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Monday, December 30, 2002  
Last night I was up late watching TV.

This in and of itself is unusual, since I'm not a big TV watcher in general. There are a scant few shows that I enjoy (Farscape, Samurai Jack, Jeff Corwin, Six Feet Under, and the like), and these I watch somewhat sporadically. I would much rather sleep, or read, or paint, or somesuchathing, than watch TV.

But last night I was up somewhat late, and I wasn't really tired, and I didn't much feel like doing anything, so I was watching TV. Cartoon Network, to be exact. Adult Swim, to be even more exact.

Adult Swim is, for the uninitiated, the late-night side of Cartoon Network. It is when all of the kid shows go off the air and some slightly different cartoons go on, shows geared more towards adults. Adults with insomnia and a firm footing in the surreal, to be sure, but adults nonetheless.

Now, I do not, as a rule, watch Cartoon Network. The exception to this is, of course, Samurai Jack, because that show kicks ass. In all truth it probably could be on Adult Swim. I have a feeling it's on during normal hours simply to give it a wider audience base. But I digress. The fact is, most of Cartoon Network during the day is filled with one of two types of cartoons-- stupid, and Japanimation (or anime, if you prefer).

The stupid cartoons are of the 'Scooby Doo' type, for the most part. I do not watch these.

The anime..... well, you all know my opinions on that. I won't be stupid and say that all of it is bad, because it isn't all bad. Miyazaki comes to mind as an example of the good stuff. But overwhelming amounts of it are bad, and lots of overwhelmingly bad Japanimation is on Cartoon Network. One startling example that I was unfortunate enough to stumble across was Hamtaro. The main characters are hamsters. I don't know, I didn't watch it for very long. My mind was stunned into horrified inaction for maybe 15 minutes, then I was able to regain control of my faltering synapses and change the channel before any permanent damage was done. In any event, it was pretty bad cartooning.

I had heard, from a number of generally reliable sources, that Adult Swim was quite different and quite good. I made the effort one night to stay up a little and watch it, but it was just more anime, only the cartoon characters were more sexual/violent/apt to swear in violent, sexual, evidently dubbed ways. I was disillusioned.

It turns out that not all of Adult Swim is anime. I had just caught it at a bad time. A good amount of it is taken up with highly bizarre, entirely inexplicable, well-animated, and terribly amusing cartoons. I saw some of them last night, and that's the point that all this crud before was leading up to.

I saw. I liked.

One show involved what seemed to be a giant soft drink, a giant floating side of fries with a goatee, and a giant meatball with a little-kid voice. These things lived next door to a man named Carl who drank lots of beer and was having a problem with elf blood in his aboveground pool. The show appeared to be called Aqua Teens, which I didn't entirely understand, but that's OK, I thought the cartoon was wonderous.

Another show involved a character called Space Ghost, who seemed to be a satire of cartoon superheroes. He had a talk show run by a radioactive man. The music was done by a large praying mantis who played the keyboard and kept telling everyone to Stuff it. Moby was, for unexplained reasons, guest starring on this deranged little cartoon, and it was really him. I was a little startled but much amused.

Another show, called The Brak Show, featured a cat/superhero/idiot named Brak whose mother was a cat thing like him (but in a dress and apron), and whose father was a perfectly normal looking guy from out of a 50s cartoon. It was strange beyond compare. The father got a job in an ice cream store. A robot demanded ice cream. The man shot the ice cream, saying it was going to rob them. Ants in top hats attacked the earth. Then they went ski boating. I dunno, it made a little more sense watching it, but not much more. I loved it.

The last show I watched was slightly more normal than the previous three. It was called Home Movie and was about this kid who makes home movies. He also was forced to golf with his dad. Strange, slightly surreal things happened, but it was more logical than the others. It was still pretty funny. Yes, good show.

In short, I enjoyed it. If you're ever up really late, and Adult Swim is on, and it's one of the days when it's NOT anime, give it a shot. You'll like it. Or you're a fool.


5:29 PM

Saturday, December 28, 2002  
I return. Only one day after I last blogged. It is unheard of.

Last night I was sitting up, wide awake at 2 am, cleaning my room. Am I utterly insane? The answer is yes. Whether or not this late-night room cleaning has anything to do with it is for you to decide.

I neeeeeed to finish my video. Sigh. Yes I do. It involves lots of little printouts of eyes. Of basically all my friends. They are in my video without even knowing it. Lucky little critters.

