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Tuesday, May 28, 2002  

I hate the fucking SATs

that's all.

3:41 PM

Monday, May 27, 2002  
just a thought

the sky looks like orange sherbet with white cream clouds

8:00 PM

Greetings all.

My cat sits on the floor and blinks at me with his magnificently blue eyes.

Not today but maybe tomorrow.

Hmmmm. There is math homework to be done. However, I do not particularily feel up to wrestling with matrices just now.

Saw Star Wars. OK, now I will admit that there was plenty of stuff in the middle that could have been done away with. And Hayden Christiansen is not a good actor. Not at all. Natalie Portman was a little better, but if you ask me, she had lost all of the poise that she had in Episode I in favor of giggly girlishness, and that detracted from her role.

But! I did like it. I think that the redeeming factors saved the movie from a bad script, and two highly mediocre leads. The redeeming factors are as follows:

1) Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. You see the movie and you'll know what I mean. He kicks ass.
2) The effects. They were, for the most part, good. Cool. The fighting scenes were pretty good, the flying in space scenes were pretty good, and the CGI critters were admirable (I especially liked the chef and the cloners).
3) Jango Fett. He was cool. I always liked Boba Fett in the originals, so I guess it's only natural that I would be pretty psyched about Jango.
4) Obi-Wan. Ewan McGregor is just a damn good actor, whether he's singing in Moulin Rouge or parlying with a light saber in Episode II.

So if you haven't seen it yet, go see it. It's worth it. But if you have to get up and go to the bathroom at some point, do it during one of the Anakin/Padme scenes. That way you won't miss anything.

~*~Soot in my hair and stars in my hands.~*~

Wow! I just went outside to put out a bug that had gotten in. It's really warm out! I hadn't realized that it was warm out today! Maybe I'll go do my math homework outside, in the hopes that the fresh air will keep me from dying horribly from boredom and incomprehension.

Time ticks away on the longest day.
Wanna break away on the longest day.

iTunes is my friend. O yes, it is. I love it unconditionally.

My brother has a soccer tournament today. That means that no one in my family will be home until around 4. Ah, blessèd solitude.

The big plastic heron on my front lawn is watched most closely by Miranda on the windowsill.

A whole bunch of goldfinches just flew by the window. They swerved a little over the road and came to rest in the tree across the street, whose twisted limbs are encrusted with dark pink flowers.

I can't wait to see: Minority Report; Men in Black II; both new Matrix movies (Matrices?).

The orange of the walls reflects eerily in the silver shelf brackets.

O yea. Speaking of shelf brackets! This happened on... umm, it must've been Friday.

My bookshelves underwent gravitational collapse. I kid you not. All of a sudden, of their own volition, they came a-crashing down. I had just enough time to get all of the picture frames off before the shelves decided that they had had enough and cascaded down, mostly onto me. If you've ever been in my room you know that that's a whole heck of a lot of books. And the shelves weren't exactly lightweights either. It was a fairly painful experience.

Plus the fact that now there was a huge mass of books piled haphazardly on the floor, making the floor impassable. This state persisted until my mother got fed up with it and painstakingly stacked them all up in little piles. So now my floor is covered with piles of books, but at least you can walk in there. Where would I be without my industrious mother? I would not be in my room, that much is certain.

Why did the bookshelves suddenly and without warning implode? Well. I think that they just underwent gravitational collapse, due to the rather prodigious amount of books on them. Or they could have, in the approximate words of Douglas Adams, "just got fundamentally fed up with being where they were".

I think that I will go and do that math homework after all.

2:53 PM

Friday, May 24, 2002  
~left here alone~

cold and unlovely
would that i could
melt from this cold
this blue
this gray
cold is lack of heat
this is lack of care
freezing from the heartless lack
a cloud up above is gray edged in white
is it cold or warm up there?
it will not tell
it and everyone else
no voices directed in this direction
no directions lead here
for here is lack of care
here is lack of warmth
here is cold hard blue
all alone in the blue and gray sky
here is nowhere to them
nothing to be seen
nothing to be warmed with heat
with a glance
a single moment of care
a kind thought
a kind orange gesture
a kind orange word
just the smallest bit would warm
would melt this painful blue vault
but not the littlest bit is turned this way
heads turn away
ears turn away
eyes turn away
hearts turn away
away from care
from cold
from blue
away from me

Yes, I know I'm moody today. Tough kitty litter. You'll just have to deal with my bad poetry for one day. I'll try to not let it happen again.

