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Monday, March 10, 2003  
I have got AIM!

After all these years, finally the power is mine. I must confess that I am rather disappointed. After hearing away messages touted as the pinnacle of internet joy, I find myself let down by the sheer mundanity of everyone's messages.

A few such examples:
-eww such a shitty day!
-@ the gym, leave one or call my cell if u wanna do somethin tonight...and someone better
-in the shower - leave a message
-gym... home around 430, leave me one
-Sorry -- I'm not online right now ...
-sleepy, sleepy... Don't let the bed bugs bite

I won't embarrass people by saying who is responsible for which example of lameness. But I will say that I had, from what I had been told, expected people to be both amusing and witty. Most people are neither. People, in short, are boring. I am saddened.

At least I can now let people know when I am blogging, so that I find myself the proud owner of blogging capabilities without interruption. This may or may not improve the quality of the blogs to come. You will have to let me know.

I am listening to my Elvis Costello CD right now. It is good times. It grows on you, like fungal haustoria on an unsuspecting host.

My cable connection looks like a giant gray shark fin.

Shark meat is high in mercury, so you pregnant ladies out there shouldn't partake of it. I learned that in health today. I hate health, it is the most perfectly useless class I have ever been cursed to take.

Today I tried to visit, that being the Highly Glorious Site of Helene. I mistyped, however, and wrote blogsopt instead of blogspot, and I wrote www instead of just doing http://. For some reason, this sent me to something called Aaron's Bible Site. I was horrified to find myself there, so I quickly retyped the address, correctly, only I still used www. I got sent to the Bible site again. I don't know what is going on, or why a love of Helene will send you to a Bible site, but I smell a nefarious plot in this. I'm not entirely sure who is being nefarious, but I suspect this Aaron fellow.

Yesterday my english class went to see Highway Ulysses. It was pretty good, there was some good stuff going on there, but some of it was horribly written, and I didn't really like how they shifted the focus from Odysseus-the-husband to Odysseus-the-father. Made it a bit too cheesy. But the play itself was pretty good and enjoyable. I liked the sheep references in the Cyclops scene, and I liked the singing, although the songs were pretty forgettable. Maura predicts that the songs will be rewritten and in 20 years it will become wildly popular. Mark her words. If it's not wildly popular in 20 years, I am going to track her down to laugh at her. I might even go so far as to use the phone, and you all know how much I adore that particular instrument of communication.

There were some funny bits in the play, but some of them were ruined for me by a couple of people sitting in front of us, who laughed loudly and fervently at every mild joke. It was as though they were trying to prove that they got the intellectual jokes by laughing very hard at things which weren't really all that funny. Sort of annoying, but there you are.

I think I am the only person in my class who had actually read the Odyssey, which sort of makes me sad. I read it before I went to go see O Brother Where Art Thou?, because I thought it would be a good idea. I kind of wish more people had read it, then I wouldn't feel like such an irrepressible dork. At least, I wouldn't feel so very lonely in my dorkiness.

Anyways. It was bitterly cold in Cambridge last night (this is the Cambridge next to Boston, not the one in England, just in case you are foolish, or confused, or both). I bitterly rued my decision to not bring a scarf. On the T into Harvard Square, we were discussing the Odyssey, and a woman standing near us on the train started talking to us. She admonished us to not trust school reading lists, as they were woefully incomplete. She then recommended the school reading list of some other school to us. People are nuts. (Nuts and boring)

We then went to get our tickets from the ART (which stands for something, but I'm not entirely sure what. It was the theater we were at, anyways). While we were there, we made Noah ask the ticket lady if she could recommed any good restaurants in the area. She did so, and then Noah made his way to the facilities, so that he could feast in comfort later. While he did so, a woman with a thick accent and a large cello strapped to her back came over and told Jaime and I about a lovely little Mexican restaurant where we could get a great margarita. We politely thanked her.

Then we ignored all of the nice people who gave us advice and went to Uno's, because it was there. It was a good dinner, except that our poor server was so bitterly harassed by our table that my stony heart went out to the unfortunate fellow. Noah tried to make small talk with him about the logic behind the decor, and Jaime tried to make him feel bad about having only Pepsi products. I hid my face in shame to be found in such uncouth company.

The theater itself was pretty cool. It had some crazy metal design thing on the outside that looked distinctly Frank-Lloyd-Wright-ish to me, although I don't think it was really Frank Lloyd Wright. It might have been inspired by him. Anywho. The interior looked like it had been designed almost entirely by Design Within Reach, or one of their more expensive counterparts. They had clear chairs on the stage that I have chez moi, their lighting in the foyer was funky, and they had modular-couch-like seating deals. I approved.

I have this chair in clear

On the T ride over, I saw a man in a tan suede jacket. He had a gray beard and glasses and he was smiling to himself the whole time. He looked kind of British, and he made me happy for some unfathomable reason.

I cannot be in math any longer. It is beginning to get literally depressing to be in there. I do not understand any of it. And I am so tired all of the time. The world is against me.

Mock Trial elections were today! I know the officers for next year, but I'm not telling. Not until tomorrow morning, when they are announced. Now I am starting to get very excited to make up awards and have the party. It had better be a rollicking good time.

Little brother going to DC this week! Thank cats. It will be like heaven, only more visceral. Or so I believe.

Today in lunch I announced that some marsupials (like sugar gliders) have 'bifurcated' reproductive organs. If you don't know what that means I'm not going to tell you, but you can read all about it here. Since it is generally agreed that Kate is a marsupial, this caused some degree of consternation at the table.

Ah, knowledge.

I think that note is good enough to end on, don't you?

5:13 PM

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