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Saturday, June 22, 2002  
H'lo all.

Last night we went to see Minority Report. I liked it. There were pieces of it that didn't really fit, so I was sitting there watching the movie saying "Um... what? Did that just happen? What does that have to do with anything??" And it went on past when I felt it had ended. But you know what? It was entertaining, gosh dern it!

The vision of the future (which, I remind you, was not Steven Speilberg's vision. It was Philip K. Dick's vision and he deserves the credit for it) was magnificently conceived and rendered. There was a lot of use of blue lighting and filters, which was cool. There were some really neat effects. There was a big computer thing that Tom Cruise used with the gloves, which was cool. The whole premise of it was cool, although the plot was way more convoluted than it had to be in order to work well.

One thing that I felt was really wrong, other than the not-ending-where-it-should-have bit, was the character motivation. I mean, there was this entire crazy twisting and turning plot, and a whole lot of people got involved. But why did they act like they did? It's never really satisfactorily explained. I mean, all these people who were totally loyal to Tom Cruise suddenly go totally against him. Why did they ever participate so enthusiastically in this crazed witch hunt against him? And then the guy who leads this witch hunt, who the audience can see totally hates everything about Tom Cruise, suddenly wants to help him? And then there's the wife, who divorced him and never looked back, and suddenly loves him unconditionally again? No no no no no. Not working for me. Why do these people do these things??? You never get even an inkling of why.

And there's a really old woman kissing Tom Cruise. Damn, that was totally uncalled for.

But if you haven't seen it yet, go see it. Go. It's visually appealing in every aspect, and you'll probably be entertained by it. It's worthwhile.

Or, you know what? You could just read the story.

O, this is funny. After we had gotten out of the theater, Liz had to go to the bathroom. So she went. When she came out, she had this story to tell:
(as told by Liz)

"I was washing my hands, minding my own business, and you know those hand dryer things? There was a row of stupid little 13 year old 8th graders standing there using them, all laughing. And then they elected like a representative to come over to me and she stood there giggling and said to me "How are you enjoying your central air conditioning?" And I was like "huh?" And then I look down, and my fly was open. And if I was more of a woman I would've poked their eyes out and been like "Shut up, stupid little 8th graders!" But I just said "thanks" and ran out of there."

Of course, those aren't her exact words. But it's the general jist of the story.

After the movie we went to sit in Noah's back yard, since it was warm out. Maura, Liz and Helene did cartwheels on the lawn, inexplicably. Then we determined that Maura likes Tyler, I mean Taylor, Hansen. Of course.

Ughck. I really hate rap music. Hate hate hate hate hate.

What's going on tonight? I have no idea. No. Idea. Whatsoever.

O well.

4:35 PM

Thursday, June 20, 2002  
OK folks, guess what?

Here's one beautiful site! Magnificently aesthetically pleasing! Tons of games that are mildly amusing (I enjoy the monkey one, it's right on par with my intelligence level) yet severly addictive! The animation is, as I have said, beautiful! The home page takes a bit to load in on my computer. May be a shorter or longer time on yours, depending. The games themselves don't take long to load at all, though. Happily.

Anywho, the site! Orsinal
Don't ask me about the name, I have no idea. But a worthy site.

I will list it on the side with all the other sites I often visit, just as soon as I feel like mucking around with the template HTML again.

Les Misérables is ever so depressing! But I still hold by my statement that it is a good book. Good. Just, um, a little long. And depressing.

I would very much like to see Minority Report tomorrow. If I do, I will surely review it herein. I really liked the story. For those of you who are slack-jawed yokels, the movie Minority Report was, in fact, a short story originally. Yes. It's by Philip K. Dick and it's called "Minority Report" (look at that, quote marks, because it's a short story! I love you, MLA format!). I suggest that you read it, as it is quite good.

So. Not cool enough for camping, it seems! Yes, campers, I love you all. With my claws.

Reign of Fire. What is that, dragons in the future? Hm.

O yes brother, cry me a flaming river. Oooohhh, but you've been online all day (55 minutes)! I'm so saaaaaaad! I can never ever get online!! boo hoo hoo sob sob sob!
The spoiled little brat is constantly online. It's like he'll actually wither and die if he's out of contact with his brain-dead little friends for more than half an hour. He gets all emotional when I'm interfering with his nefarious internet-monopolizing schemes.

I think that my hatred of little brothers has reached new levels of vindictiveness.