7:03 PM

Thursday, May 23, 2002  

If you wish to learn chaos theory, visit The Chaos Hypertextbook. If you have no desire to learn chaos theory, do not visit it.

I think that my computer is in the midst of a seizure. The cursor keeps blinking back and forth between the arrow and the little typing line thing. Nonetheless, I will continue to blog.

I really ought to have done my math homework before I began studying for physics. I am in no shape at all to do matrices, not when I have just bombarded my mind with endless chaos theory, and chaos images. Fractals are cool. The dimensional stuff is kinda cool. The rest of it, I do believe, is mostly beyond me.

And I don't know why they insist on using hideous variables. The stuff would look ever so much easier if they just used actual numbers.

I wrote a poem about my cat Izzy and my view on life. My english teacher may not get it as such. Oh well.

Monopolies. Ah, those monopolies.

In any event, all I can see now are fractals and julia sets and mandelbrot sets, flying in my mind and out of it as well. This is fairly evil.

Alors, I think I shall desist. My little brother is about to have an anyeurism out of unremitting need to use the internet. Whatever.

I wonder how you actually spell anyeurism.

5:48 PM

Sunday, May 19, 2002  
We went to Canobie Lake on Friday. It was fine. It rained on us and then it got sunny. We went on rides. Some people got wet (I didn't) and some people spilled powdered sugar all over themselves (I didn't). No one got sick, so I guess it was a success.

We had these packets to fill out that were utterly incomprehensible at points. There were a number of questions that asked us to make measurements with an accelerometer (or something like that). Only thing was, not a one of us had such an instrument. We met some kids from another school in line for the Yankee Cannonball who had what I think was one (it was a long hollow tube with some stuff in it) but that didn't help us any.

And naturally the freshmen were mostly dressed like whores by the end.

There was a very hot kid on the bumper cars.

Today I went to Jess's dance show. It was very good except for the little kid numbers, where small children in crazed costumes wandered confusedly all over the stage. But the older kid numbers were good.

We parked in the Parking Lot of the Damned when we went to the show. Liz was driving, so of course we missed the turn-off and had to turn around on a side street and block off traffic in both directions. Then we got to the parking lot and we went past all the lots to this abandoned one all the way around on the other side of the place. There was no one else parked there. The Parking Lot of the Damned.

Then Helene decided that we should park in space number 69. So we did.

Got some pictures back. They were fine. It was basically everyone on the Rowdy Rooster.

O man. The screamapillar. So freaking funny!

OK. Nothing more interesting. I guess.

7:38 PM

Tuesday, May 14, 2002  
today i had no shakespeare and i was sad
tomorrow i have no math and i am glad

I derive much joy from the fact that only moments after my brother was dropped off at his soccer practice, it began to rain. Thank you, Nature. Thank you.

I have decided that ellipses are about 20 times more confusing than parabolas. And don't even get me started on hyperbolas!

When you're talking to someone online, and they say 'lolz', what does that mean? Laughing Out Loudz? That doesn't make any sense. And what are you supposed to reply to that anways? I generally say 'yup'. I mean, what else can I possibly coherently say?

I like the way that 'Coalition of Conciously Allied Entities' sounds. It could be called CCAE (see-kay) for short.

Nothing on TV tonight. Sigh. I suppose I shall have to delve into the magical mysteries of real life for the nonce.

Nonce sounds like sconce. As in "My, what a lovely wall sconce!"

laudable = praise-able
I am so very adept at definitions, you know.

I reeeeeeallly want to go to MassArt over the summer. But it's terrifically pricey to board there. And my mother won't let me commute alone. So I need to find someone else to do it with me. Anyone, anyone?

I can't wait for Star Wars! So very psyched! SciFi had a Star Wars Fan Film Festival, of movies made by Star Wars fans. They were wicked funny. There was one that was like Cops, only it was Troops (with Storm Troopers). And there was a really good one made by a kid who was like my age, that was a combination of Star Wars and the Matrix and had all these funky special effects.

The winner of the George Lucas Selects award was this weird, weird animated British one called 'Christmas Tauntauns'. One question. What the hell is a tauntaun???? I looked it up, and it's not in any dictionary I have access to.
Lemme know ( if you happen to know what it is.

I guess that's about it.

