green.
photo courtesy of

MotoX (the bikes... like those crazy dirt bikers, only on snow) Best Trick was this afternoon. The so-called 'Godfather' of the sport, Mike Metzger, and his protegée, Nate Adams, had tying scores for second, and so came in second and third. Upsetting them was Caleb Wyatt, making use of his spectacular no-handed, no-footed backflip. Wyatt was actually the first rider to ever land a backflip, but others learned it and quickly overshadowed him, bringing a lot of angry talk about his getting overlooked when it came to awards. Anyways, he kicked bum today, despite missing the landing on his second jump and completely wiping out. The score on his first jump was still high enough to get him the gold.

Men's snow pipe is tonight, I'll probably watch it. Sara is an enormous fan of Shaun White. Eh, I'm not so much. I really don't like his hair. And, you know, he's younger than I am. Hrmph.

We're under a winter storm warning until Tuesday night. Ugh. says, and I quote, "IF YOU MUST TRAVEL... KEEP AN EXTRA FLASHLIGHT... FOOD... AND WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE IN CASE YOU BECOME STRANDED. IF YOU LEAVE THE SAFETY OF YOUR HOME YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE AT RISK." Lovely. And let's bear in mind that the worst of it is probably going to be tonight or early tomorrow morning. And I've got to be out of the dorm by 8 am tomorrow morning. Infinite Joy Shall be Mine!

OK, really need to go do homework now. I shall endeavor to blog more often in the future, I promise.

8:24 PM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004  
Well, I am sorry about the picture not showing up in the last blog. It was of the delightful transformation of my room now that my roommate has removed herself, and how her bed has been made into a futon with bright blue sheets, and the walls are covered with colorful yet tasteful car posters. VillagePhotos was my image host, see, and it appears that they are no longer doing free external linking. Which sucks, because now I don't have any sort of image host. Blast and tarnation. If anyone knows of a free image host, let me know, eh? It's getting a little ridiculous, since I use it so much, and I haven't got one. I'm almost tempted to find a good one and pay for it. Emphasis on the 'almost'.

Anyways, school is going OK. The early classes are still not fun to wake up for, and I fell asleep in CFC and art lecture today, but I stayed awake for bio and english. As opposed to last week, when I was awake for CFC but asleep in art lecture, bio, and english. Two out of four classes filled with wakefulness. That's already better than when I had the roommate! And I haven't gotten to sleep as early as I might have liked this week, because I have/had tons of work and it's been brutal. But I plan to go bed nice and early tonight, and we shall see how I hold up on the morrow.

I usually stay awake in my Tuesday/Thursday classes, mind you... those are the ones I need to be out of the dorm by 8 am for. Not fun. But I'm done by 3 on Tuesday and by 7 on Thursday (but with a big break in the middle), so it's not half so bad as Monday and Wednesday, when it's straight through from 9 to 7 with nary a rest. Friday is fine, I get up early for bio, but then I am gloriously, immaculately done.

Our guest lecturer in bio (it's animal diversity, OK? But 'bio' is so much easier to type out and say, and technically it is a biology class, so bio it is) today was some variety of paleontologist fellow, whose name I now forget. He looked so much like Tedy Bruschi that it freaked me out continously for the entire hour-long lecture. Who's ever heard of a paleontologist looking like a football linebacker? He had the face, the build, the hair... it was unspeakably bizarre.

Anyone see the State of the Union address last night? I saw bits and pieces of it across the hall, whenever I just couldn't do work anymore and had to take a break. Nuculer. Sigh. And apparently we're allied with Poland and Bulgaria? Er, hooray. I'm sure they give us lots and lots of military support. I love how they zoomed in on Ted Kennedy at one point, and he was frowning and shaking his head at something Bush was saying. Ah, Kennedy.

The parts I saw seemed to mostly be Bush trying to justify his actions in the Middle East (still? isn't it a little late for that now?). He also said something about taking a hard stand on steroid use in sports, which I didn't really see the need for in a State of the Union address... what's it got to do with the president? I believe Jon Stewart, being interviewed by Tom Brokaw (sp?) afterwards said, "Yeah, I wish he could've gotten into instant replay too." Ha. And ha.

But the (presumably related) highlight, of course, was the shot of Tom Brady! At the State of the Union address! I think it said he was there as the 'guest of Laura Bush', which caused Beth to exclaim, horrified, "Ohmigod! He's sleeping with Laura Bush?!", which of course led me to vehemently correct her. No. That would be a Supreme Wrongness.

Today in english I became acquainted with Matt the Musician, Elizabeth the Senior in a Freshman English Class, and Sung Woo the Korean From Ireland (don't ask). Elizabeth and Sung Woo are going to be my 'small group' for the rest of the semester, which means that we have to meet with each other in a Starbucks or somesuchaplace before each paper is due, so that we can rip the writing in our rough drafts to tiny little shreds. If, that is, we can find time in our overloaded schedules. More particularly, my crazed and overloaded dual-degree schedule. Sigh. Matt and I traded short papers today when we had to do so in class, and then when we were supposed to be talking about the papers we just chatted amiably.

