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Friday, January 30, 2004  
Guess who has a brand spankin' new Snood keychain? Yes, 'tis moi. See, unlike the vast majority of humanity, I actually took pity on the poor code slinger who made the thing. That is to say, I registered for my Snood. And got a keychain. Which is exceedingly cool. I'd post a picture of it but, you know, dead photohost and all that.

Last night I got very excited, because I finally figured out how to take scanned in ink images (such as the ubergeeky comic book character stuff I do) and color them properly in Photoshop. Huzzah! It takes forever, but looks quite smooth. I'm obviously still pretty amateur with it, but this is progress, people! Progress! It's good to know. I don't think it'll ever replace markers for me (god I love those damn Prismacolors), but it's nice for several reasons, not least of which is the infinite color palette. I'd post what I've done so far, but the dead photohost prevents that.

Then we had our guest artist lecture... it was late tonight, at 7. Before I had dinner with Heather, Heather, and Helena. Sigh. Those allierative and repetitive Michigan names again. Heather II isn't actually in the art school, she's in the LSA. Heather I, of course, is art school. Anywho, the lecture sucked immensely, it was some painter from India who couldn't paint to save her life. Plus, feminist. Ugh.

I'm supposed to go out and get Flowers for Algernon for english and some gray middletoned paper for drawing, but I am not going back out again today. It's too damn cold for going out again, unless I get some major sort of impetus to do so.

Bio lecture today was the arthropod guy again, Mr. George Hammond. He's in the insect division of the Museum of Zoology here at good ol' UMich. He's quite good and I greatly enjoy his lectures. Anyways, I had a good, solid 10 minute conversation with him after class. It started out about greenhead flies (we were talking about biting members of diptera in class), and ended up about the art school and what classes I should try to take next year for a dual degree. He asked if I was interested in biological illustration, which of course I am. Then he said I should talk to Joe Trumpey who, as we all know, is my drawing teacher. Whom I adore. Adore Adore Adore.

Ah, I love that class. Both classes, actually. Animal diversity and drawing. In drawing right now we're doing texture, so Prof. Trumpey brought in a bunch of different things from the science illustration department for us to choose from. I picked a white-tail deer pelvis. It's spiffy. I'd scan it in and show you what I've done on it so far but, you know, dead photohost. Can you sense my irateness over that dead photohost?

I went to Michigan Book and Supply with Kevin this afternoon, since I had nothing better to do and he had to return (or try to return... long story) some of his books. They screwed him over immensely. I learned many things of great import. Anyways, a little bit after I got back from that I went to the Starbucks on State St. (which is right near Michigan Book and Supply) for an english paper meeting with Liz and Sang Woo. Then I get back and check my email. What should be in my inbox but an email from my drawing teacher, saying that we're going to need middletoned gray paper for our next class. The big art store 'round these campusy parts is Michigan Book and Supply! I was out that way twice today. And I get told that I need to go there after I'd been there. Aargh. And, indeed, aargh.

Well, I guess I can go pick paper up tomorrow when I trot down to the State Theater to get Donnie Darko tickets. They're doing a midnight showing tomorrow, so Heather and I are going. And maybe Helena. And maybe Katy. And maybe Kevin. And maybe Beth. And whosoever else would like to go too, as it happens. It promises to be good times, despite the fact that we'll undoubtedly freeze ourselves solid walking down there and back in the dead of night.

Now it is time for some links to Things Which Are Filled to the Brim with Awesomeness.

Weebl never stops making things that are glorious. How does he does he do it? How? I know not. Anyways, the man who brought you Weebl and Bob, Scampi, and the extremely famous Badger Badger Badger animation has done it again. It's ace. The animation is glorious, the song is more so. Damn him.

A brief interlude to say that Kevin just stopped by on his way out to go and get holes poked into him. I made noises of protest, but to no avail. I just hope I managed to dissuade him from getting the eyebrow ring. Kevin, if you read this, THAT'S SKETCHY (as if the others aren't).

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And ha! Ah. The Jewish Hero Corps. Featuring the 8-armed, flame flinging Menorah Man and his cohorts, the likes of Yarmulke Youth (the Capped Crusader-- I kid you not-- with a utility belt featuring trick yarmulkes) and Minyan Man (who can multiply himself into 10 people) and several others. Oy, just go see. I laughed out loud and nearly sprayed macaroon all over my screen.

Menorah Man!

French artists. Piffle. Extra piffle when they're only three years older than me and about 8 million times better than I am/ever will be. Go see Lunatique/Anamnesique. Well, go see the Lunatique half, anyways. That girl's artwork blows my mind into little, teeny tiny shards. Eensy weensy little bits. I am going to have to hunt her down and eat her spicily talented brains in order to Gain Her Power. Her illustrations are awesome, her animations are awesome, her style is Tim Burton meets Johnen Vasquez meets Vera Brogosol. The illustration of Death and the girl playing chess especially makes me squeal in jealousy. Too damnably good.

I sent links to Corey and Chris, and they both loved it. Corey thought the style was great, and Chris got extremely jealous of her skill, as I was. See, Corey doesn't have to get jealous, because he's probably the best artist I know. This includes some of my professors. The rest of us mere mortals suffer at the sight of this good internet art. But of course we view it anyways.

Oh, and the guy's stuff (Anamnesiaque) is OK too, but not half so good as the girl.

If you want proof that Boston fans are insane, you ought to go see Boston Dirt Dogs. It's sort of the main fansite for the Red Sox, but this time of year they do Patriots business as well. I've been checking it pretty regularly all year. They're all raving lunatics, and we love them for it.

For more psyching-yourself-up-for-Superbowl-Sunday goodness, check out The Boston radio station, you know. Anyways, their intro right now is a glorious video of Patriots still images set to U2 music. Ah, so lovely.

I was alerted to that one by Adam from Massachusetts, who lives down the hall from me and is possibly a more insane football fan than I am. The lucky bastard is going back to Boston this weekend to party Patriots-style. He came over to gloat at me and say (I quote), "Go check out the WBCN homepage. It'll put a smile on your face." Squee! :-)

Oh, and I was chatting with Curtis in drawing on Thursday. We were talking about something or other to do with the fact that he prefers photography to drawing and why this would lead him to get a real job sooner than me. He said something like, "Yeah, you'll be calling me up and paying me to take pictures of your children," to which I of course replied, "Whoever said I was gonna procreate?" At this he laughed and said, "OK, pictures of your cats, then." Damn. These people know me way too well.

Right, that's enough. I've things to do and souls to consume. Good day all, and GO PATS!

4:11 PM

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