O. Wait.
Helene, guess what? NOT ONE WORD OF FRENCH IN THE WHOLE ENTRY!! So ha!

--the end

6:55 PM

Friday, May 10, 2002  
Today I met a bug.

He was maybe half an inch long, maybe a little bigger. He was dark gray/tan with shiny black legs and a tiny black head with two little black eyes. His antenna were long and black with black balls on the tips. He had those feathery-looking feet, you know, and he had a pretty good grip with them.

He had a mouth like the mouth of a boll weevil. In fact, I would call him a boll weevil except that he was the wrong shape. He had this teeny little head, and his abdomen and thorax were shaped like a beetle, a normal oval beetle. He didn't seem to have any wings though. I have no idea what he was but I'd like to find out.

Took the AP History test today. I almost cried when I saw the DBQ (Document Based Question, essentially one huge-ass essay). It was on 19th century reforms. One of the documents it encluded was the Constitution of Brook Farm. Utopian communes. I wrote my entire 20 page history paper on utopian communes. I think I cited the Brook Farm Constitution in there. You can have no concept of how happy I was. I know so much about that stuff. I put in all this extra information... it was intensely glorious.

The rest of the test wasn't exactly glorious, per se, but what can you do? I can only expect so many miracles in one test.

A Store24 just opened up right near my humble abode. I'm so excited! They've got all kinds of cat food, and coffee, and candy, and other such stimulants.

Tomorrow is the Muskrat Pond cleanup. Which I am going to. To get some extra points for physics. If I can figure out the times.


I have a very pointy dragon in my room. He is called 'the Blind and Wretched Dragon' because that is how he looks, blind and wretched. He is a present for my mother for Mother's Day. I kid you not. She'll love it.

All of a sudden most unaccountably tired.

Sigh. Sure could use some book shelf brackets. Or something serving the same purpose. You know.

Can't wait for May 15!!!!! Star Wars!!!! I don't care if it has a lame name like Attack of the Clones. It's Star Wars, for catssake! I must go see it.

I made a drawing of that aforementioned bug. It's a reasonable rendition. It wasn't in my bug book. I wonder where I could find out what he is?

Something feels oddly plastic.

feline anarchy for green democracies

Feline anarchists were not on the AP History test. Sadly. They certainly ought to have been.

The next ordeal? SAT IIs. Following that, finals. And then, the summer, the glorious freedom of summer.

I know I am, anyhow.

Alors. À tout à l'heure (to all of the hours?) (see you later?) before I fall asleep.

5:18 PM

Wednesday, May 08, 2002  
Ahhhhhhh. Taking a break from studying for the insanely large and all-encompassing AP US History test. I mean, truly, who remembers every bit of history from before Columbus got here until the present day? Not I, that is for sure.

Tomorrow is my driver's license test! I'm pretty well prepared to fail, since I still can't park, and I'm bound to have a nervous breakdown during the test. But I figure that it'll be pretty good practice for my second test anways.

I saw Spider-man. Yes I did. And you know what? I liked it. So there!

Some of my friends, who saw it with me, did not like it. This is because they are spoiled brats. Ha, no, really, they are just unreasonable. I mean, they were upset because it wasn't as good as, say, Lord of the Rings, or Being John Malkovich, or Life is Beautiful. But for catssakes, it was a movie about Spider-man. Spider-man. It's not going to be some great breathtaking epic, or some ground-breaking cinematographic marvel. You've got to appreciate it as a movie, made of a comic book character, that character being Spider-man. Who is from Marvel. Marvel is inherently a little more... cheerful than DC. Less dark and intellectual than, say, Batman.

On that note, I personally think that if they had had Punisher as the bad guy instead of the Green Goblin, or even Punisher and Green Goblin, the movie would have been a little more balanced. I like the Punisher, I think he's a good character. Maybe this is just because, in some writer's incarnations of him, he's very much a DC-style character. I saw a couple of Batman/Punisher crossovers that worked really well. Anywho, he would have contrasted a little better with Spider-man (as opposed to Green Goblin, who kind of complemented Spider-man. You know what I mean).

But the movie as it was really made. As I said, I liked it. And it was good. Very good. Tobey Maguire was appropriately hot (there's a very appreciable scene of him flexing in the mirror). He was also appropriately inexperienced as the greenhorn Spider-man. I realize that all of the Spider-man swinging through the skyscrapers scenes were CGI animated, but it was really cool, and really fun to watch. And once he got the actual costume, Spider-man was as close to perfect as I ever expected from a movie.

