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Monday, January 12, 2004  
Hey all, I'm really sorry about the recent lack of blogging. But I've been obscenely swamped with too much work and too much class and not nearly enough sleep. Since I really need to write something, I shall cut and paste an email I just wrote to Noah in reply to one he sent me. It's pretty much a compressed version of what I would blog anyways.

Hey Noah--

Things are still pretty crazy here. I have obscene loads of work, which is not aided by the fact that I have class or transit to/from class for a little less than 10 straight hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I'm not sure when it'll ease up, but hopefully it will.  If the first couple of weeks back are supposed to be the easy ones, this does not bode well for me.

Yeah, roommate is pretty evil.  Still.  Keeping me up at all sorts of hours, instead of letting me sleep so I can get up for my obscenely early classes. But I've met some cool new kids here too (to make up for her heinousness to some degree)... my CFC class (kind of an art class) has some good buddy Megan from last semester is in my class... new buddies are Olivia, Hae Jin, and Alexander.  Hae Jin is from Korea.  

My drawing class is tolerable... the teacher gives us really hard assignments, and they have to be done really neatly, which doesn't work for me when I'm doing pencil or charcoal.  Which is what we use.  They take me freaking forever, and we're supposed to use tracing paper to make cover sheets for them, so I have ripped tracing paper all over my desk.  The kids in there... I dunno, I'm waiting on them to see how good they are.  If they all suck at drawing I shall obviously judge them and secretly hold them in contempt.

My art history lecture teacher looks exactly like Willy Wonka.  Dresses like him too, which is eerie.

My english class is bizarre, you'd probably get a kick out of it.  Our teacher's name is Jaswinder (Juss-WIN-derr), and he's really young... looks like he's still in his 20s, although I guess he could theoretically be a good early 30s. The class is called Genius in Film and Literature, so we're watching movies like Pollack and Amadaeus and reading things like Flowers for Algernon.  There are a couple of art kids in there, which is nice, because I've never had any art students in my academic classes before.  This kid named Danny who's a little nuts and is also in my drawing class, and some weird girl who's a senior.  No idea why she's taking a freshman english class.

Bio seems really good so far.  I don't know anyone in the class, but it's OK because it's a big lecture, so it doesn't matter much.  The teacher is really engaging and interesting, and we're learning about the sort of things that I go nuts over. Essentially the Book of Time revamped.  Er, that thing me, Jess, Kate, and Corey did last year in AP Bio.  It's great.  We've got tons of really expert guest speakers lined up on the syllabus, so it should be glorious.

Er, yeah.  Met some more fun kids from my dorm already semester.  Mike from the fourth floor, and Gabe from (I think) the third.  Or maybe second.  Gabe is from New York and is a big Yankees fan, so I had a lovely little shout at him about that.  Ah well, he's a nice kid in spite of it.  He's a really good singer.  Mike is an engineer and tried to help us fix the door at the end of our hall when it was slamming every 10 seconds and driving our entire hall to insanity.  They fixed it over break, thank cats.

Anyways, I hope you've been watching the Patriots.  Conference championship this Sunday!  I'm a little worried about it, to be honest.  The Colts and Peyton Manning have been looking really good recently.  I was pissed when the Packers lost the other night, because I'm a fan of Bret Favre.  Sorry, I know you don't care a whit about football, but I simply cannot help myself.

ha ha. i love patriots fans. photo courtesy of oh, and oddly enough, the guy wearing the thermometer is from marblehead.

Err... what else has been going on?  I saw Lord of the Rings again with buddy Heather at the Michigan theater, which is an extremely cool and old-fashioned movie theater on campus.  Great movie, even the third time around.  

This past Friday I had mad crazy hijinks on North Campus with my friend Seth. It was very loud and crazed and involved lots of running around in the biting cold.

Yes, it's been bitterly cold here lately, but today was actually pretty warm. It was snowing out, so my roommate was complaining, but at this point, if you can go outside without your face actually *hurting*, it's considered warm.

Ah, yeah.  I think I should probably do some drawing work now.  Probably. Possibly.  Sorry the email's kind of long.  Oh, there is a distinct possibility that I will be going to the Detroit Auto Show this Saturday with Pam and anyone else who wants to tag along.  Or maybe just us.  Anyways, let's hope I get to go.  If I do, I intend to taunt Dave.

Hope all is well with you.  Honestly, you can talk on the phone for hours, but you write such puny emails.  Tsk.  Shameful.

Er, and that was that. The end of the letter. Sorry I haven't the time to, you know, write a real blog.

To make up for this lameness, I have some things filled with awesomeness for you to look at. And you really ought to look at them, for they are awesome beyond awesome.

The IRC Bible is absolutely freaking hilarious. I laughed out loud, then giggled, then laughed again. You can almost see the religious nuts going red in the face right before your eyes. Truly, a thing of intellectual beauty.

Here is a glorious little animation which will make you squiggle about in your seat for sheer joy. Featuring the best internet animation tiger ever, a chipmunk with awesome hair, and the jazziest meerkat you ever did see. And others. And good music. Just... go see it.

If you watch this little jem all the way through... well, it starts out normal and harmless enough, and then it just keeps going, and things just keep happening, and they increase in weirdness, and oh my. Oh my. Oh dear. Yes. One of those. A must see for those who like weirdness, those who like banjo/guitar duels, those who like squirrels, and those who like penguins. Not for those who like KFC.

Yes, it's another link to an animation featuring an animal band. But you usually can't go wrong with squirrels. And you can never go wrong with squirrels rocking out on harmonicas.

Hee hee hee. You know that game, Simon? With the colored lights? And the sounds? And they light up and sound in and increasingly complex order and you have to hit them in order? Well, this is an Internet version. But, like all good Internet versions, it's done with swear words. And you can do it in many different languages. Educational in that let's-get-the-teacher-to-say-french-swear-words-at-us kind of way.

This is one of those, Er, Wow sort of animations. The music makes me want to quote it in an away message. It's just so random, yet catchy and nicely done, that you can't help but bow before its inexplicable greatness.

Yes. If you don't view all of the above links, you are a fool and do not deserve use of the Interweb. That is all.

10:12 PM

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