I rather like my english class so far. It's only 17 people, and they're pretty good people for the most part. We have quite a few characters in there, and not just the ones I mentioned in the previous paragraph. There's Hesch the Egyptian Alcoholic, and Scott the Disillusioned Lions Fan, and Joe the Chinese Golfer Extraordinaire, and Mega the Architect with Horribly Highlighted Hair, and The Millionth Kate I Have Met at Michigan (another one of those repeat names, like Adam, or Heather, or Kevin), and Kia the Hottest Guy Possibly in the Entire State of Michigan (I shouldn't post stuff like that online, huh?), and of course Danny, who's about fifty separate characters in and of himself.

And I really like my english teacher, Jaswinder. He's very good, seems extremely intelligent, is quite personable, and he also has a good sense of humor, which is key in a small class like that. Something my CFC teacher seems to be a little deficient in is humor, and trust me when I say that that's not a good scene.

Oh, he also hates the Yankees. He's a Cubs fan which, you know, isn't as great as a Red Sox fan, but if he hates the Yankees and their ilk, he's OK by me.

Huh. Will you look at that. I just this very moment ran across a blog called Ann Arbor is Overrated. I was running a search for something completely unrelated and came up with this. It's written by a grad student who apparently is either from Boston or has lived there at one point... I'm not certain, I haven't gone through all the archives. Anyways, she now is at school here in Ann Arbor and has much to complain about.

In accord with her, I can heartily attest to the fact that Shaman Drum Bookstore is "the most confusing-ass bookstore in the entire world". This is fact. I also agree that there are no goddamn grocery stores, and I have to go all the way out to Meijer, on the bus, just to get string cheese, and this is an Insurmountable Evil. Also, why no CVS on central campus? I feel there ought to be a CVS.

A lot of her complaints are things I can't really identify with, though, as I'm not paying outrageous rent or dealing with cunningly evil landlords (being in the dorms, and all), and I don't have a car to worry about (although lord knows that everyone who does have one has gotten enough tickets already).

Then again, I'll bet this woman has never lived with Brynn.

Oh lord, I promised myself I'd finish the project for the Envelope show tonight. Oh! I nearly forgot.


Right then. Do that. I'm going to go work on my piece, and maybe finish it, and then all shall be kittens and roses.

Kittens and roses, I say!

*We're going to say that shows at the school-affiliated WORK gallery in Ann Arbor don't count. We're talking actual, non-school-related art exhibit. Oh dear. I'm going to make myself hyperventilate from excitement now.

8:14 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2004  

Ha ha! Super Bowl XXXVIII, here we come! Carolina Panthers, here we come! Oh, t'was a most glorious game to watch. I was quite beside myself for much of the time. Ty Law (who, may I remind you, went to the University of Michigan) had three interceptions. Our defense in general was spectacular, as it generally has been this year. They were intercepting and sacking Peyton Manning all over the extremely messy field. Of course, having Tom Brady throw in his steady, intelligent, level-headed way pretty much all game was a great help as well. That bizarre safety we got when they chucked the ball over the punter's head had me squealing in joy, much to Amanda's amusement (I was watching it in her room, since I no longer have a TV. More on that later in the blog).

That said, I must confess to some worries. Tedy Bruschi came limping off the field at one point, which is most decidedly not a good thing. OK, so we held off the Colts for the rest of the game without him. But let us bear in mind that the Colts were already pretty demoralized at that point, whereas Carolina is going to be riding high. We've got a whole lot of really good players on defense... Law, McGinest, Vrabel, Washington, Hamilton, Phifer, and so on... so it's not as though the entire defense is riding on one player, but Bruschi really is a key point. I don't know, I just hope that he's playing in peak condition by the time the Super Bowl rolls around.

Also, Vinatieri made a lot of field goals (5) in this game. Yes, great, shows that our kicker knows what he's doing, which is a good thing. But the worrying bit is that an awful lot of those field goals came when the Pats had stormed down the field, gotten into goal range, and been unable to turn the drive into a touchdown. We still got points, thanks to Vinatieri, and we beat the Colts anyways. But is that going to fly in the Super Bowl? I am concerned. Most of those drives really, really ought to have ended in touchdowns. I'm not sure why they didn't (sudden spurts of concentration on the part of the Colts defense, complacency on our side of the ball, whatever), but that's definitely something that's going to need to be looked at most carefully before Feb. 1.

