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Thursday, July 31, 2003  
The blogger website has all these little announcement things for us bloggers, pertaining to new blogging software and the like. Anyways, the latest one is headed 'And in the Darkness Blog Them'. Ha ha! I snickered.

A couple of blogs ago (the July 23 blog, I believe) I mentioned that a reader of this here turkey had requested postage of fanart which I have done. I also said that this prompted me to run a little search and see what sort of fanart was already out there. I also noted that I was completely and utterly sickened by the unabashed badness of said fanart, so I was disinclined to post anything unless someone really pestered me about it.

Well, I've been duly pestered. I suppose I was asking for it, I shouldn't have said that I'd cave to peer pressure. Things to remember for next time. None of the locals put in a word, and I'm not sure if that's because they assume I ain't talking to them herein, or for some obscure reason of their own, but a number of you non-local readers sent in (mostly) politely demanding emails on the subject of a Feline Anarchist online art gallery.

All I can say is, I'm working on it. If anyone knows a really good free photo host site, let me know. I am also thinking that maybe I should look up some copyright laws or something before I go posting my art on the web, but plenty of people do it without detrimental results to their art, so I ought to be OK. The gallery, if/when it gets made, will probably consist of mostly pen and ink things, and also comic book things. Those being the art bits which I can scan most readily.

As for a time frame... well, I hope I can get some stuff up before I head off to college. That being at the end of the summer. But you, cher reader, you can help move up this time frame! How can you do this? You can tell me about a good free photo host site that you know of. This would be very, very helpful.

Went into Boston today. I actually managed to get my mother to give me the car so I could take myownself to Wonderland. Yup, Wonderland, that's the name of the T stop (in Boston, we call the subway 'the T'). Like Alice and the white rabbit and all that hookah-smoking-caterpillar sort o'jazz. Only much seedier. And dirtier.

I used my incredible coffee hunting instincts to sniff out a hidden Starbucks. That is to say, I logically assumed that there had to be a Starbucks somewhere in the Copley mall, and lo! there was. My skills of logical assumption and deduction are quite peerless.

Then I sat outside for a couple of hours so I could doodle the lovely Trinity Church. Which I did. It came out OK. There was a big tree obscuring some of my view, so I just drew in the tree, rather than trying to draw bits of the building I couldn't see. I also couldn't see the bottom the building because some undoubtedly evil children's puppet show thing was setting up a vast stage on the lawn, and that obscured some of my view as effectively as the tree did.

A fellow stopped as he was walking by and said that he thought my drawing was very good and very pretty. I thanked him. Usually people just gawk when they're walking by, or try to surreptitiously peer over my shoulder. I stolidly ignore them. But it's nice when someone comments in a genuinely meant yet nonintrusive manner. I appreciates that, I does.

Then I drove home in rush hour traffic and wept. But I was smiling on the inside, you see, because by taking the car for the day I had spared my mother the trip. I get car, mother doesn't have to shuttle me around. Everyone wins!

Tonight Jess and I went to the Atomic Cafe, because we felt like it and we didn't want to drive purposelessly. Got delicious smoothie, I did. I am a very big fan of the Atomic Cafe grilled cheese, but I had already had dinner, so no grilled cheese on this night. I don't know why people are so freaked out by the crowd there, it's just people. Sheesh.

The other night Jess and I had dropped Jason off at his house, and were about to turn off his street when who should we see but the magical, magisterial Madeline. As we hadn't seen her in weeks, it was absolutely necessary that we flag her down and speak with her. We did so.

So the three of us were standing about, chatting, on the side of the road, for a goodly bit of time, as there was much to discuss. We had to cut our conversation short, however, because around midnight we were told to disperse by some of the genial town police. I'm sure we looked like real trouble-makers, three girls talking quietly. The cops said they had 'had some calls' about us, which would be pretty funny if it were true (I mean, jeez, not only were we not talking loudly, we didn't even have the radios on!), but there is some doubt as to the veracity of their claims.

Anywho, the paper (that's the Swampscott Reporter, for you nonlocal folks) comes out tomorrow, and we're desperately hoping to get into the police log as 'rowdy group of youths dispersed by officer' or somesuchathing. I would clip it and frame it if we did get in. Monday/early Tuesday, right around midnight, corner of Jason's street and that main street. Keep a hairy eyeball out for it.

Are you acquainted with those cassette things you use to make your non-CD-player-equipped vehicle play CDs? You know, the ones you hook into your portable CD player, and then you put the cassette into your car's cassette drive, and the CD plays over your car's speakers? Yeah, you do know. Anyways. They work with the new iPods! And I have a new iPod!

I was informed of this the last time I was in the Mac store in the mall (and a thoroughly glorious store it is), so I became rabidly happy. See, mother's car has no CD player. Mother's car is the one I use. It is also the one which will become mine next summer. So now I can play my iPod in it! This is better than the radio, because I don't have to switch around, and better than a CD player because I can randomize it and it's all different bands and songs and I don't get bored. Better than a mix CD, of course, because it can hold 8 million more songs than a CD can.

Yeah. I was rendered deliriously happy by this revelation.

Got two new books (Monday night before our policely joys Jess and I had gone to Barnes and Noble, simply because it's fun to do so). Oliver Twist and another Murakami book, called The Elephant Vanishes (collection o'short stories). Murakami's the one who wrote The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which I adored. Oliver Twist, in case you're stupid, is by Charlie Dickins.

But I sort of feel like rereading the 5th Harry Potter before I start those, so I think I shall. Woo yay for getting started on the third reading of that book this summer!

Yesterday I saw that Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show. You've probably heard of it, it's that new Bravo show where they have 5 gay guys make over a straight guy who needs it. Awesome show. Not only are the people in it absolutely hilarious, it's very well edited, which enhances the amusing bits. Yeah, I enjoyed it. The new ones are Tuesday nights at 10 on Bravo, around here at least.

Locals take note! We need to go to the DeCordova museum before the summer is over! We need to pick a day. For cat's sake, let me know if you want to go. I am foaming at the mouth to go. Grrrr. Work with me here, people.

If you really are people...

Yeah, getting to be that time of the night I know all too well (crazynocturnalcreatures time!), so I best be ending this blog before insanity sets in and I start losing the ability to type coherently.

G'night all.

1:21 AM

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