Are we supposed to start reading Pride and Prejudice over vacation? I know not. Hmm. Maybe I will, and maybe I won't.

I found another good online comic for you to read. It is Sam and Fuzzy. It features a guy named Sam and what appears to be a crudely spoken teddy bear named Fuzzy. It's funny. It takes forever to load on my computer, though, so you may want to be careful about that. Or not.

I'll post it on the side when I feel like dealing with the template again. Which will be... um, sometime. Sometime.

Lots of snow on the ground 'round these parts. Wonderous, wonderous. I love this kind of winter weather. The only thing that is bad about it is that it didn't happen right before we had to go back to school. Aaargh. Nature is against us.

There are few things in life more annoying than little brothers.

Can't wait for New Years! I hope it doesn't stink. That would be disappointing. Rather.

I still can't find the Alarm website. Sorry. I dunno where I can find it. Google has been most unhelpful thus far.

Hey, big Izz.

Well. It's 3:30. Maybe I should go do some filming before I lose the sunlight. Yeah, I'll go do that.

Until the next.

3:32 PM

Friday, December 27, 2002  
Lo and behold! I blog.

Errr. Not too much happening lately. It being vacation, this is a good thing. I have had enough of school to last me a lifetime. Siiiiiigh.

OK, this vacation.....

I finally saw Harry Potter the second. I liked it. I didn't like the kid who plays Harry Potter as much as I did in the first one, but I thought Hermione and Ron were just as good, if not better. I dunno what they're going to do now that Dumbledore is dead (I keep wanting to call him Gandalf. But that just ain't right).

I had a slightly hysterical conversation with Maura, Kate, Noah and Liz, concerning a fact that I definitely had thought 3 out of the 4 of them already knew. I suppose that I was most assuredly wrong, judging from their startled reactions. If I find out that any of them told anyone, they are dead dead dead dead. That's all I have to say on the matter in public forum.

On a similar note, my friend Eric is betting me that I won't finish an art movie I started this vacation. I'm betting he won't finish one that he started. Eric, you're goin' DOWN! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!

(if you know anything at all about making movies, for the love of cats, help me out!)

I finally figured out all of the fun things I can do with iDVD. A most glorious program. I have good times with it.

I watched some bio videos. They were wonderful beyond compare. You cannot even imagine how good they were. Unless, of course, you saw them as well.

I have finally mucked about with the template, as I have been promising to do since forever. I added a load of new sites to the cool sites section, including some cool game sites. I added Loudermilk and the Beatles to the music section.

I also made a BRAND NEW SECTION! This is the Online Comics section. Sites that were previously posted (Bob the Angry Flower, Death to the Extremist) were moved here. There are also a few other choice sites. Pope Alien and Cat and Girl are bizarre. Wigu is the story of this crazy family and this show that the kid (named Wigu) watches. It's funny. Anywho, check 'em out.

It's for your own good.

8:41 PM

Monday, December 23, 2002  
Hello there folks.

I have gone to New York and returned and I'll bet you didn't even notice. Now, if I blogged every day, you would notice. So you see, my procrastination does serve a noble purpose! It keeps my whereabouts hidden, and it also keeps you insane readers of this blog from flipping out every time I go on vacation.

I have only your best interests in mind.

Anyways, New York was... well, it was OK. I have this to say, first and foremost: I like cities. I am a city person. I like Montréal, I like Pittsburgh, I love Boston. I DO NOT like New York at Christmas.

It is too damn crowded. There were way too many people there. I suppose that it did not help that we were staying in one of the biggest damn hotels, right in the middle of Times Square. The only cool thing about this hotel was the view from our rooms. We were overlooking Times Square, so all we had to do was look out the window and we could see those giant video screens, and the huge line of people at the half-price theater ticket place, and all that good stuff. That was kinda cool.

So we went to Rockefeller Center and we saw the tree. Yes, it was big ('tho not as big as I had thought it was) and yes, it had lights on it. Very nice, very pretty, whatever. Not my thing. There were too many people there. There were too many people pretty much everywhere in that part of New York.

Later that night we went to see the Producers. You know. The play. It was actually really good. It was funny. It was not as good as I think RENT is, but it was a pretty damn good play nonetheless.

But the next day. The hotel.