I don't particularly like that Brady threw his first interception in 10 home games during this one. OK, so Manning threw a whole heck of a lot more (4). I still don't like it. There were a couple of throws by Brady that probably should have been picked off but weren't. Now, that might have been because of alert Patriots smacking the potential interceptors, and it might have been because of the snow making things slippery, but it is a fact that Brady got really lucky a few times today. I don't like the idea of the Pats relying on luck against the Panthers. Hopefully Brady'll have his wits about him in Houston, and there won't be any issues.

But hey! WE WON! I put a tracing paper Patriots symbol on my window, and a large Go Pats sign on my door. Oh yes, I am excited. Headin' to Houston! Two Super Bowl trips in three years!

A side note, who else noticed the fedoras on Deion and Jim before the game? Deion is always well dressed, so it didn't surprise me to see him wearing the best hat ever created, but I will admit that Jim surprised me. Both looked good in them, thusly adding further proof to my theory that every guy looks hot in a fedora. I spoke with Chris after the game about the fedoras, as he had also noted them with glee.

OK, now, a lot has happened since I last properly blogged, so I am afraid the entry's just going to get longer from here.

Thursday night was the guest artist lecture. This week it wasn't so much a lecture as a performance. The artist is called Dred, and she is a 'gender illusioning woman'. A drag king, to be more precise. Her entire spiel was about assumptions about gender, and things of that nature. I know, it sounds lame, but it was actually really, really good. She was very good at dressing up to look like a man (and she made a very attractive man too, I might add), and she was quite funny. The crowd reacted to her quite well.

After that I had dinner with Heather, Helena, and Yoko (she lives in MoJo). We nearly perished in the extreme cold, but we lived to feed ourselves. We decided to make it a 'thing' and have dinner together every Thursday night. Helena was extremely hyper for some reason, which is saying something, since she's very high-energy even on her most sedate days. I'm certain the singing and shouting coming from our table annoyed everyone else in the place, but such is life. It was highly amusing.

On Friday night I did a whole lot of nothing. I spent most of the night sitting next door in Sara and Elisa's room with them and Kevin. We watched some old movie called Now and Then, for lack of anything better to do. Much chattage was had, and Kevin appropriated my phone for a very long while, causing me to attack him out of fear that he was doing evil things to it. Well, he deserves such suspicion. He got smacked around a little, and I got my phone back with none of the address book altered, so everyone won. Elisa spent the night playing with one of my kneaded erasers. She likened the consistency of it to 'cement poop', which I find confusing, but there you are.

Guess what also happened on Friday night? *insert deliriously happy giggling here*

The roommate moved out!

Yes! It is the sovereign truth! I guess one of her friends in Alice Lloyd (the dorm next door) had a single, and this semester he moved into his frat. So she worked it that she got his room! She moved all of her stuff out on Friday night, with the exception of a bunch of boxes and trash that she kindly left me. Didn't even say goodbye. I was sitting next door with Sara, Elisa, and Kevin the entire time, and by the time I got back to the room, all traces of her were gone (excepting, of course, the garbage). Our rooming history concluded as delightfully as it began.

My joy at her departure knows no bounds. I will be able to sleep on weeknights! I can listen to my music whensoever I please. No more bad rap! No more Britney Spears! Never again shall my rest be disturbed by the TV or the brightness of a computer screen or the strident ringing of a cell phone at odd hours. Never again shall I have to worry about kicking unwelcome visitors out, or about waking up to their odious presence. Never again shall I have to suffer the choking smell of her coming in after a bout of heavy smoking.

I don't know if housing is going to stick me with a new roommate or not. But no one's said anything to me yet, and I'm rather hoping that they don't. Lord knows I deserve a single after the horrors of this semester, and lord knows I could use it, with the batshit insane schedule I've got now. People I've spoken to tend to think that, this late in, it's not real likely someone will move in here, but we'll see. Anyways, I'm going to utilize the room as though it's going to be mine and mine alone for the duration of the year, and we'll just deal with what comes as it does.

The room is now wonderous beyond belief. It seems much larger now, despite the fact that the exact same furniture is present in the exact same locations. As one of my hallmates said, though, it's a wonder that two people ever fit into it. I put some lovely bright blue sheets on her old bed, got a couple of pillows, and brought out my fleecy Swampscott Big Blue blanket. It has now been reclaimed and made into a couch for everyone's seating convenience.

This is why I no longer have a TV, see. I probably will have one by the end of the week, though. Shelby said it was like a horrible marriage that never should have happened and has just now ended in divorce: we were sniping at each other the entire time, we both complained about the other to our respective friends, and when she went she took the TV and left me all her garbage. Ah, the amusement of analogy.

The one problem, other than that of the TV (which will swiftly be fixed), was that the walls around her former living space were now entirely bare, and made the room look depressingly unlived-in. I don't really have any big art I could put up there, and a lot of what I do have is pencil work that wouldn't help matter much. I didn't have any extra posters either. I needed a quick decorating fix. What to do?

