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Sunday, August 03, 2003  
I was going to update the nosepilot link, because it's moved around so much in the past couple of years that I've lost track of it, but I can't find it. So that's a broken link down thar. Sorry. Maybe I'll search for it later, but cat only knows.

Heinous news! Return to Sender is... is... *sniff*... is... *sniffle*... going on permanent hiatus! *begins wailing* Why even bother going online on Sundays anymore? This is terrible. Terribleness incarnate. I swear, if Strings of Fate goes on hiatus, I may have to give up the Internet forever and become some sort of luddite monk.

My old french teacher (Mme. McNeill) used to tell us that she was a luddite... she was also a french native, so she said everything with a very thick little old lady french accent, which somehow made her saying, "I am such a luddite" infinitely amusing.

Just a little interlude, that.

Nothing much happened today (that is, Saturday... once again, I've stayed up over the dayline known as midnight... actually, I can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight... but that's neither here nor there nor anywhichwhere). Did some drawing, but wasn't very pleased with it. I'm hitting some snags on the character designs. See, there are 11 that I designed eons ago and therefore am very familiar with, and I've got all of those done. So now I'm starting in on the 40-some-odd others that I've had sitting around for a while but haven't worked with quite as much. And I'm not liking the way they're coming out.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear about this stuff. But you know what? This is my blog. I will write about whatever I damn well please. And if I want to write about my tendency to dorkily angst over comic book character designs, then gosh darn it, I'm gonna write about dorky angsting over comic book character designs.

I stick out my tongue in your general direction. *pbththththth*

Um... what else did I do today? I worked on my top-secret present for my parent's anniversary. Hopefully they'll like it. I'm workin' like a house elf at it. On it. Damn prepositions.

Then I drove into Salem to meet the family for dinner, and no one died. Because of my driving, I mean. I'm sure that plenty of old people and sick people and hopefully some evil people died today, but no one died as a direct result of my driving. That's good enough for me. Can't worry about what you can't control, non?

Hey, did everyone hear about that woman who gave birth on the T? Yup, it was in the paper. I'd find the link but it was a few days ago. The gist of it was that people were standing on the T (the red line) when they suddenly heard this woman moan sort of quietly. Then she gave birth. Standing up. Holding onto the T railing. People were yelling and vomiting (there was a lot of blood) and frantically offering to let this woman sit down. But she just kept on standing there calmly.

The baby just fell right out of the bottom of her skirt, hit the floor, and slid down along the T doors until it came up against some seats and stopped. She scooped it up, wrapped it in her scarf, and went right on standing there, holding the railing with one hand and the baby with the other. Still standing up. People were still loudly and often offering her assistance, but she just kept on saying, "No thank you, we're OK."

Eventually she got off the train. Someone (probably many people) had called 911 and the cops, so they were waiting when the T stopped. The woman with the baby just got off, grabbed a newspaper to wrap the baby in, and started to head outside. Then (this is my favorite bit), she passes the placenta, or gives birth to it, or whatever the hell you do to the placenta. According to the policeman who saw it, she passes the placenta, and in mid-stride bends down, picks it up, tosses it into her handbag, and continues towards the exit.

Eventually the police came out of shock and caught her up outside and took the baby somewhere safe while the woman gets psychiatric evaluations.

But holy freaking cats. Can you even imagine seeing something like that on the subway? I mean, it must have been absolutely horrifying and absolutely incredible at once. Damn. How come things like that don't happen on the green or blue lines?

the red line, now a mobile maternity ward for the mentally unstable

If you are liking to look at good art things on occasion, you should be regarding the Pants Press Sketchblog. The people who do Return to Sender and Strings of Fate and other goodly folks post thereon. I like to look at it, it makes me sad that I can't draw, but at the same time it's pleasant to look at the stuff of people who can. Draw, that is.

Curses to the tropics!

Just felt like reiterating that point, as Jess went and got me all thinking about how much I hate hot weather and whatnot. Blasted places, where it's warm all the time. Breeding grounds for plague and ague, I tell you, plague and ague!

Corey hasn't posted in a while. I know he was away, but now he's back, and this is Not Acceptable Behavior. I think we should corner him on his manic little island and beat him with croquet mallets until he posts. I do not deal well with unfinished stories.

I like the idea of using something so civilized/British as a croquet mallet to do something so uncivilized as beat someone about the head for riling you in some minor sense. In some deeply fundamental way, it's just... right.

And on that note, I bid you all a Goodly Eve.

1:04 AM

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