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Saturday, November 22, 2003  
What a end of the week and weekend it has been thus far. Long blog! Sorry.

Thursday was relatively uneventful, except that we had that guest artist lecture deal. The artist was two people from the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP). They've taken this utterly poor and cruddy alley in California and filled it with wicked cool murals. The lecture was actually much less boring than I thought it would be, although it did not excite me to the wild state that last week's biological illustrator lecture did.

Then I went out to get ice cream at Stucci's with Helena, before I had dinner. Woah! Radical and anarchistic! Ice cream before dinner? What was I thinking?

Friday was filled to the brim with insanity. I had to wake up at 5 am. The art school inexplicably makes everyone sign up for their classes before they actually register for them. This poorly planned event involves everyone going to one room in the art school at the same time and fighting like rabid wolves for a spot on line before the classes they want close out.

Thirty or forty kids actually slept over in the art building, so that they would be there before anyone else. They were not in a good way come morning. The ones whom I knew were Taylor, Andrew, Shlomo, and Natalie. Natalie, especially, looked like someone had plunged her into a vat of nonsleepingness. Oh, and Stephanie was there, but we do not like her, so she does not count. She is sometimes called 'The Token Stoner' and sometimes 'The Troll', which brings back memories of home.

So I was sitting out at the bus stop at CC Little at 5:30, 6 am. Campus is freaky at that hour. I walked from the Hill to Central Campus without seeing one single solitary person, which has never happened before. Even at 3 or 4 am there have been people walking about the Hill. I saw one military fellow in his gray military sweats right when I got to Central Campus, but he had his head down and looked pretty pissed about whatever petty task had necessitated his being up and about at such an hour.

No one had bothered to tell me that at 6 am it is still pitch black out. So dark that all of the stars are still out, and the moon is still high in the sky. It felt like night. Creepalicious.

So I was sitting there, drawing the dental building because I had nothing better to do (also that is one strange building). It was utterly silent except for the occasional cawing emanating from the giant crow rookery across the street. All of a sudden I hear someone behind me shriek out my name all long and drawn-out-like: "FelineAnarchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist!" Only, you know, with my real name.

It was Ren and Claire, emerging like wraiths from the dark depths of the diag behind me. Like stumbling wraiths, more exactly. Loud, stumbling wraiths. As it turned out, loud, stumbling, blindingly drunk wraiths. As Claire said (loudly), "We are so drizz...drizznizzle....drizzizzle...drizznizzledrunk." Or as Ren said: "FelineAnarchist, you're my friiiieeeeennnd. I like you. You... you... Claire, she's in my claaaasss... I don' like my class... Shl...Shlmommoly... Shlo-mo looks like Bob Saget. Saget. Bob. I don' like him. Megan is oh kay. I like... Paul. An' I like yoooohoooFelineAnarchist. Hee hee. I don' like the rest of our class. No. They're stuuuuuuuuuuuupidid."

I expressed worry. The fact that they were exceedingly inebriated didn't particularly bother me (I don't mind it if I don't have to live with them), but what did disturb me was the fact that it was only just 6 am. And they were stonkered. And it was a weekday. I did mention that it was Friday, right?

Anyways, I rode the bus up to North Campus with them (Ren: No Claaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrreee! Don't stand in the road! If you die I'll be so [hic] saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! and also, Ren: I think I'm gonna thrivvava... throva... throw UP. Claire: It's OK. This is a... a bus. Everything is plastic.) We got there and they yelled drunkenly at some poor kid on a skateboard. Then we went into the building and were dismayed to find 40 of our classmates already present. To be sure, they were none too clean, and they were in foul moods, but they were there.

There ended up being all sorts of fights about who had what place in line, but eventually I got to sign up and I got my classes. That doesn't really describe the extreme levels of insanity that went on there, but I honestly don't think I could do it justice, other than to say that sleeping over in the art building seems to bring people to a Lord of the Flies level, emotionally and socially speaking. Also, you never want to lie down on the models bed, because it is allegedly coated in 'junk juice'.

I also feel bad for the people who showed up later, because, despite the utter evil I went through to get my place in line, I wasn't there half so long as some of those kids had to be. The whole event stank of poor planning and I shall probably curse the art administrators forever and a day for subjecting me to such a thing.

I barely made it back to Central in time for chemistry, but, after angsting horribly about maybe having to miss it, I got there just in time. Then I fell asleep for most of the lecture, but at least I was there.

I then got coffee and ATM money and a Fleecy Winter Hat of Gloriousness. Because I decided that I needed one. Starbucks peppermint mochas are good, but I hate drinking out of those 'hot drink cup lids'. I always manage to spill it everywhichawhere.

Later in the day I figured out the bus schedule to get to Meijer (i.e. Walmart meets Best Buy meets BJs Wholesale meets grocery store). I caught a bus at the Union. While I was waiting, I watched Fox News do a series of interviews with people right in front of the Union about ticket scalping for the upcoming Michigan/Ohio State football game.

I actually fell asleep on the bus, but thankfully I woke up before my stop. Freaked out when I woke up, though, because I have no knowledge of the area at all, so I had no idea if we'd gone by Meijer yet. Great for the ol' heart, that was. Anyways, I got yogurt (the whips kind, but they're only good when you unwhip them), and string cheese, and Cape Cod chips, and a couple of frozen dinners to try (not Healthy Choice, because we already tried those, and they are absolutely vile), and popsicles! I finally got popsicles! The best, classic kind...the Popsicle brand, the orange, cherry and grape single popsicles.