On Saturday night me, Shelby, Pam, and Sara went to the Auto Show in Detroit. It was absolutely insane. The place was huge and was packed with people (and, unnervingly, cops). We stayed for several hours, and there's no way we saw everything. There were a lot of concept cars that had me going bug-eyed at the skillful industrial design that went into them. There were a lot of cars in general, actually. Everyone you could think of was there... Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Ferrari, Nissan, Lincoln, BMW, Honda, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, Jeep, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Volvo, Lexus, Aston Martin, Hyundai, Maserati, Chrysler, Porsche, Cadillac, and countless others. There were some there I had never even heard of, like Scion, or Saleen.

We went around and gawked at the nice cars, and sat in some of them. We saw a group of people sitting in one of the big SUVs. They had turned the radio on and tuned it to a rap station, and were enjoying themselves by rocking out in the middle of the auto show. We had a laugh at that.

The Jeep area was very atmospheric. They had fake lampposts and cliffs and under foot they had green carpet meant to be fake grass. We were highly amused by this. They also had a waterfall set up that spelled out JEEP in the water. Quite impressive, in a cheesy kind of way.

I probably can't convey the atmosphere of the place accurately unless you were there. It was enormous, and packed, and there were shiny cars everywhere, and it frelling rocked. I, of course, took pictures, which you may peruse here. If you already saw them (I had them up last night), you may want to look again. See, I asked Dave to look through them and ID them all for me, which he very kindly did, including intelligent and insightful comments on each. So, armed with this wealth of information, I've updated all the captions. Well worth viewing again, I should think, now that all is filled with car information and incomparable Dave wisdom.

Anyways, after the Auto Show we went to Meijer, because that's we do here in Michigan. That's when I got the pillows for my new seating area, and I got some more yogurt and popsicles (which, despite the obscenely biting cold, everyone eats as often as possible). But I forgot to get more string cheese, alas.

Back to the problem with the room. What's to be done about these depressing, bare walls? Well, I had just got back from the Auto Show, armed with a bagful of car pamphlets. What the heck else was I going to do?

there was a picture of my room here, but villagephotos decided to suck, so now it is no more

It's still not done, since I still have tons of pamphlets left to work with, and I think I'm going to try to incorporate some of the pictures I took into it. But it looks loads better now than it did before. I really like the (unintentional) way that the blue of the Chevy poster and in a couple of the other cars pictures picks up the blue of the sheets. So now it looks like I'm entirely car-obsessed, despite the fact that I'm not. I mean, I enjoy cars, and I like knowing about the new designs and ideas and all, but I'm not as obsessed with them as I am with, say, cats, or football.

But the moral of the story is that Auto Show pamphlets = quick, creative, attractive decorating fix for your dormroom or similar habitation.

OK, I probably should get to bed now, as I've tons of homework eyeing me hungrily for tomorrow. Check out those Auto Show photos, celebrate the Patriots victory, and do whatever else seems good to you.

10:19 PM

Roommate: gone!

Room: transformed!

Her former bed: made into my own personal futon!

Detroit Auto Show: attended!

Pictures from said Auto Show: here!

Proper post: soon!

Probably tomorrow.

1:02 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004  
Just a quick note (I know, I know, I don't blog for weeks and then do two in two days) of this new comic I done found out.

Yea, yea, I know I gave you all hordes of links yesterday. But I'm always proud when I can find a link of my own, rather than just picking the good ones off of b3ta.

Anyways, it's called Fallen, and yes, it's a webcomic. Rather like Strings of Fate* in style, only more, you know, finished. The main character, Faustus, actually looks an awful lot like Tony from SoF, but that's neither here nor there.

Once you get over the occasionally heavyhanded anime/manga style, you get a nice taste for the artwork and realize it's pretty good. Most of the time. Yeah, you all know my (overwhelmingly negative) feelings on manga. But the colored pages of this especially make me forget my anger. Storyline... eh, what the hell do I know, it's not Shakespeare, but it was certainly engaging enough for me.

Right, so, check it out.

Not much doing today. It being Tuesday, I had to be out of the dorm by 8 am, which was heinous, but I lived. Drew some boxes, discovered that I have a better grasp of two-point perspective than some of the people in the class, but that might have been because I got stuck sitting between two sorority girls who couldn't draw in the least. They sang Backstreet Boys songs at one another over my head for the entire class. That's three hours, mind you.

Came back to the dorm, ate lunch with Beth. The grilled cheese was disappointing, but they had ceasar salad, which made up for it.

Then off to bio discussion. It was our first discussion so far, so we had to say our names, why we wanted to be in the class, and our year. Well. There are only a few freshmen in my discussion. Most everyone else is an upperclassmen. There were a couple of grad students (!), although I didn't know they could even take the same classes as us. Ah well. We talked about all manner of things relating to biodiversity. The class looks like it's shaping up to be really good. So far it's almost too easy for me, but remember kids, that's what I said when chemistry started too. And we all know where that got us.