I'm so sickened that I will end the post and go watch Osmosis Jones.

8:43 PM

Tuesday, June 18, 2002  
Feel the


You know you do.

10:53 PM

There are times when I do things that are so utterly insane, that so clearly show a lack of capability for reasonable thought on my part, that I look back on them and wonder 'Gee, what the devil am I doing that for?'

One such instance is the cleaning of my room. Such a monumental task! and so ultimately unrewarding! Yes, I know, I get to see my room all nice and clean, but really, who cares? I don't. If there's company over, they can stay the hell out if they don't like wading through several feet of paper. And yet, once I begin to clean my room (i.e. throw away some of the more crumpled and unrecognizable pieces of paper, and shove everything else to the corners of the room), I've got to see it through. Why do I do these things?

And sometimes I do things like start reading Les Misérables. Whatever possessed me?? It's so damn long! And, I mean, it's a good book. I kinda like it. It's just not a quick read. But, gosh darn it, I had to start the dern-tootin' thing and discover that it was good. So now I have to read the whole thing through. Aaargh.

Those are the only insane things I can think of right now. I'm sure there are more, but I am blanking at the moment. You know there are more. Insanity is my medium.

I like that.

Insanity is my medium.

10:48 PM

Friday, June 14, 2002  
Man, I just hate it when people say that they're going to call you, and then they never do.

Don't you just hate it when that happens? Doesn't it really just piss the hell out of you?? 'Cause it really, really, really pisses me off.

if this is what the summer is gonna be like, it's gonna suck

8:30 PM

Tuesday, June 11, 2002  
Kate has this to say:

Sexy Sam swims in the sun.

My friend Samaroob has a uni... (and she likes it!!)

Samara wants to marry a cat and have cat babies. (Kinky!)

In retaliation, I offer the following:

Katis M. likes to melt with the gummy things.

If Kate were a hamster she would eat her own young.

I stopped after only 2 because we were playing hangman in our last day of physics ever and these were the hangman puzzles that we did. I don't know where the hamster thing came from, really, but sometimes my mind works in mysterious ways.
The gummy one actually made sense, but you had to hear our conversation in class to understand. I won't attempt to clarify any further.

Coming home would not be the issue. It's going there.

Today was the last day of classes!! Thank cats. Our history teacher gave us all chinese food for lunch. Both AP classes, I mean, not the whole school or anything. Anyhow. It was great. And it was very, very nice of him. He's great. It kinda stinks that he's leaving this year. As are most of our teachers (2 english teachers, 2 history teachers, one science teacher... although almost the entire math/science department left last year. I'm serious about that too, no hyperbole at all.. and probably some more teachers are leaving this year that I just don't know personallly).

By the time I'm a senior (that being next year... or this year, depending on how you look at it), there will only be 2 teachers in the school that I will have had before. Not counting art teachers. Only 2! That's ridiculous.

Mais, quoiever.

*wistfully I speak* O that grand ol' Newburyport/Rockport line!

Today is Jason's birthday. Happy birthday Jason!

Nothing on the tele tonight. *sigh* I suppose there is nothing to do but clean my room, perhaps restore the books to the now freshly reinstated bookshelves (see 5/27 blog) , and study for my ever-so-glorious english final.

Today was beastly hot in school. It was gross. I felt as though I were drinking the air, rather than breathing it. And whatever I was drinking, it was dirty. That's school air for ya! In the office, they have an air conditioner. Seems to me you need air conditioning more for learning/teaching than you do for sitting around answering phones and typing stuff. Dern cheapskate office people, making us suffer while they languish in machine-cooled comfort.

~My school~

Today there was a kid out on the roof under our art room windows. Then someone took the screen off of the window, and he crawled in. OK.

Yesterday during study a whole load of kids (guys, my grade) went into the gym and had one giant game of hackey sack. OK.

A few days ago during french class my teacher went to talk to her friend in the classroom next door, so the guys in the class got up and had a long-running game of hackey sack. Then the teacher came in and said "Hey! No fun allowed in french class!" OK.

On the senior's last day ever, there was long-range food fight in the cafeteria. The disciplinarians came in and couldn't figure out who had started it. OK.

On my desk in english class someone (a girl, from the handwriting) scrawled "Why is it called french kissing when italians do it better?" OK.

A couple of weeks ago, when we weren't doing anything in french class, a few people (I think it was Jess and Steph) and I went to sit outside by the band room. The band teacher came out to chat, and then he left. No reprimand of any sort, just pleasant palaver. OK.

