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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  
Aaargh. Back in French, and I have a rollicking thumper of a headache. Most unpleasant. But I shall endeavor to blog through it. I am such a trooper.

AP English test was yesterday. It wasn't too bad, but it was one of those things that's really impossible to tell, one way or the other. I could have done fairly well, and I could have fairly bombed it. Calculus is this Thursday, but there are no two ways about that sucker. Failure shall be my lot. There is no avoiding it at this point. I just want to get it over with in such a way that I don't get overwhelmingly depressed afterwards.

Jess's dance show was Sunday! Good times. Full house, and all that. There were three small children sitting in front of us who were bouncing exuberantly up and down in time to the music, making me strongly wish death upon them. I would have gladly made myself the instrument of their demise but, alas, there was a police officer just outside, so I had to content myself with merely thinking and quietly vocalizing curses in their general direction. One of these days my supernatural powers will manifest themselves, and then all small children had better watch their annoying, parasitic little hindquarters.

Anywho. It was a very good show. Other than the little kid numbers, the dancing was pretty impressive. The set design was, inexplicably, a giant sparkly gold star flanked by some sparkly sea shells on columns. The costumes were varied...some of them were quite nice and some of them made you wince. Jess did most gloriously. There was also a slide show of photos, and when Jess's photos came up we started shrieking and cheering. The only other girl who got a louder cheer was Alexandra, but that was only because her friends were, I assume, insane. They may well have been rabid and therefore unable to control their actions, but, by the laws of Occam's Razor, I like to think otherwise.

There was some crying at the end, but Ms. Lisa held herself fairly well, which was somewhat disappointing. Ms. Lisa, if you are uninformed, is the dance director lady. She has a very thick Boston accent and looks a bit like Cheri Oteri, and is slightly maddened when it comes to choosing music, costumes, and also when it comes to applying makeup. We had rather been looking foward to her losing it on stage, but she conducted herself tolerably well. Whether or not she broke down offstage I know not. But there was a junior who got up there to read a good-bye poem to the seniors, and she broke down, so we got to see some crying and all was well.

The whole incident with the poor girl sobbing on stage would have been a lot funnier, though, if she hadn't been standing near Mr. Anthony. Mr. Anthony is Ms. Lisa's husband. Don't ask me about the names. That's what happen when you work at Ms. Lisa's dance studio. You lose your last name. You don't get it back until you cut all ties with Ms. Lisa. It's like in Spirited Away. What is your name? Ginger Haley? From now on, you are Ms. Ginger. Seriously, everyone there is Miss Janie and Ms. Rachel and so on. Creepiness.

Right-o, I keep getting off track today. Damn headache, ruining my mind. So it was unfortunate that this girl was standing near Mr. Anthony, because when she started crying, Mr. Anthony started rubbing her back. Then he continuned to rub her back. The whole time she was up there alternately crying and reading her poem. It was Creepy with a capital C. We wanted to shout, from the audience, "Mr. Anthony, stop touching that poor girl!" but we felt it would be unwise to make a scene, and besides, she wasn't in any immediate danger of molestation, since they were both prominently onstage.

Ya. So, good times.

Then we went and saw X2! Oh, did we ever see X2. It was glorious. It was superb. Wolverine/Hugh Jackman was hot. The action sequences were cool, pretty much what you would expect from an X-Men movie. Nightcrawler, who is one of the few Marvel characters that I actually like in the comic books, was portrayed quite well, although disappointingly not hot (he sometimes is in the comics, depending on who's drawing him). It was very, very, very fun to watch. And the end was a murderously evil teaser, which only those who actually read the comics will comprehend. Everyone else'll just have to wait for the next movie.

As if you care, I have nothing better to do, so here's what I thought of the movie, character by glorious character.

Wolverine: much hotness. Also a pretty well done character, complex, pretty faithful to the comics, etc. Gets his bum beaten every way possible in this movie, but of course he is unstoppable in his bestial Hugh Jackman-ness. Good scene with a kitty. Kitties are nice. Also, next year I will be a Wolverine! Go Blue! And I only just noticed this, but the colors of his original uniform in the comics are bright blue and yellow. Those are Michigan's colors. He should be their mascot.

Cyclops: he didn't really do much in this one, mostly he was either absent or crying. He's fairly hot, but he wasn't in this movie all that often, as I said, and also Wolverine was rather more attractive. Yeeeeaaahhhh...