After discussion I was supposed to pick up the reading for tomorrow's english class in my teacher's office. He had given us his room number, but I had only the vaguest ideas of how to find it. My discussion was in Mason Hall, and his office was in Angell Hall. This is all one building... sort of. Angell Hall was the original one (it's got a gorgeous front on it... all high white columns and whatnot), and they kept building additions to it, so now it's attached to Mason Hall, and Tisch Hall, and Haven Hall, and probably some other stuff I don't know about.

right, that there's angell hall. the front bit, anyhow

Well, I guess Mason hall isn't that big, because it didn't take me very long to find my way into Angell Hall proper. Once in Angell Hall, though... oy. Not a good scene. The place is vast, and the hallways wind about in utterly inexplicable ways, and the numbers on the doors don't seem to go in the proper order sometimes. After wandering about for ages I finally found his office and grabbed the handout. I then floated around aimlessly, following Exit signs that didn't really lead to exits, until I got to some stairs and found myself being spit out a tiny little side door all the way on the opposite side of the building from where I had come in. It being an enormous building, this meant I was quite thoroughly turned about. Found my way back eventually, but I couldn't get back to that room or the door I came out of if I wanted to.

After that little adventure I hung around the dorm for a bit, did some reading, did my CFC homework, and generally mooched about chatting with dormfolk. My CFC homework was to do the preliminary work for our latest project... you know, the conceptual notes and sketches. I got them done, but unfortunately made a sketch that I absolutely adore and think is 110% perfect. This means that I will never, ever, ever be able to reproduce it in the slightest for the final. This always happens, and never fails to piss the hell out of me.

Yeah, that's about the sum of it. I have another 10 hour day o'learnin' to look forward to tomorrow. Probably won't be able to stay awake. I barely got up today. To make my life easier, dear roommate is on the phone working out drinking plans for tonight. Drinking. As in, getting drunk. Are we all aware that it's a Tuesday, here? Am I the only one who sees something just slightly the matter with this?

If she keeps me up tonight I am going to have to kill her.

*SoF currently on hiatus, if you didn't know. Damn good while it happened, though.

7:41 PM

Monday, January 12, 2004  
Hey all, I'm really sorry about the recent lack of blogging. But I've been obscenely swamped with too much work and too much class and not nearly enough sleep. Since I really need to write something, I shall cut and paste an email I just wrote to Noah in reply to one he sent me. It's pretty much a compressed version of what I would blog anyways.

Hey Noah--

Things are still pretty crazy here. I have obscene loads of work, which is not aided by the fact that I have class or transit to/from class for a little less than 10 straight hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I'm not sure when it'll ease up, but hopefully it will.  If the first couple of weeks back are supposed to be the easy ones, this does not bode well for me.

Yeah, roommate is pretty evil.  Still.  Keeping me up at all sorts of hours, instead of letting me sleep so I can get up for my obscenely early classes. But I've met some cool new kids here too (to make up for her heinousness to some degree)... my CFC class (kind of an art class) has some good buddy Megan from last semester is in my class... new buddies are Olivia, Hae Jin, and Alexander.  Hae Jin is from Korea.  

My drawing class is tolerable... the teacher gives us really hard assignments, and they have to be done really neatly, which doesn't work for me when I'm doing pencil or charcoal.  Which is what we use.  They take me freaking forever, and we're supposed to use tracing paper to make cover sheets for them, so I have ripped tracing paper all over my desk.  The kids in there... I dunno, I'm waiting on them to see how good they are.  If they all suck at drawing I shall obviously judge them and secretly hold them in contempt.

My art history lecture teacher looks exactly like Willy Wonka.  Dresses like him too, which is eerie.

My english class is bizarre, you'd probably get a kick out of it.  Our teacher's name is Jaswinder (Juss-WIN-derr), and he's really young... looks like he's still in his 20s, although I guess he could theoretically be a good early 30s. The class is called Genius in Film and Literature, so we're watching movies like Pollack and Amadaeus and reading things like Flowers for Algernon.  There are a couple of art kids in there, which is nice, because I've never had any art students in my academic classes before.  This kid named Danny who's a little nuts and is also in my drawing class, and some weird girl who's a senior.  No idea why she's taking a freshman english class.

Bio seems really good so far.  I don't know anyone in the class, but it's OK because it's a big lecture, so it doesn't matter much.  The teacher is really engaging and interesting, and we're learning about the sort of things that I go nuts over. Essentially the Book of Time revamped.  Er, that thing me, Jess, Kate, and Corey did last year in AP Bio.  It's great.  We've got tons of really expert guest speakers lined up on the syllabus, so it should be glorious.