The hotel was huge, and it was pretty much full. The elevator situation was truly lamentable. The most horrid elevator experience came as we were trying to leave. We were standing around with this other family, waiting for the elevator. The elevator did not come. We waited some more. The elevator did not come. We waited some more. No elevator.

Eventually my mother got fed up, so she and Eli left in search of the stairs. My dad and I decided to wait for the elevator, since we were on the 14th floor, and we didn't really feel like dragging our luggage down 14 flights of stairs. More waiting. Occasionally an elevator would stop and the doors would open, but every elevator that did this was packed full of people. Waiting.

After a while, the family waiting with us lost all patience and just shoved their way into a full elevator. We watched them go and silently wished them luck.

We waited some more. An elevator finally arrived that was not completely full, but it was going up, not down. We decided that it had to go down at some point, and we got in. As we did, a harassed-looking hotel employee with a luggage rack said, "You are trying to go down too?" It turns out that everyone in that elevator needed to go down. The elevator, inexplicably, was going up.

So we went up some floors, and the doors opened and the people waiting for the elevator saw that it was utterly full and so returned to their eternal wait. A few did as we had done, and just forced their way on in sheer exasperation. We never went more than 2 floors up or down at a time. Up a couple. Stop. Up a couple. Stop. After a while, we started going down. Down a couple. Stop. Down a couple. Stop. It was starting to get just a wee bit ridiculous.

These elevators, by the way, were those crazy 'scenic' elevators. You know, the ones that are glass and that look out over the hotel. In any event, we were circuitously making our way in a generally downward direction when I happened to glance at the elevator next to us. It was maybe one floor below us. In it, I saw the family who had been waiting with me and my dad on the 14th floor before they got fed up and hustled their way into an elevator. That had been, oh, hours ago.

I brought this to my dad's attention. We both shook our heads with amazement. Those poor people must have hit every floor coming up and going down to be where they were at that point, still in an elevator, trying vainly to reach the ground floor. The hotel had 48 floors, I think. Maybe 46. While we had been still waiting for an elevator, these poor souls had been going up and down without getting anywhere. They must have been mighty close to losing their minds utterly. Our hearts went out to them for a moment, and then we were absorbed once again in our own terrible plight.

By now we were starting to develop a sense of comradery towards those trapped in the elevator with us. After all, we were all suffering together. Strangers taken together as prisoners of war must feel the same sort of fellowship. A couple of people jammed into the back of our elevator had to get off at the 8th floor. When we eventually got there, a number of us had to exit the elevator so that they could get off. Our fellows who remained in the elevator held the spots for us against the hordes of slavering hotel guests who had been waiting on the 8th floor for an elevator. We were verily the fellowship of the elevator, and although we had once been like this unruly rabble waiting for an elevator, no more. We were now like a family, and we looked out for each other.

More slow movement, more stopping, more warding off of the angry multitudes waiting without fail on every floor.

Finally we managed to reach the ground floor. It had taken an eternity, plus several years. We all streamed out of the elevator, each vowing to never enter an elevator in this hotel again. People gasped with joy inconceivable at the freedom that was outside the elevator. My dad and I went over to my mom and brother, who were standing at the valet desk, waiting for the car.

It turns out that they had not gotten there that much in advance of us. The stairs had proved no less of an adventure than the elevators. It took them some time to actually find the stairwell, and when they finally did, there were endless stairs to descend. This took them several years, probably about the amount of time it took my dad and I to begin heading in a general southerly direction.

When they did finally reach the bottom of the stairs, they found themselves... in the kitchen. I suppose that the guests were not expected to use the stairs, not when the wonderful elevators were at their disposal.

My mom and Eli had met up with similarly lost young boy on the stairs, who could not find his way out. He kept on going up and down, but no exit was to be seen. There was no way out of the elevator. He continued on his search, while half my family went into the uncharted realms of the hotel kitchen.

By now, according to my brother, my mother was dissolving into somewhat hysterical fits of laughter. Fortunately, a kindly woman working in the kitchen took it upon herself to lead them out of the kitchen, and out of the hotel. If she had not done so, my mom and brother would probably still be wandering somewhere in the bowels of the hotel, searching for an exit.

They still got outside before we did.

So, that was our hotel tale. Then we got the car and we went to the Queens MoMA, which was really cool, because they had the original 'Persistance of Memory'!! You know, by Dali? The melting clocks? You do know which painting I mean.