Kirsten Dunst sucked. She gave a flat performance and she was, quite frankly, boring. Perhaps this is just a female's view of it. I did not think she was a very good actress for this role, and she did not play it well, and she had all the boring scenes anyways. I mean, we all just wanted to see Spider-man kicking some ass, or at the very least flexing.

The only good scene that she was in was the upside-down kiss. That was also a very appreciable scene. Most enjoyable. The only bad bit was the very end where we see Kirsten Dunst grinning brainlessly up into the rain, getting soaked and causing every girl in the theater to realize that sometimes even movie stars ought to be wearing bras.

Willem Dafoe was great as the Green Goblin. He was terrifyingly mad, and his face was perfect for the role. His costume was pretty cool, although I have heard it referred to as a 'RollerBall costume', and this criticism is not without merit. The movements of the CGI model on his little cruiser thing were very cool. I think that was one of the things I enjoyed about his character the most, the fluidity of the Goblin on that cruiser. Also, little lighted bombs are much better than exploding pumpkins.

The ending kind of sucked. No one wanted to hear Tobey say to Kirsten "Sorry hon, it just won't work." I mean, I know that he's supposed to be some kind of ultimate good guy who doesn't want to get too close to someone in case some bad guy gets vengeful, but I don't think I know any guys around here who would pass up Kirsten Dunst, and I find that ending harder to believe than the 'geeky guy getting a spiderbite and becoming super-powered' speil.

Overall, good movie. Especially good when you consider it was a comic book movie. I concede that it it not as good as the Batman movie that Catwoman was in. But it's a far sight better than X-Men was. Tobey Maguire is pretty glorious in this role. I was rather ambivalent about him before I saw this, but I think I rather like him now. Willem Dafoe was great, but then, I expect him to be. If you don't know what I mean, go see Shadow of the Vampire.

Hmm. I didn't mean for this blog to be a Spider-man review but I think that's kinda what it looks like. O well. A break from studying is a break from studying.

Dern it. I finished my newest Heinlein book (Sixth Column, one of his better ones. I still like Starship Troopers better [and no, it is 10 thousand times better than that crap movie was]). This means that I no longer have anything to read in class when I get bored. And I am running out of Heinlein books that I haven't read yet.

Today Babo taught me how to shelve books, and how to keep the shelves from collapsing under their own weight.

Zut!! I won't have Shakespeare class again until Monday! That's the worst. I love that class.

Get some color into this blog!

The Great Rumpuscat and the creator of this wonderous blog thanks you for you time and your diligent perusal of this publication.

C'est fini!

6:48 PM

Tuesday, May 07, 2002  
Guess what???

Sorry. It's not that exciting. Today I got bored in school (omigawd! that's never happened before!) I started to doodle. So I ended up with a sheet of paper filled with stuff that I thought in class/that was said in class/that had nothing to do with the class but just arrived on the paper somehow anyways.

So here it is. There were some lovely illustrations too, but they can't make it onto this blog. I suppose I could scan them in. But I don't feel like dealing with Woodrow yet today. Anywho.


Quoi de neuf? Rien? Comme toujours... why do you not want to work? It's a Tuesday, not a Friday!
Mais Madame, it's all the same.
Aarrgh! Ne m'approchez pas!

The voice just makes it.. perfect! Caaaaterrrrrreeeeennn... Dahseeayyyy....

Is that a muumuu or a dress?
It's a dress!
I think it's a muumuu.

~*~haiku in precalc~*~
a deep pure blue shade
sits in the sweater of a
girl in my math class.

read it! and hey, whatever happened to her analysis? did that just get skipped over or something?

Everyone perturbs. -Paul
Well what can you point to that indicates his perturbation? -Babo (you have to think of it being said in a Babo voice...)

Mmm. Patellas.

the giraffe is a false idol!

WWVD? (What Would Vishnu Do?)

That's scary!
Good. Then it can't be cute.

My mermaid is beautiful!
Yes, Kate.

Sometimes, you simply must have faith in your scales.

I hate it when things are fired and they look all different from how they looked before.
Somehow I pictured that green as more muddy, less... perky.

No art! Just cleaning.

It really sucks when the jelly in your sandwich soaks through the bread. It's quite unappetizing.

Cheezits in a tuna sandwich??
Well, she was looking for Doritos before.