I randomly met Dave on the way out of Meijer, so we bussed back together and trundled our groceries back to the Hill. At this point it was about 7ish and I said to myself, "I shall do homework! I shall be a good student and get these multifarious papers and projects done." I lied.

I got back in and my roommate was asleep, with the lights off and the TV on (loud), which is her preferred sleeping environment. Not a very good homework-doing atmosphere, though. So I viciously cooked some noodles in the room, vindictively punching the little beepy buttons, hoping that it would annoy her as much as it does me, when she trots in at 4:45 am and decides that she wants Easy Mac.

I then charged out of my room, screaming as I went, "Lo! There go all plans to do work!" I did not stop until I reached North Campus, whereupon I harassed Seth all night. He drove me home because the buses do not run past a certain hour. It was his roommates car, but his roommate is magnanimous.

There was also a Dance Marathon on Friday night, which I did not see. But hallbuddies Beth, Shelby, and Amanda went. They talked at me about it a great deal both before and after the fact. I am not interested in dancing for money, so I did not attend.

Today was the 100th Michigan versus Ohio State football game! *commence screaming in wild excitement and joy* 35-21! 35-21! 35-21! Buck the Fuckeyes! 100 years of busting their nuts! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

i did not take this picture, but you can be sure that these wolverine fans are SMELLING ROSES!
Photo credit to Amir Gamzu of MGoBlue. Good photo, Amir, whoever you may be.

I got up early to get foodness with football buddy Caroline. Then we trotted down to where the band comes out, and we followed them into the stadium. There were so many people in the streets. Friend Adam was wearing only body paint for a shirt (he had painted Navarre's jersey onto himself), so I laughed at him and called him a crazy man. Because he is. I then met up with Mike so that he could tackle me before the game. This is a tradition, and if it is not done before a game Michigan is more likely to lose. 100% of fact.

The stadium was packed to over capacity. Yes, we SET THE RECORD FOR THE MOST PEOPLE WATCHING A FOOTBALL GAME IN ONE PLACE EVER! EEEEVVVVEEERRR! (the old record was also set by us, at the Notre Dame game earlier this year) EEEEVVVEEERRRRRR! 112,118 people! One hundred twelve thousand, one hundred and eighteen people packed into the Big House! Do you know how many people that is? That is a whole frelling lot of people.

All sorts of cool things happened before the game, like Gerald Ford coming on the big screen and giving us a speech about how much Michigan football meant to him, and flyby of military jets, and the parents of the senior football players coming onto the field. I took pictures of some of these things.

I did not take any pictures during the game, because I was too consumed by insanity. I absolutely screamed myself hoarse, and I leapt about like a maniac, and was jostled and hugged and whaled upon in joy by everyone sitting around me. 'Course, I jostled, hugged, and whaled upon all of them too, so wonderous times all 'round. But I was very sore in throat and body afterwards.

After the game, despite at least 5 pleas over the PA system to 'not approach the field', the students rushed the field in a fit of insanity, drunk on sheer joy (and actual alcohol, in some cases). There were a lot of police on the field, but at the end of the game they just sort of shrugged and stepped aside, contenting themselves with encircling the goalposts to make sure that no one pulled them down. Anyways, when you have over 30,000 undergraduate students, and more than half of them rush the field, you are going to have a lot of severely overexcited students on the field.

A very large contingent of students, once on the field, ran over to the opposite endzone, where they all stood and jeered at the biggest clump of Ohio State fans, who were sitting in a dejected block of red in their seats, trying to think of ways to leave the stadium without actually getting killed or, at the very least, crushingly humiliated.

I did not take any pictures after the game, because I had absolutely murdered the battery on my camera. It does not seem to have a very long life. But good times were had. The frats had outdone themselves. One of them had a red car on their front lawn, which represented Ohio State. There were several large sledgehammers, and all were welcome to smash the car up as badly as possible. It was infinitely amusing to watch very, very drunk people try to hit the car with the sledgehammer. Usually they hit the car and then fell over. I was saddened by the untimely passing of my camera battery.

Then I came back to the room and collapsed and had a popsicle to soothe my aching throat. Wendy's was consumed for dinner, and good times were had in the Jo lounge with Brian from the Third Floor, until dear roomie finally vacated the premesis so that we could wreak havoc in my room. And then I blogged.

Anyways, if you want to see pictures from today's game, I done made a photo album of sorts. It doesn't have every picture I took, because that would have been a lot of uploadin', but it has some of them, so you shall have to be content with that. They are not all in order, because the 'rearrange photos' feature is bizarre and unworkable. They are mostly in order, but not quite. Sorry. Also, as already stated, I have no pictures from after the game, because my camera perished on me.

Hopefully things will work out OK if you click here. I have captioned all the photos, so read those, or else you might get confused.

Hopefully that will work.

On to Sunday!

*edit: I nearly forgot. My roommate broke her computer tonight. She spilled vodka on the keyboard and then it shut off and would not turn on again. If this means that her computer screen is not going to be on all night, lighting the room like some horrible travesty of a lightbulb, then I am a (semi)happy creetur.*end edit*

11:14 PM

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