Jean Grey: cool stuff here, although the coolest was stuff I got because I know a thing or several about the comics, and I don't know if other people will think it's quite as cool. Also I was informed by the males who saw X2 with us that she was very hot, but I, personally, wouldn't be one to judge that.

Nightcrawler: as I said, very very well done, loved him to bits, I did. 'Course that may have been because I already really liked him, but I thought he was great anyways. Looked cool, sounded cool (we didn't stick around for the credits, but was that actor German? If not, he did a pretty mean German accent). I love the fact that they kept in the religious angle from the comics. But they didn't make him fuzzy. He's supposed to be fuzzy.

Storm: an idiot. Her role mostly consisted of standing around looking wide-eyed and saying things in an innocently confused tone of voice. Not entirely sure why they made her an idiot, but there you have it. Still, her getting-cataracts-and-making-weather deal was as cool as it was in the first movie.

Rogue: I wasn't sure if her southern accent was there the entire time. It seemed to fluctuate. Her character wasn't, in my opinion, anything particularly special, but then, the last movie was really more concerned with her than this one is.

Iceman: took me a bit to figure out that this was the same Iceman as in the comics. In the comics, see, he's all ice. Very cool visually for a comic book, but I guess they opted against it for the movie. I thought they did him pretty well, and he was kind of cute. Not Wolverine-hot, just cute. Also, the scene where his family found out he was a mutant was an awesome commentary on kids coming out to their parents. The mother says, "Bobby, haven't you ever just tried not being... a mutant?" and of course you could put 'gay' at the end there and voila! the movie takes on more meanings. I loves it, I does.

Pyro: very skeazy looking, but then I suppose that was intentional. I assume he'll have a bigger role in the next movie. Question: are they doing the Legacy virus in these movies? 'Cause Pyro gets the Legacy virus, and that makes him nutty and homicidal, if he wasn't before. (o my lord, I'm asking about the Legacy virus, someone kill me for being a geek)

Mystique: err, yeah. Naked. Blue. In the comics she's the mother of Nightcrawler... she abandoned him as a baby and that's why he's German. I wonder if they're going to bring that up at all. Also, in the comics, she's a lesbian, and she and her lover adopted Rogue before Rogue eventually went off and joined the X-Men. That was a pretty neat and long-running storyline, and also one of the few mainstream comic characters who was openly gay, so I'm sort of disappointed that they haven't made anything out of that.

Magneto: very unimpressed with him in this one. The only cool scene was the breaking-out-of-prison bit, because that was mad crazy coolness. I can't believe I just said that. But it was. You thought it was something else entirely, and then it wasn't. I won't say more in case you haven't seen it yet and you want to live the coolness for yourself. Other than that, he was pretty ineffectual. Also, his costume looked like crud.

Stryker: Ok, in the comic, he's a preacher. But they made the transition to general pretty well. 'Course you hate him, but he's got his reasons, twisted as they may be. Gotta hurry, as class is ending.

Lady Deathstrike: the only thing she said in the entire movie was, "What are you doing in here?" to a janitor. Her only line in the whole movie. Sort of disappointing. Also, she fights with Wolverine millions of times in the comics, so what happened in one movie sort of pisses me off. Alas.

The class, it is a-endin'. I trot. Stephanie wholeheartedly agrees with me that Wolverine was hotness. Ooooo yessiree.

*edit* Now 4:30, it is. This is sort of a long post but you know that you love it. Especially if you like to read my rantings about XMen. Anywho, I know that all who are not aware of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine hotness will naturally wish to see what it's all about, so I dredged up a picture and fixed the background so that most of it is hopefully the same color as the blog background, assuming that I guessed the hexadecimals correctly, which I may not have done.

my mutant power is hotness

Also just wanted to let you know that I am drooling in anticipation for Matrix next Thursday. The Matrix preview that was before X2 nearly killed me in its shining glory. I. Must. See. There was a gurt big article in the Times today about the Matrix, and I done read it all. I say so illiterately, so it must be extra true.

Today in biology we made bracelets. Good luck bracelets for our test tomorrow and the AP on Monday. They are beaded. I love it when the teacher does stuff like that, it makes the rest of the tortorous-ness of the class seem more bearable and worthwhile. My bracelet is extraordinarily lovely and full of luck and possibly some chi. Everyone else's bracelets are mere shadowy imitations of the splendor of mine. Except for Corey's, which shuns all pretense of splendor and is well within the realm of actual deformity.

Aaargh. I know this is a long post. I know. I shall go post some things on B3ta and that is all.

11:22 AM

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