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Saturday, May 10, 2003  
ha HA!

It is vaguely late night (11:50 pm after a full day of school etc.... counts as late night f'r me), so I shall impart some randomness and all will be well.

Saw an oriole in math today. Maura was looking out the window and she summoned my attention to it and my Sweet Feline Lord, it was an oriole. Very very bright orange (we're talking highlighter orange here) with black. Supremely colorful and looked like rancid fruit. I loved it with all of my debatably warm and lovin' heart. Didn't know we got 'em around these here parts, as this little fella was undoubtedly a baltimore oriole, and one would think that they lived in Baltimore. But this shore ain't no Baltimore.

no! you can't eat me! i will fill your stomach with rancid fruit poisons!

I found a game which is great. It is called Pedestrian Killer. Nice simple Flash game. You run over pedestrians. It is infinitely fun and soothing in a homicidal sort of way. I highly recommend it. I'm not sure what language it's in, might be German, might be some Netherland-ic sort of language. Doesn't matter though, just click on the car and away you go!

Fella from the FBofI gave a great talk today. He's the father of a teacher at our school, and when I say that he's an FBI agent, I mean a crazy, movie-type FBI agent. Special operations, more reactive than SWAT, dealing with drug busts and terrorism. He's got the gadgets to make Bond ashamed of himself. He told us a bunch of cool stories. I thought it was damn neat. Probably could have told you more about it in a more amusing way if I were in my right mind right now, but alas, I am not.


Ermm... today in calculus Sarah made hats out of the AP open response questions. They're printed on colorful paperboard stuff, so I guess Sarah thought that they would make pretty hats. It ended up being Stephanie, Meredith and Sarah wearing them, and they also made one for the teacher, but she, alas, did not wear it. It was quite amusing to see the reverence with which the AP test is treated in my math class. They looked vaguely like papal hats but also, as Corey pointed out, like KKK hats. Only light blue. With calculus printed all over them.

Senior show was tonight. Errr. Ya. Ja, I should say. It was OK. Some bits of it were very funny and other bits were horrible and stupid, the sort of thing that makes you weep in sympathy for the people up there doing the skits. Of course, this is my class, so there were also some that inspired no pity whatsoever, only a desire to maim and destroy-- a desire to maim and destroy yourself if you couldn't reach the despicable bastards causing you this agony.

Which you couldn't. Since they were onstage. But I digress into midnight insanity.

*burst of shuddering and depraved laughter intercut with exclamations in Swedish (of course)*

Pongfan, Noah's little movie spoof of the fine cinematic masterpiece Swimfan, was very well received. I had had a sneak preview the day before, and I already thought it quite good, but it is nice to know that the rest of the school did too. Most of the videos were actually quite good. There was one where they had people's funny answers to questions that had been edited in later. It also contained the story of Bryce (sp?) jumping up and putting his head through his own ceiling because he was having a dream about dead people in his room. There was an MTV Cribs spoof which was tolerably funny but suffered from horrible audio. And there was a very funny Officer Wrestler video which involved Dean tackling people.

Essentially, Russel carried the show, what with his singing and his turning very red in the face, and his voice-overs as God. There were other funny people but Russel sort of centered it. Dave as Mr. Kravitz, the environmental science teacher, was hilarious. Who else could have spoken of the dangerous effects of bovine flatulence on our fragile ecosystem so convincingly? Noah's 'get the girl' skit was pretty funny, but it suffered from a lack of mics, which meant that most of the humor went unheard and thus unappreciated.

The two worst skits were one about pie eating and one about Oedipus Rex. The pie eating one involved four girls with pillows in their shirts dragging two poor volunteers up from the crowd. Everyone ate pies. The sound system made farting noises. The girls backed away from the volunteers as though they (the volunteers) had farted. End of skit. Piece of shit. Hey, that rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even make a conscious realization of that fact.

The Oedipus Rex one involved Jason and Kayla wearing togas, reading Oedipus Rex back and forth. Kids in football uniforms watched them and heckled Jason. Heckling. More heckling. End of skit. I'm not sure if the point of it was to see the heckling or to see Jason and Kayla in togas, but in any event it is unclear why anyone agreed to be in it.

I am certain that there is more but my desire for sleep overwhelms all other less-whelming desires.

If you haven't checked out the Nightcrawler sites craftily posted in the previous blog, you are a horrible, horrible person.

Also, if you don't go see this animation right this very moment, you will surely die a death without meaning or purpose, and also full of embarassment. Dying when one of those stupid hand dryers in the bathrooms suddenly leaps off of the wall and burns your head off, that is the sort of death I am thinking of, if you don't go see this animation. It is one of the single most brilliant examples of sheer randomness that I have ever seen. It is called Ja Da and I would say that it should be a cult classic, except that it already is.

It's got a giant pixelated bunny, London, lasers, flying mackerel, a kitten, a sandwich, and incredible music even though I don't understand a single word of it (other than ja). Everything you could ever want and more. So much more.

My gawd. See it. With all possible haste and immediacy and other such things.

Wee wicky bit pissed at certain persons, but tha's OK. I hope they feel guilt. I love instilling guilt in the deserving. One of the few pleasures of high school. *insert pissed yet contented sigh here*

Hum de dum. I'm sure there's more, but I must run, I needs to. Check out that encroyable animation if you know what's good for you. If you don't know what's good for you, I do, and it's that animation.

G'night, don't let the rabid bed babies bite (cause then you'll need a rabies shot and we all hate shots).

12:28 AM

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