They also had the original Chagall with the guy with the green face looking at the goat, and they had a gorgeous Rousseau, and some Matisses, and a great big Warhol, and a Pollock, and Jasper Johns, and Motherwell, and other cool stuff.

The best stuff there, though, was the surrealism stuff. That's my favorite. They had two Dalis and a few Magrittes. They also had a DiChirico. It was gloriousness incarnate. I got very overwrought with joy.

So that kind of made up for the hotel debacle.

Then we went to my great-aunt and-uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party, which was nice. Then we drove home.

And here I am.

Those are my stories. You love them.

Until the next.

5:48 PM

Thursday, December 19, 2002  
I SAW LORD OF THE RINGS!!! I went last night with Maura, Corey and Jason, and yes, it was a good time. It was a school night, but we're going to ignore that. I SAW THE TWO TOWERS!!! I SAW LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

I know that you are writhing with jealousy.

It was great. I loved it. Love. It was cool, it was amusing, my faith in the entire book-movie franchise remains unshaken. It was long, yes, but it was totally, utterly, without the slightest glimmer of a doubt worth it.

The following is for your own personal joy. There aren't any spoilers so long as you already know the basic story, which you should. If you don't, you are a fool. Read a classic, for cat's sake. Get some culture into your withered little mind. Anywho, here are

The things that were glorious:

-Orlando Bloom. I was sitting next to Maura, and she was melting in her seat. There seemed to be a lot more of Legolas in this one. And he is beautiful. Oh yes. He is beautiful.

-Gollum. At first I was afraid he was going to be a sort of Jar Jar Binks for LOTR, but then I began to enjoy him. They made him schizo, which made him an infinitely cooler character.

-The very beginning scene. I loved it. I won't tell you what it is, but it's a really good way to start the movie.

-New Zealand. I have decided that they have the best scenery in the world, other than Madagascar. It's so majestic. So breathtaking. So lovely. So... epic.

-Mr. However You Spell It Vigo Mortenson? Aragorn, anyways. He was a very good Aragorn in this one. And he would be hot, if only he would wash his hair and shave...

-The scene with Aragorn and Liv Tyler and the horse. You'd have to see the movie, if I told you now I'd wreck it for you. And I'd sure hate to do that.

-The Balrog. Loved him in the first movie, loved him in the second.

-The helmets of the men going into Mordor. There's a scene... well, you'll know what I mean if and when you see the movie. They're men, they're going into Mordor, and their helmets are wicked cool. 'Leastaways, I thought so.

-Helm's Deep. It was very cool, yeah, good stuff happening there. It got a bit confusing at bits, and it was sometimes hard to tell who was hacking the head off of who (whom?), but a thoroughly enjoyable battle sequence for all that.

-The Orc from the Olympics. It was funny. I laughed.

-The things the Nazgûl were riding. They were kind of like dragons, but they had tiny heads. I loved 'em.

-The latent homosexuality. Sam and Frodo. There were two distinct scenes where I was convinced they were going to begin making out. The set up was exactly what you see in movies before the two characters on the screen begin making out. It was awesome. Me, Maura, Corey and Jason were probably the only people in the theater picking up on these scenes, but it was pretty blatant to us. Then there was the scene with Aragorn and the long-haired, high-voiced child soldier of Rohan. Ooh ya. Sketchy. But gloriously amusing.

That said...

The things that were maybe not so glorious:

-Faramir. I won't say what he did in the movie, but it was TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what happened in the book, and it made me mad because I really liked him in the book, and I didn't like him in the movie.

-Gollum. Yes, I already said he was glorious. And he was. But he needed clothes. There were too many scenes where it was just the audience staring at bare, pulsating Gollum flesh. And that is not a glorious sight.

-The political overtones. There were way more of them in the movie than there were in the book, or maybe they were just more obvious in the movie. Blech.

-Liv Tyler's breast. There is a shot of it. It was clothed, but it was gauzily clothed, and still. I did not find it glorious. I hate the fact that they feel obligated to put all this sexual stuff in the movie that's not in the book at all. Piffle. Then again, if we were talking Legolas here... well. Anyways, I didn't enjoy it, but I hear tell that some of the males in the audience did not object in the least.

-Shadowfax. He should've been gray, not white. He was too cheesy.

-Haldir. Nasty looking elf. Yeah, he was pretty gross. Not overtly, but I mean, hey. They stick Orlando in there and then expect this guy to look like an unnaturally beautiful immortal? I think not.