Er, yeah.  Met some more fun kids from my dorm already semester.  Mike from the fourth floor, and Gabe from (I think) the third.  Or maybe second.  Gabe is from New York and is a big Yankees fan, so I had a lovely little shout at him about that.  Ah well, he's a nice kid in spite of it.  He's a really good singer.  Mike is an engineer and tried to help us fix the door at the end of our hall when it was slamming every 10 seconds and driving our entire hall to insanity.  They fixed it over break, thank cats.

Anyways, I hope you've been watching the Patriots.  Conference championship this Sunday!  I'm a little worried about it, to be honest.  The Colts and Peyton Manning have been looking really good recently.  I was pissed when the Packers lost the other night, because I'm a fan of Bret Favre.  Sorry, I know you don't care a whit about football, but I simply cannot help myself.

ha ha. i love patriots fans. photo courtesy of oh, and oddly enough, the guy wearing the thermometer is from marblehead.

Err... what else has been going on?  I saw Lord of the Rings again with buddy Heather at the Michigan theater, which is an extremely cool and old-fashioned movie theater on campus.  Great movie, even the third time around.  

This past Friday I had mad crazy hijinks on North Campus with my friend Seth. It was very loud and crazed and involved lots of running around in the biting cold.

Yes, it's been bitterly cold here lately, but today was actually pretty warm. It was snowing out, so my roommate was complaining, but at this point, if you can go outside without your face actually *hurting*, it's considered warm.

Ah, yeah.  I think I should probably do some drawing work now.  Probably. Possibly.  Sorry the email's kind of long.  Oh, there is a distinct possibility that I will be going to the Detroit Auto Show this Saturday with Pam and anyone else who wants to tag along.  Or maybe just us.  Anyways, let's hope I get to go.  If I do, I intend to taunt Dave.

Hope all is well with you.  Honestly, you can talk on the phone for hours, but you write such puny emails.  Tsk.  Shameful.

Er, and that was that. The end of the letter. Sorry I haven't the time to, you know, write a real blog.

To make up for this lameness, I have some things filled with awesomeness for you to look at. And you really ought to look at them, for they are awesome beyond awesome.

The IRC Bible is absolutely freaking hilarious. I laughed out loud, then giggled, then laughed again. You can almost see the religious nuts going red in the face right before your eyes. Truly, a thing of intellectual beauty.

Here is a glorious little animation which will make you squiggle about in your seat for sheer joy. Featuring the best internet animation tiger ever, a chipmunk with awesome hair, and the jazziest meerkat you ever did see. And others. And good music. Just... go see it.

If you watch this little jem all the way through... well, it starts out normal and harmless enough, and then it just keeps going, and things just keep happening, and they increase in weirdness, and oh my. Oh my. Oh dear. Yes. One of those. A must see for those who like weirdness, those who like banjo/guitar duels, those who like squirrels, and those who like penguins. Not for those who like KFC.

Yes, it's another link to an animation featuring an animal band. But you usually can't go wrong with squirrels. And you can never go wrong with squirrels rocking out on harmonicas.

Hee hee hee. You know that game, Simon? With the colored lights? And the sounds? And they light up and sound in and increasingly complex order and you have to hit them in order? Well, this is an Internet version. But, like all good Internet versions, it's done with swear words. And you can do it in many different languages. Educational in that let's-get-the-teacher-to-say-french-swear-words-at-us kind of way.

This is one of those, Er, Wow sort of animations. The music makes me want to quote it in an away message. It's just so random, yet catchy and nicely done, that you can't help but bow before its inexplicable greatness.

Yes. If you don't view all of the above links, you are a fool and do not deserve use of the Interweb. That is all.

10:12 PM

Monday, January 05, 2004  
Aaaannnd... I'm back at school. The roommate still isn't back yet, so my insanity is still relatively intact, but unless I get some miraculous sort of good luck, that's soon going to not be the case. Curses.

So I've got a massive headache, and I'm very tired, and I need to get up very early tomorrow for class. And there's a massive blog backup, because I haven't blogged in a long while. Sorry. Hopefully I'll be able to get everything in before I knock off for the night. And hopefully it'll be coherent. So this will probably be a long blog, and you probably ought to read it all the way through, because it's probably chock full of goodness.

My family succeeded in visiting the triumvirate of cool museums. I believe I already mentioned the ICA. We also went to the DeCordova, which has the kick-assingest sculpture garden in Massachusetts. Probably in New England. Possibly in the country. Anyways, you visit the site, you can see what we saw, good stuff. Especially the Pat Keck exhibit with the creepy wooden doll things. That was a fine exhibit because you could play with it. Some of the sculptures would have little cranks and you could go up and turn them and all sorts of merriment would occur. Yes. Anywho, we got lost coming home, and ended up navigating by the setting sun (OK, that direction is west, so we wanna go this way). My family could have been sailors in the days of yore.

