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Thursday, October 09, 2003  

Oh lordy yes. Was that ever a lovely little bit of baseball gaming. And we actually managed to get a Red Sox watching crew together today. Me and Beth (the other Sox fan on my hall) managed to shanghai some other folks into Beth's room to watch the game. Lovely stuff.

I met a kid today in my dorm who's from Natick! Evidently he's in Brynn's english class (although not, I gather, particularly friends with her). Anywho, he was wearing a Red Sox jersey today, so I guess she mentioned to him that she had a roommate from Boston. He got very excited and came over before the game to meet me. Name of Adam. Very nice kid. We had a great hour-long chat about Red Sox, Patriots, 'pop' versus 'soda', and how evil it is that they don't have Stop and Shop here.

Have I mentioned Kevin before? I think I did. In any event. He's always in our hall because he's some sort of engineer-like genius so we make him fix all our technological woes. And then he became friends with most of us, so he hangs out in our hall a lot. But. I did not know. He is an RA. How, exactly, was I unaware of this? It is most wondrous strange. Great fellow though, and swears that he won't report any of us unless we play evil tricks on him.

Yes. But excellent Red Sox game. Very glorious. Good solid win. And in New York, too. Thusly improving the win vastly. Lot of 'ly's in that sentence. You adore it.

Musn't forget to print out boarding pass tomorrow. Must not forget. Print out boarding pass. Tomorrow. Today, actually. Cursed midnight. So sneaky.

The roommate is out. She is at a barn dance. She was asking around if anyone had a bandanna she might borrow. Eventually she asked me. So I lent her one. I went out to dinner. She was getting ready for the dance. I came back. She was dressed for the dance. She was wearing the bandanna. As. A. Shirt.

I plotzed in horror and mirth and ran to tell Pam and Kevin before I exploded with the sheer unbelievability of the sight. Kevin sagely pointed out that it was 'better as a shirt than a skirt'. To which I heartedly agreed.

It was 80ยบ out today! Obscene! Unnatural! Heinous! And it's going to be in the high 70s tomorrow! I am royally pissed. I detest this weather. I should not have to deal with it any more. It is October. I have done my time, suffering in the non-air-conditioned horror of these dormrooms. No more, I say, no more!

Curiously, Michigan (or at least Ann Arbor) is suffering from a weird sort of ladybug infestation right now. I don't mean a few ladybugs. I mean that two days ago there was not a single ladybug to be found in this town. Now there are quite literally hundreds of thousands. You can see them zipping everywhichaway through the air when you're outside. They're on everything.

And they invaded my room.

I came back from class around 4:30 to discover my roommate cowering on her bed, whimpering, and gesturing feebly towards the drapes. I looked. The drapes were covered in ladybugs. Hideous numbers of ladybugs. They were all over the ceiling and light fixture too.

Because my roommate squealed every time one got near her, the unfortunate task of debugging the room fell, by default, to me.

The problem with ladybugs is that you can't just squish them and have done with it. Their major defense mechanism against being eaten by birds is that they secrete a yellowish goo that smells wicked nasty and tastes even worse (so I would assume). If you crush them, the goo is extruded and the nasty smell takes to the air. Vurry unpleasant.

Since I had several hundred (I only wish it were hyperbole) ladybugs to destroy, I managed to develop a very scientific and methodical means of extermination.

The answer, mes amis, as with so many things in life, is duct tape.

Take one good sized piece of duct tape. Remove from roll. Approah ladybugs. Press lightly, so that ladybug is caught on the duct tape by its wingcases, but not squished. Repeat several times, or until duct tape is full of ladybugs. Fold duct tape carefully with ladybugs inside. Crush into little packet of death. Place in trash.

It works. Any goo is stuck inside the duct tape, where it can't assault your olfactory nerves, and the bugs are as dead as wee little doornails.

I had a frelling lot of ladybugs to dispose of. It was not good times. But I think, after spending all of the night not spent watching the Red Sox in this activity, that I managed to get pretty much all of the little fuckers.

you think they are cute, but just get a look at that ugly, gangsta mug.

So, ladybugs=evil. You may not have thought of them as evil before, but you must revise your views. Still, I suppose that, as infestations go, it's not so bad. After all, it could have been, say, spiders, or centipedes, or wasps.

Doesn't mean it was a barrel of laughs. Just means that I acknowledge that it could have been worse.

There's also been an explosion in the chipmunk population within the last two days. I saw tons of 'em today. One ran over Sarah's foot on the way to lunch, causing both her and Pam to scream. Me and Shelby laughed. Good times. But I don't mind the chipmunks becoming more numerous, they're cute little buggers, and they stay out of my room.

Today an upperclassman on my hall named Katy, to whom I had spoken maybe three times, came by and asked me if I could design her a tattoo showing the woman symbol with a rose twined around it. Well. I'm a nice person. I did. She loved it. She went around telling everyone on the hall who would listen that she was going to put one of my drawings on her body. Which pretty soundly freaked the hell out of me, but there you are. I am too damn considerate for my own good.

I would scan in the design and show it to you, but my scanner, it doth not operate. So if I remember to bring a copy home those of you at home can maybe see it. At home. Or not. Quoiever.

I printed out a nice picture of Nomar today. It's going right next to my lovely little Photoshopped artwork featuring Jay Fiedler, Joey Harrington, and Tom Brady. Yes. Joy.

Rah-ther tired, and though I don't have to be out of the dorm tomorrow until 1, I should probably get up around 10. Just to be safe. I bid you all a good night.

12:21 AM

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