-The Ents. The very first thing I thought when I saw them was 'Bugaboo Creek'. If you've ever been to Bugaboo Creek and if you've seen the movie, you'll know what I mean.

-The Eye of Sauron. It looked like one of those electric globe things... you know, the ones you put your hands on and the little bolts of electricity are attracted to where your hand is? That's what it looked like to me.

-Small children of Rohan. All of them sucked. There were too many shots of them looking innocently frightened. OK, OK, we already want Rohan to win! We already know they're the good guys! Cut it out!

-The lack of Erkenbrand, lord of Westfold. Where'd he go? He wasn't in the movie! Sniffle.

-Merry and Pippin. They were pretty much useless in this movie.

-How they turned Gimli into one great big joke. They did. Gimli is noble in the book, catdammit! Now it's just degenerated into dwarf-bashing. I guess may-be they felt as though they needed it, seeing how the movie is so long and, for the most part, intense, but still. I don't have to like it.

So, that was the Lord of the Rings. Go see it. It's dern-tootin' good stuff.

Um. One more day before vacation!! Thank cats. I cannot wait.

We had part one of our two part, hideously evil bio test today. I failed. Probably. I think everyone did, excepting of course Richie, who is supernaturally good in that class.

That's about all for now.

TATA. A way to say goodbye. Also a nucleic acid sequence where something or other binds to the DNA... DNA polymerase, maybe? Something.

So TATA for now.

4:18 PM

Monday, December 16, 2002  
at times you find that the truth is the best way out
oo now sometimes tell me that truth is the best way out
it's the right words that make you prick up your ears
when later alone
confession is
stay don't go
oo it is
oo let's stay

Yes, I love Spoon. I love them more and more every day. They are simply too glorious. You must hear them. The link is there. I bid you go.

I. Have. Sent. Out. ALL. Of. My. College. Applications!!!!!!

Hurrah! Yee ha! Great scott! And other such exclamations.

Now all we have to do is hope and pray that certain beings within the school (*cough*guidance!*cough*) do not ruin my life by forgetting to send something out/sending something to the wrong place/losing something. Again. Ye cats, I have such anger issues with them.

The aforementioned anger issues are not, however, unmerited. You must bear that in mind.

I am making a voyage to go see Lord of the Rings, installment the second. Wednesday is the time of my going. It had better be good, because I am going on a school night, which I know is all well and good for you slacker sorts, but for a po' lil' conscience-afflicted person (such as myself) it is going to be most evil. If the movie is bad. If the movie is good, I shall consider myself vindicated, and I shall go about my merry way unburdened by any foolish feelings of guilt.

Sunday was Helene's birthday. Happy birthday, Helene!

We celebrated the joyous occasion on Saturday. First we dined at a fine restaurant known to some as 'Bertucci's'. I took a number of pictures, which, as you all know, makes me happy.

Then we went Laser Tagging. This was fun. I usually have a rollicking good time at Laser Tag. I came in 15th, which isn't too bad, so far as that goes. My name was The Cat, because I was in an uncreative mood at the critical moment (that being when the guy says 'Hey, what d'you want yer name t'be?'). Later I thanked cats that I made up a lame name on the spot, because Jason asked the guy to just give him a random name, and he ended up as My Little Pony.

So, I shot people, and people shot me, and I enjoyed it. Laser guns make me happy. Yes, I need more socially acceptable outlets for aggression in my life, especially since Powderpuff is over. Sigh. I wish I still had the joys of school-sanctioned violence at my disposal.

Then we sat around chez Kate and hair mousse was utilized to great effect. Then we went home and that was that.

I just put this insane Paul Oakenfold song on my iTunes library. It cracks me up. Ha ha ha crack crack ha ha ha! It is very long and strange, after the fashion of most Paul Oakenfold songs. Indeed, after the fashion of most techno songs.

Have I told you to go read Scaryduck yet? It's a blog. Read it. It's funny to the nth degree (to be mathematical, and all).

There is an unnaturally high number of people online right now. Or is it 'there are an unnaturally high number of people online right now'? Gosh dern grammar. How I detest it.

Must run. My bamboo wants watering, and my room wants cleaning. I shall do only one. Which one? I leave that to your lively, fertile little imaginations.

Till the next.