We also went to Mass MoCA, which just might be the single coolest museum in the entire history of museumdom. My mother's approximation of the time needed to get there turned out to be quite optimistic, and instead of two hours it took something more along the lines of three. Some of those three were spent high in the mountains, driving through an actual cloud, which meant that visibility did not extend past 2 feet in front of the windshield. Fun! But worth it.

If you visit the site you can check out 'corpus', which is the new big gallery thing at Mass MoCA. There was a lot more paper on the ground when we went than there is in the picture there. It's essentially a huge room with onionskin paper falling from the ceiling and all over the floor. There are also big pendant speakers that rise all the way to the ceiling and descend all the to the floor and made cryptic announcements throughout. Very, very cool, and very impressive when you're actually there. Joyously interactive, too. All the little kids were running around and playing in the paper like it was snow (except for one who stood on the stairs and refused to move, staring at the room with a look on his face that plainly said 'what the heck is that?'), and people were trying to catch the paper as it fell from the ceiling. I made a paper crane out of a sheet and stuck its tail through a hole in the top of one of the speakers when it was low, so I have contributed to the artwork. Ooo la freaking la.

There were a bunch of other exhibits, of course, including some pleasantly weird photography that bothered my brother, whirly things in a dark room that made noise and looked like they were about to hit you in the head, and a temple made out of pink seran wrap. Good stuff. If you've ever got the time/inclination to go to North Adams, you really ought to. The museum is greatness wrapped in more greatness. And the bathrooms are wicked cool too.

The night before New Years was rather bizarre. Noah dragged me along to Dave's house at first, where I watched Dave, Noah, and Brian play car video games (I did not play because I suck at those kinds of games). Then we drove off to pick up Jason, and then we went to 7-11. Brian and Noah ate beef jerky. I was openly appalled. In the parking lot we met up with Maura, Kate, Corey, and Helene. For lack of anything better to do, we went to a happening at Brie's (sp?) house. Yes, Brie. Like the cheese. Only, you know, a girl from Marblehead.

delicious brie

Anyways, it was an odd and uncomfortable group of people there. We were there, and Rebecca and Elana were there, so that's alright. But there were also a slew of Marblehead high school seniors who were surreptitiously asking each other who the heck we were, just as we were surreptitiouly asking each other who the heck they were. Then some random people from our grade showed up, like Chandra and Eugene and Noam. Cue awkward standing around.

At one point Jason and Dave were conversing about something or other, and Dave made an amusing remark about Jason's mother (all in good fun, mind you). Upon hearing this remark, Jason let fly with a kick that hit the surprised Dave squarely in the tenders. Dave went sort of bug-eyed and collapsed onto the floor. Helene, Kate and I laughed. Oh, how we laughed. In a sort of damn-we're-sure-that-hurts-but-isn't-it-funny-how-his-knees-just-gave-out-like-that? kind of way.

I ended up having to drive Noah's car out of Marblehead, since that was the safest course of action. I don't like driving his car. The gas pedal decides to give you an extra burst of energy at random times, and it made me nervous. I'm a fan of my mother's (soon to be my) good ol' Toyota station wagon. Cars just don't get much better than that sweet little automotive.

Then we went to Jason's house and played the new Mario Kart, which is OK, but not half so good as Crash Bandicoot Racing. That game gets in your blood, and stays there, lurking ominously, waiting for the right moment to leap out and attack. Erm. Yes. Anyways, apparently I suck at Mario Kart.

And then it was New Years.

New Years was held at Amanda V.'s house. Her parents were present, since they had adopted the policy that it's better to supervise kids drinking than to let them drink and roam about without any supervision at all. Whatever, nice of them, irresponsible of them, it mattered little to me, as I was/always am filled with the mighty power of Sobriety. This mighty power would lead me to drive Noah and an ill Mae home around 1:30ish, and then it would lead me to return at 3, 3:30ish to transport Maddie, Dave, and Jason. This second trip in the wee hours (after I had already gone home) caused Mr. V. to declare that I was 'an ace' and deserved 'a gold star' for my troubles. We're going to assume that that's a good thing.

New Years was actually pretty good. It was a good group of people, which is key. There were some unknowns from Methuen who had come with Meredith, but we outnumbered them, so all was well. All the usual crew was there, with the exception of Maura. This was overlooked until late in the night, when a couple of heavily inebriated folks had a loud discussion about how disgusted they were that she hadn't showed up. I laughed. Ah, alcohol. People who are not usual crew were there, but it was good because they're what could be considered auxiliary crew. That is, they're not dorky enough to be our bestest buddies, but we're on quite friendly terms with them nonetheless.

Pretty much everyone got stonkered, except for me (I don't drink), Corey (he don't drink), Elana (I don't know what her usual operating procedure is, but she wasn't drinking that I could see that night), Amanda L. (she had gotten very drunk the previous evening), and Jess (she has the stopping power of a magical genie, and as such was more-or-less sober the entire night).