Fred the Turtle says "Duck and Cover" in the propaganda film.

got rid of education
oops, no, segregation

more pens for the pen fiend

Ah! The band of stability!

~some of you are going to be captured
held for ransom
no one'll pay
*I think he just threatened our lives
~No I didn't
**No, I think he just threatened to kidnap us

Krypton, as everyone knows, is 36.
Oh, of course.

This is the equation that RULES.

He just called you a senior!

The juniors are an irrational equation.

And that was my day.


I am driven
I am broken
I have riven
I have spoken

you know you love it

End o'the line.

4:17 PM

Saturday, May 04, 2002  
O well. My horse came in 16 out of 18. Props to War Emblem though!

6:28 PM

one last template check!

5:39 PM

We could use the Mickey Mouse... no, it has to be a pickle.

Kentucky Derby today! The world's greatest 2 minutes in sports! Arright! Ha ha, I want It'sAllInTheChase.... he's 98-1, I think, but I just like the name.

Going to see Spiderman tonight! I can't hardly wait! I hope that it's good, or I'll be all disillusioned and such.

Put a new background on the computer. Yes. It's all nicely colored. Yes.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Why, they have a different agenda entirely.

They're making Dinotopia into a TV movie or mini-series thing. I'm quite upset! I mean, the reason that all of the original Dinotopias (all 2 of them) were so good.... it was the paintings! I mean, if you look at them, those are some damn fine oil paintings! Incredibly skillfully done. It just wasn't meant to be a TV thing. Ugh ugh and glack!

O man. Black shirt. White cat hair. Lots of it. It only happens when I'm wearing a black shirt. Never otherwise. I swear they do it on purpose.

Trrrrrrrrrrraaaannnnsssspppaaaaaaarrrrrreeeennntttt chair.


Mmm. Crème brulée.

Sigh. I strenuously despise little brothers.

5:27 PM

Friday, May 03, 2002  
change over arready!

5:49 PM

yet another template

5:32 PM

Wednesday, May 01, 2002  
lessee if the new template works out....

5:53 PM

howdy howdy howdy

Today I had my finger shut in a car door. It's the little finger on my left hand so I don't use it too much, and it doesn't really hurt, but I definetly don't have a full range of motion and it makes typing a bit of a pain. I learned my fancy-shmancy using-all-my-fingers typing from Keyboarding in school. Lovely class.

Also today some girl was walking down the hall with her boob hanging out of her shirt. I personally did not see this but apparently the rest of the world did. It was much discussed in my classes. What I don't understand is this: how did she not notice? I mean, wouldn't you notice if your boob was out there? Wouldn't you feel a breeze or something?

Check out *Me. It is the blog belonging to ma copine Helene. Very much worth it. By 'it', I mean 'reading'.

We have to do a project on a poem written before 1930. My poet it TS Eliot. The Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (which is one of the best books of poetry ever) was © 1939. Think I could get away with it? I mean, isn't 1939 close enough to 1930 to still be in the same writing movement? And you know, he was probably writing it in 1930 and only finished by 1939 anyways. Right? Right?

Sideways in all directions I can see it in my own reflection Sideways in all directions
O man I love the Sheila Divine.

HP just sent us a CD (kindly, free of charge) that is supposed to be like Ginko biloba for our printer. I already told you that he is named Woodrow, right? Well, this CD is supposed to help him remember where he is so that we don't have to fiddle endlessly with him, and plead passionately with him, and make him all sorts of irrational promises (like we'll get him his own fish bowl and fill it with copecks). This will make him just... print. Without any coercion at all. To tell the truth, I'm kind of used to dealing with Woodrow now, and I can usually get him to print off of AppleWorks anyways. But he categorically refuses to print anything, anything at all, off of the internet. I'm not sure why. Perhaps he is a ludite who does not believe in the internet.

You know what else is funny? I guess that HP has only one guy working there who knows anything about Macs. Because every time we called up their help line (this was before we got to know Woodrow's eccentricities), we got the same guy. We might start out with some other person, but the second we said that Woodrow was hooked up to a Mac, we would get transfered to this same guy. By now he is well-acquainted with Woodrow too, and he is starting to get to know us. This sort of thing infinetly amuses me.

Does the optical mouse use a laser, or an LED? Probably an LED, because it's ever so much cheaper and I have yet to blinded from gazing at it. It's pretty fascinating, so laugh if you wish, but it is well worth gazing at.

Goddamned electronic chirping!