Yesterday we had a party in english for 2 periods where we all had to dress up as someone from the 20's. I was Al Capone. We sat there for most of the 2 periods doing nothing but laughing at everyone's costumes, or lack thereof. OK.

We are not allowed to do an independent study through the art department. OK.

The girl's bathrooms are filled with writing. This is the writing: "2003 4eva!" "freshmen are sluty hos" "i love a.b." "well he dont love u" "how u know?" "i know cuz i been with him just last week at that cool party you werent at cuz you a freshman!" "am not a freshman! 2004 rulz!" "2004 sux, it's 2005 that rulz 4 reel!" "shut up frosh ho!" "who calling who a ho, ho?" "i'm callin u a ho, ho freshman" And so on. These conversations are long, involved, and never washed off. Practicing for a mural some of us are doing in the school, we painted eyes on the wall. These were washed off. OK.

~This is a small portrait of a small section of my school~
(I adore it, don't you?)

Movies to look foward to:
-Minority Report
-Men In Black II
-Harry Potter... err, whatever the second one is
-Lord of the Rings, the Twin Towers
-Matrix II and Matrix III... hmm. Matrix Reloaded and Matrix something else... I dunno, Matrix Kournikova Virus or something

and I think that's all.

Dinner awaits. Au'voir.

7:40 PM

Sunday, June 09, 2002  
OK Liz, you asked for it:

There once was a girl named Liz Bieri
Her manner of driving was scary
She'd swing Peppito's wheel
And his tires would squeal
At a stop sign she never would tarry.

Happy now?

Ha, c'est tout.

12:55 PM

Friday, June 07, 2002  
Greetings all!

I am in Shakespeare class right now, and Babo has kindly lent me the use of his magnificent Grafika computer by DTK. Actually that's just the monitor, the computer is some form of elderly HP. Like Woodrow. Only, Woodrow's senile without being old. Babo's computer is old, but it doesn't seem to be senile just yet.

We are under the strictest of instructions to read Antony and Cleopatra before Tuesday. I intend to do so.

Today is Jessica's birthday! Happy birthday Jessica!!!

Ah, the sweet unequivocable joys of a vocab list.

I didn't get to sleep last night until around 2 am. This was because of my english paper. It needed writing. Write it I did. All damn night. I think my brother was pretty pissed that I was printing at 1:30 in the morning, but ask me if I care. Do I care? No.

Is it just me, or does [insert teacher's name here] look like a penguin?

4 is such a measely number.

My brother had 8th grade orientation yesterday. This means that he was in the high school, with the rest of his beautous class, wandering the halls under minimal supervision. They happened to be doing this during D period (that being Shakespeare), so I stood outside with the rest of my class (I think it was 4 kids that day. Usually we have 6) and watched all the lovely little 8th graders march on by. He saluted me. Then people came up to me later and said that he was very tall. I replied that I was already acquainted with this fact. And that was that.

Sporting news: I think the Belmont is Sunday. Must watch. France tieing whoever it was they played, oo la la! Cambodia, maybe? Whatever, it was shocking. O yes, and mustn't forget that the Redwings won last night!!!!!!!! Go Wings!

'Bout 15 minutes left in class, if I a-calculate the times a-right.

Missed French today. I was asleep, soundly. I hope that we didn't do anything terribly vital. I'm guessing that we did not. Yesterday we ate Moroccan (allegedly Moroccan, anways) food and watched the guys play hackey sack, which is a stupid game, but very entertaining to watch.

Liz wants to know what I am doing. I have explained the concept of a blog as thoroughly as I can. Which is not very thoroughly at all, but whatever. I also wrote my address on the chalkboard Felines for Anarchistic Green Democracies that is. Ha, don't click on that, it'll just take you right back here.

One more thing a-fore I go. Check this out, the main site has all kindsa games you don't have to download, and they work on my Mac at home, but this one game I adore and it's terribly addictive and terribly fun. Here ya go! Hexxagon

OK, s'all!

10:17 AM

Sunday, June 02, 2002  

it was sunny, then...

all of sudden! driving rain slewing against the windows!...

wait! is that hail?? yes, it is! myriads of pea-sized bits of hail rage against the windows along with the driving rain, then...

the hail is gone, and the rain drives on against the house in a fury, then...

it is sunny again.

3:06 PM

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