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Sunday, October 27, 2002  
Ay, yes, I am well aware of the fact that I have not blogged in a very long time. I apologize. I do not think that I have ever had more homework than I do now. So you must grant me some small pardon.

So... yesterday I slew a centipede. I don't like them, too many damn legs. Anyways, I smooshed it, and when I looked at it to make sure it was good and dead, guess what color its blood was?? It was purple. Not just slightly purple, we're talking incredibly bright, Barney-the-dinosaur-purple. Needless to say, I disposed of it as rapidly as possible.

I saw the Ring on Friday. It was very well made, very cool visually, etc. You know the drill. But there were two things that detracted from what would have been my enjoyment of this film.

1. It was scarier than anything I had ever seen before. We're talking constant cringing in the seat, constant whimpering, constant starting up and sinking nervously back down. We're talking it-did-not-help-to-be-sitting-next-to-Dave-who-is-worse-at-scary-movies-than-I-am. We're talking not going to bed until 4:30 am. That kind of thing. In any event, I was so completely, utterly terrified that I did not enjoy it as much as I otherwise might have.

2. My friends are evil. Entirely evil. You see, I went with a number of people, and some of them had seen it already. And they made an evil pact to not tell me a very important (to me) bit of the movie beforehand. No warning, nothing. And then when it came up in the movie, I was sitting about in the middle of everyone, so I look left. I see evilly grinning faces, all leaning over to see how I was taking it. I look right. Same deal. If you know who I am, and you've seen this movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I can't believe they didn't tell me. It was horrid, I tell you, horrid.

And that also kept me from enjoying the movie.

Hm. What else?

Saturday... Corey, Maura and I did our psych project. That was glorious. Were you aware that babies can recognize their mothers by the taste of their nipples? We were not aware, and when we came across that lovely little tidbit in our researches, it afforded hours of fun.

Today (it being Sunday) I carved the family pumpkin, which took a while, as it was a rather thick-walled pumpkin. Then I watched the Lions-Bills game, which the Lions lost, but they did give the Bledsoe a run for his money. I like Joey Harrington, I don't care what you all say. So take THAT!

Last weekend... I haven't said anything about last weekend yet, have I? I suppose I ought to.

Last weekend me, Jess, Liz and Stephanie went into Salem, in order to better view the Haunted Happenings, and to see just what it was that draws hordes of crazed tourists into Salem every October. We went into a haunted house, which was kind of funny, because it was silly. I was not afraid in the least bit, which is somewhat surprising, considering my actions at scary movies. But you know. Anyways, everyone else was terrified. They made me walk in front, which turned out to not help them any, because the people in the haunted house seemed to always attack the second person in line. That happened to be Steph. It was actually pretty funny, because I was wearing a hooded sweater thing, and Stephanie was hanging onto my hood the entire time.

The best bit of the haunted house was when we were all stopped and the attendent was giving us some lame shpeil about 'crypts of doom' or somesuchathing. Suddenly a giant rubber spider falls from the ceiling directly onto my head. I did not jump, or scream. I didn't even flinch. I will admit, I was rather surprised at myself. But the funny bit was that everyone else in the group jumped and shrieked, especially Stephanie. Ha ha ha. I laughed.

In short, it was lame, but it was fun, not because I was scared, but because everyone else was and that was amusing. I'm not really sure why I wasn't scared. My brain is weird sometimes. A stupid movie can leave me shaking and gibbering helplessly, but a haunted house does not a thing.

Then we wandered the streets, and some guy in a full body gorilla suit attacked Jess and Stephanie, and they screamed, and I laughed some more. Then we choked on some smoke. And Liz did not manage to get hurt once, although she did try to mess with an old and moldy microwave sitting on the sidewalk.

Ah, those ancient, abandoned microwaves!

So. Last... Saturday, I guess it was. Sunday? Saturday? I dunno, last weekend. I went into Boston. I went with Rebecca, Corey and Marissa. Also Marissa's friend Adam and Rebecca's friend Brie (sp?). Also SHS english teacher Ms. Ganci. Also said teacher's boyfriend Dan. Later we met up with said teacher's little sister (she being a year older than us kids).

We went to lunch in some bizarre little restaurant on Huntington Ave., the name of which I forget. But it had a large and prominent cross on the sign, and it also had a juke box which featured unnaturally high numbers of Notorious B.I.G. CDs. There was a large TV playing the Michigan game, which of course I watched. During lunch, I would often gasp or comment on the game. Whenever I did this, everyone else would just kind of look at me as though to say 'Football? We know nothing of it, and we wish to know no more than we do. Shut up and eat your grilled cheese.'

Which I did.

Then we went to the MFA and learned that the exhibit we were going to see had sold out, which was rather unfortunate. Didn't even know an exhibit could sell out. Well, in any event, we then went to see the MassArt dorms, since little Ganci was nice enough to finagle a way in for us. Damn nice dorms they were, with a full kitchen and whatnot. And the work rooms had glorious views.

Then we went back into the MFA (general admission) and we got in for free because the guy at the front told us to just go ahead. I love it when that happens. So we wandered around, looking at things, and avoiding the security guard who kept on telling us to leave because the museum would be closing soon. We thought it would be cool to get locked in for the night, like in that book. But then we decided to err on the side of intelligence and get out while the getting was good. If you will.

And that was that. A thoroughly surreal day, mostly because of the random group of people that we were. Six kids who never hang out with each other as a whole group. Plus one english teacher and her boyfriend. It was weird. But quite fun, oddly enough. And, even more oddly, never awkward. Alors, a successful trip overall in that respect. Even though we were denied admission to the exhibit we really wanted to see, we had a good time.

What do you think of 'Holy Cats!' as a powder puff name? I do believe that that shall be my sobriquet.

Umami is a great taste. I wish that more things tasted umami.

I shall endeavor to blog more often this week. But we shall see. It is quite indeterminate right as of this very moment.

We should have had math homework this weekend, but Ms. Monteiro gave us a problem in class and said "If anyone gets the answer to this, no homework for the weekend." Then Drew got the right answer. So, no math homework!

Therefore, I would like to end this blog with a grand old thank you to Drew, for indirectly saving me from a depressed and discouraged emotional state this weekend.

Thank you, Drew.

8:22 PM

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