We only come out at night. The days are much too bright.
Vampires, or Smashing Pumpkins? I ask you.

The phone rings. We screen, zoom in on the answering machine... never mind, my brother picked it up.

Hardly.... any... homework.... tonight. My joy is unbounded by the conventional restricting laws of nature and of homework.

don't look at this

If you are playing MechWarrior, BLORB makes you quite invincible.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks has a very funny review of The Scorpion King today. I laughed, ha ha ha.
Scorpion is a funny word. I always want to put a different vowel in there. Scorpian? Scorpien? Scorpiin? Scorpiun? Any one of them would make that same 'ihn' noise, I guess. But no, it must be O. O well.

Yesterday there was a HUGE spider in my basement. It was so big that you could see its eyes and its mandibles and the freaking hairs on its legs. It was GROSS. Of course it couldn't be squished down there because it would make a monumental mess of spider guts all over the basement. So my mother, who has an iron constitution, ran down with a cup and a napkin, scooped it up, and tossed it outside. Where it belongs. I don't mind spiders in their natural habitat. I just don't like it when they invade mine.

One day I will construct a satellite and name it after you
Cause you were the best friend of all
Except for when you split my lip in two
To see the look upon your face
As I launch you into space

I have found that there are occasions wherein a Siamese cat may look exactly like a polar bear. If he is a large and somewhat rotund Siamese. As my big Izzy is.

Our physics teacher emails us our homework lists for the week. I suppose that this is convenient for some people, but it is in the range of mildly sucking for me. I never know, at the end of the day, whether or not I need to bring my physics book home. Since the list telling my if I have homework in the book that night is at home in my emailbox. I guess I ought to print it out or something, but, as I have said, Woodrow objects rather strenuously to the internet.

Help me when I
Fall to walk unafraid
I'll be clumsy instead
O my love me or leave me

The vacuum! Run and hide run and hide run and hide! or you could just sit there and eat the spider plant.

Why does 'vacuum' have so many 'u's? I mean, a vacuum is emptiness, and 'u' doesn't particularily remind me of emptiness. 'o' does, if anything. So why isn't it a 'vacoom'?

Another choice site is sodaconstructor. I have yet to master it and I can't really do much more than muck around with the templates. But it's fun to play with.

I really am disinclined to read Bonjour Tristesse. I know that it's short. I just can't get into it.

*heartfelt sigh*

Nice out. I probably should go and finish that watercolor I was doing of the rhodedendron out front. But I don't particularily feel like it. Hmm. Nope. O well.

Star Trek is on tonight. Hooray for Star Trek! It's on early too, so I can get to sleep early and maybe, just maybe, wake up early and go to that History session thing that is so unnaturally early in the morning. I mean, 7 am. Really. Who does that?

Go Redwings!


^that is the orange stool that is in my computer room. It is from Design Within Reach. They send us their catalog. It's very cool. I love looking through it and seeing how I would decorate my house if I ever had that much money. And then bugging my mother about why we can't decorate our house with that stuff. Then she gets mad and mutters about the sort of people who would buy a $3,000 chair and how no one would want to be with a person who does that anyways, because they must be out of their minds in a big way. Ha, well, we have some of it anyways. Like the stool.

Edward Gorey, I have decided, is one of my favorite artists. That guy is simply incredible with a pen and ink.
I also loooooooooooove Magritte. Dali. Seth Fisher. Sandy Skoglund. I know there are others but I am a-blanking.
I do not like.... guess who? O yes. You guessed it. Thomas Kinkade. The first time I saw one of those galleries I almost died of laughing. I went in with my mother out of morbid curiosity, like those people who pull over on the highway to get a closer look at a bad car wreck. I really couldn't stop laughing. There were some old people looking at the 'paintings' and the salewoman kept on glaring at me, but it was not a condition I could control.
When we left, we decided that the best things in there had been the fake fireplaces that were 'tastefully' scattered about the dimly lit little gallery thing. My mother wanted to get one.
All I have to say is that I learned two things. One. If I go into someone's house, and they have a Kinkade proudly displayed on the wall, I must travel far, far away in order to save myself. Two. People really will buy anything.

I do not like the idea of my smoke detector being radioactive. I do not like it at all.

Well. I do believe that I shall endeavor to read Bonjour Tristesse. I may later regret that decision. Mais, qu'est ce-qu'on peut faire?

Pet a cat today. It's the best. For everything.

5:40 PM

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