Helene and Kate both got loud and giggly drunk, and then entered comatose states at the end of the night. Helene spent a good, solid 10 minutes laughing hysterically at Corey and his, um, unfortunate adornment. Kate asked me 12 times if people were making fun of her, and then launched in a very serious and long explanation of why she didn't like being made fun of.

Helene also derived way too much enjoyment from my descriptions of my cameras. See, I had both the digital and nondigital cameras on me, so I referred to them as my digital and 'hard' cameras. Hard, as in, hardware. As in, film. As opposed to software, which is what the digital is. Anyways, Helene found this absolutely hilarious for some obscure reason of her own.

Jason drank himself into insanity, which is evidenced by the pictures from that night. Noah got all maudlin on us, and when I drove him home he got angry that Wendy's wasn't open. Brian didn't seem that drunk to me, but I heard from people after I had left (the first time) that he was. Dave got very happy, and said 'that ish' about 20 million times. As in, "What's up with that ish?", "I didn't know you were into that ish," etc. He also had a very earnest, very rambling conversation with me about a new kind of Chevy truck. I do believe that Maddie had entered a state of drunkenness, but Maddie holds her liquor so well that it's kind of hard to tell sometimes. The only slightly untoward thing she did was cuddle Dave a disproportionate amount. Again, this was evidenced by the pictures.

Stephanie... ah, yes. Stephanie went a little over the top and got very loud (as is her wont when in such a state) and very crazed. The entire party seemed to make an unspoken agreement and left her in the care of Greg, who was very tolerant of his charge. At one point Danielle was trying to mop up the kitchen floor, and every ten seconds Stephanie would knock over a cup. She did this maybe five times. Much giggling was involved.

Cigars were smoked right after New Years. This may become a tradition, as it happened last year. I got some pictures of it, but it was so dark out that I couldn't see what I was shooting until it was already shot, and this caused some problems. Oh well.

So, pictures! I took many. I have posted some online, for your perusal and enjoyment. They may be found here. I suggest you double click on the first one and go through them all. They're tolerably good. All captioned, For Your Enjoyment. After you've looked through them, if you want any of them, email me and let me know. I've already got them all resized, so I can email them out with relative celerity.

New Years Day was the Rose Bowl. Hrmph. We lost. Well, we shouldn't have had to play USC in the first place. Jess came over after the game to console me. I was rather in need of consolation at that point. But later in the night Leno did an 'American Idol' talent show kind of deal with USC football players versus Michigan football players. When he asked the crowd who liked USC, there was some mild cheering. When he asked who liked Michigan, there was insane cheering. And then Michigan went on to win. Which just goes to show that, irregardless of football, you still can't spell SUCKS without USC.

Chanukah was good (this is going way back, huh?). My mother did a splendiferous job, and I got all manner of wonderful things. Both X-Men DVDs, a whole slew of awesome CDs (including two by Paris Combo, which is my new addiction), a spare battery for my digital camera, a Tom Brady jersey (a great Patriots quarterback, a U. of M. alum, and a very attractive man), delectable candy, and other varied goodness. Everyone seemed to like the Michigan gear I got them, which is good, because I like giving people things that do not suck.

I redyed my hair, by the by. The streak is now dark purple. According to Helena, it goes very well with my glasses, which I hadn't even considered. This means my towels are all going to get extremely purpley until it's done bleeding out, which may take a bit, as this one is proving itself to be a very pervasive color.

So, I'm back at school. The flight in was OK. I was sitting across the aisle from Dean, as it happens, and we did converse a little, but not much, since I was sleeping most of the time. Thank cats for the iPod. They changed the carousel for the luggage several times, making me run back and forth across the baggage claim in a state of extreme irritation. Then the shuttle I was supposed to take back to campus ended up being a complicated mess, and I had to make all sorts of phone calls and ended up transfering vehicles in a gas station. So I got back to my 80º dorm room in a rather anguished mood.

Not two minutes after I get in, who should come a-knockin' but Helena. I let her in and she stayed and chatted whilst I unpacked. It made me feel a little bit better about having to come back here. Of course, it's also nice that my roommate hasn't shown up yet, so I'm still riding the joy of not having her around. I intend to savor it while I can.

Anyways, vacation is over, and that's that. I've been seeing people walk by my room with large bags from the bookstore, which worries me, since I haven't got any of my books/art supplies yet. I don't even know what I need. How do all these people know what books they need already? But that's besides the point.

After this vacation we have learned that My Family Frelling Rocks, Cats are the Best Creatures Ever, Massachusetts Has Great Museums, and I Already Miss All You Folks From Home. Well, some of you. You probably know who you are. Some of you I actually live better without.

Mwah ha ha ha ha.

Stephanie: What band is this, Horizontal Horizon?
*Me, Jess, and Helene all look at each other and burst out laughing*

7:10 PM

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