8:14 PM

Wednesday, December 11, 2002  
I give you an apology from the deepest and darkest depths of my soul. I know that eras have passed, trees have grown scrofulous, volcanos have erupted, the sky has filled with ash and telephone solicitors, the dinosaurs have risen and fallen again, and Swampscott has actually built a new high school since I last blogged, and I am sorry for it.

The delay, I mean.

Madame did let us go outside and play in the snow. It was not packing snow, so we could not make monuments, but there was sledding and tackling and generally riotous good fun. We wrote 'French 5!' in the snow, because French V is obviously the best class. Far superior to French III. Maddie was viciously assaulted, and her jeans were stylishly torn. Maura tried to eat people. It may have just been good fun, but it looked disturbingly similar to videos one sees of tiger attacks. Then the Captain yelled at us as we tried to come back into the building, since we looked, collectively, like a particularly bedraggled herd of Yeti. We prudently entered by a different door.

Corey, Rebecca and I were interviewed by the incomparable Emily for her Channel 15 show, Arts Happy Hour. As opposed to Sports Happy Hour. It is a small-scale effort to inject some sort of artistic spirit into our school and our town. Alas, it is destined to fail, but it is a valiant effort. At one point we all lose our minds on camera and begin laughing hysterically. I also make snide comments throughout the whole thing. I knew I was doing it, and I kept on telling myself not to, but I just wouldn't listen to me.

Watch it. I command you. It will be the best of times.

At the very least it will be no worse than the unnaturally-Nahant-dominated Sports Happy Hour.

Progress is being made on college. Sort of. The guidance office checks me at every turn. They hurl me down at every small pinnacle of calm I manage to reach, leaving me to flouder helplessly in the turbulent seas of stress and imminent nervous collapse. I love them as I love a good viral infection.

Well, maybe not as much.

I have not yet informed you, but I got even more CDs for Chanukah! It is (sigh) over, but I have not a-blogged since then. So I shall tell you the way of it.

The way of it is:

'Girls Can Tell' by Spoon
'The Red Record' by Loudermilk
'Magical Mystery Tour' by the Beatles
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by the Beatles

That makes 6 CDs in total (including Chrome and Standards--see 11/30 blog). I am blessed in my mother, who gives me such things.

There are two Loudermilk sites. One is Loudermilk, and the other is The Red Record. The second site is cooler, but it takes a bit to load, and I think you need Flash, or something very much like it. I will post them on the side eventually. The Spoon link is already there. I will post the Beatles eventually as well.

Got the picture of me at the Sci Fi convention back. It's me getting a hug from Anthony Simcoe (see 11/17 blog). I love it!! Yes, a dork am I, and I know it well. But these things make me happy. I framed it and put it in a position of prominence in my room. It's a really cute picture. I brought a copy into school and only Jason knew who it was.

Mock Trial try outs are in the works. We had Round I on Monday, and we're having Round II today, chez moi. Being an officer, naturally I have no need to try out, but it is not a good time to sit for two hours listening to essentially the same line of questioning repeated once every ten minutes. The things I do for my team.

I love it though. I cannot wait until we really get going. Hopefully we will win many a trial this season, so that I can retire in a haze of glory.

If we do not win, there will be some Mock Trial beatings.

OK. That ought to hold you until the next.

Thus, I gracefully retire.

4:27 PM

Friday, December 06, 2002  
Well, I got my hopes up today for nothing. I am utterly crestfallen. Most unfortunately, I am here now in school. In biology, to be exact. We are looking at websites about whatever it is that we're learning. Something to do with genetics, and DNA, and whatnot. But Ihave finished looking at my sites, and thus I shall blog.

Today it is my mother's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!

In french class several weeks ago we made Madame sign a contract that said when we got a big snow we would go outside and make french monuments in the snow. L'arc de triomphe, la tour eiffel, bonhomme carnival, and the like. Anyways, we've certainly got snow on the ground today, so she had better honor our agreement and take us out. I brought a coat today and everything.

I have sent out a grand total of 2 applications. Sigh. So many more waiting in the wings.

I am not a fan of this keyboard. I am used to my Mac. Gosh dern HPs! I guess I may be slightly disillusioned with them ever since they gave me my retarded little friend, Woodrow. He has so many issues.

Jessica and Quang were one DNA base away from throwing their baby in a dumpster. Darn.

Only second period... already too tired... sigh.

Must run.

9:24 AM

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