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Saturday, October 04, 2003  
Argle. It's 2:20 am and I've just staggered in from a night of debauchery on North Campus. I kid, I kid. But I was on North Campus. Very tired but I don't feel like going to bed just yet. Which of course means I'll go to sleep unspeakably late (as if it isn't already) and then be utterly useless tomorrow. Which is bad. Because I have a lot of work to do.

Ay, darn it all. No idea why I'm blogging right now, other than the fact that I can't do art (my drawing gets unpardonably sloppy at this level of tiredness) and I can't think of anything else to do. This will probably be incoherent in the morning, but I'll probably let it stand because I'm generally too lazy to remove it. Sorry about that in advance.

Put up some pictures today. In my room, not on the blog. I just hope that masking tape doesn't take the finish off these lovely drawers, because then I would have made quite a mess of things.

Mortimer seems to be doing well. I should probably give him some water this coming week. I'm a little bit worried about his sun intake, though. It hasn't been particularly sunny here lately. I hope he's getting enough.

Tomorrow. Shopping which needs to be done. Homework. Lots and lots of homework. Should do some chemistry, and I've a vast drawing that needs doing. Sigh. Michigan is away at Iowa, of all evilness, so I shall have to resort to TV watching. 3:30 on ABC, for those in the area. Dolphins are playing the Giants, but I doubt they'll be on here. Well. Maybe. I should look around.

Lions playing 49ers on Sunday, 4:15 on Fox for those hereabouts. Only two people on my hall ever watch the games... me, and Beth from across the way. Whenever the Lions make a particularly good or bad play we scream at each other from across the hall. We don't watch in the same room because I'm usually doing homework while watching the game. As I will be this Sunday. Out of necessity.

Maybe I should go to that big Starbucks with a sketchbook at some point this weekend. That would be good times. Yes. Idea. And it's written down here, so I won't forget later.

There's a pipe in our hall bathroom which rattles and bangs. It does it with a weird sort of complex rhythm, though. People who aren't from our hall and, therefore, aren't used to it often think there's some drummer guy sitting somewhere outside the window, drumming away. But it's just the pipes.

Dorkily enough, it never fails to make me think of the ghoul in the attic pipes of the Weasely house. Yes. I need to stop thinking things like that. *whacks self over head for being dork*

found this concept sketch for the set of the weasely house on the grand interweb. was going to post a picture of ron, but remembered in time that kid they've got playing him always made me want to smack his silly, noncomprehending little face. yes. late night.

Did a marker doodle the other day. Took the proportion/posture from a drawing I had done in class, so it would be accurate, but did it all over in crazy layered color. I vacillate between really liking it and utterly loathing it. I'd scan it in so you can see but my scanner does not seem to be working, so that's right out.

I like to think that there are other people out there who, when they get really tired and incoherent and insane, use the word 'vacillate' in their speech. Because, you see, I do.

Miss my kitties. Curses be unto Kate, who's home this weekend. I can't make it through another week. Blasted loads of work. Still haven't got my grade for the chemistry test back, I've been checking coursetools (I'd explain what that is but it's late) almost impulsively, but I guess they're not going to post the grades on there. Not sure if I really want to know what I got, but I figure that all knowledge is enlightening in one way or another and not knowing is, in this case, probably worse.

I need to recharge my iPod.

I've gotten more use out of that insane bag of tools the art school gave us at the beginning of the year than I ever thought I would without a single wood or metal class on my plate. I've already used all the heavy duty wirecutters, both the vises, one of the wrenches, the metal ruler, the exacto knife, the hammer, some sort of superduty boxcutter blade, the paint pen, the saw, two of the many metal file things, and some of the bandaids. Terribly thoughtful of them, to give us a bag of heavyduty hardcore tools and include so heavyduty bandaids.

Roommate just stumbled in, certainly looking no worse for the wear than I do. I make the time out to be... 2:45. am. Early, for her, on a Friday night.

Need to get more Power/Luna bar things for the days I have morning classes. I hadn't touched those things until this year, but they're rapidly becoming indispensible. And Jess's Tufts Nalgene bottle, other than it's infinitely amusing uses as a device of Confusion, has been dragged nearly everywhere on campus by yours truly, keeping me super-triple-wonderously hydrated, to an almost Noah-like extent. Except, having the Nalgeninator, I don't leave trails of mostly empty water bottles everywhere. Which Noah does. Did. No idea if he does it at school.

Something in my brain says that last paragraph was really rambling and weird but other things tell me to move on and stop thinking about it, and this is the route I am inclined to take.

Need to pick up some Bristol board, and some black and white acrylic paint. Do that when I go to Starbucks. Right near each other. The two places. Starbucks and the bookstore I'm gonna get the supplies at. Yes. Make coherent sentences. Good.

Today I had sandwichy goodness for lunch with Heather from classes. We had food from the deli-like thing at Pierpont Commons on North Campus, and coffee from the coffee place next to it. I was just going to heat up something mildly nutritious in the dorm for dinner but Sarah and Elisa came storming by and I got swept next door to Stockwell to eat with them and discuss the wearing of small scarves. Among other things. It was pizza night, so I actually had something other than salad. The pizza wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.

Tell the one about the silver spoon that I won't understand.

The guest artist speaker last night was unspeakably boring. Micheal Palmer. Some sort of poet. He couldn't give a speech to save his robot, phlegmy voice. Did I spell that right? I know not. Onwards. He used the word 'telegraphic' at least 15 times, as in, "We don't have much time so I'll be telegraphic about this..." which was very annoying.

I wasn't taking notes, of course, because I never do, because it's useless. But I did have my notebook out and I was diligently doodling in it. When he started speaking I wrote in large letters "Oh my lord he is a *horrible* speaker!" Then I doodled all about. About halfway through the lecture a guy sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked to borrow my pen. Having no particularly pressing need for it, I let him do so.

About a minute later he tapped me on the shoulder again to give me back my pen. He also held out a piece of paper, which was what he had needed the pen for. On it he had written:

1. I agree. He is a horrible speaker.
2. Really good drawings.

I smiled and said, "Yes, and thank you." and was made all happy and whatnot. At least my doodlings were keeping someone other than me occupied.

Late at night they stop running the regular buses to and from North Campus. They run wee little old people/special education minibuses. The lecture was late, so we had to take one of these wee buses back to Central Campus. It was so weird. It went into all the parking lots in the hospital complex and circled around and got back onto the road. No one had any idea what was going on. Creepy yet also funny.

I really should stop this post before it gets too long and weird. If it isn't already.

Watched a snarfload of movie trailers today as a break after dinner, while doing homework, before I went out. The Triplets of Belleville is some animated movie that looks like it has potential. Also new Pixar movie called The Incredibles, but it was really only a teaser trailer. There are two people coming from Pixar for one of our guest artist lectures and that one is going to be packed because not only are all the art students wicked excited about it, I hear tell that a ton of engineering kids are going to go as well.

Have you seen the Fatboy Slim video for the song Weapon of Choice? The one where Christopher Walken dances in a hotel. It's awesome. Anyways, someone made an animation of it but using a stick figure! It's frelling incredible. Utter lovely animation. Stick Figure Weapon of Choice is what I would call it if I were tired and uncreative and had naming priviledges.

If you want to see the original to compare it to the anim and thusly appreciate how glorious the animation truly is, you can check it out here. You have to download it, sorry, I'd check around for one you don't but it's now a little after 3 am and I should probably go to bed.

Yes. To bed I go. Ago. Hooooo. Again apologies for the evil strange not able to be understood blog. Yes. Happens, late at night. Yes. Bed.

2:16 AM

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