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Monday, March 29, 2004  
Well, my internet is apparently borked, so I’m writing this in Word and will hopefully be able to upload it sometime soon. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it… “The domain name server lookup for the specified host has failed. The host is unknown.” It sounds like my IP address has changed or something, but that can’t be right. I didn’t even do anything… I was dicking around on Mirlyn (the UMich library search engine), and suddenly it kicked me off and announced that the server was inaccessible. I’ve no idea.

Egads, and I just realized my iTunes isn’t sharing… that’s a really bad sign. I had better have freaking wireless tomorrow.

Anyways, it’s been relatively eventful, for a weekend during which I planned to do nothing but work. On Friday night I was going to stay in and work the entire time, but the Jaded Reason was playing at the Michigan Union, so I went with Leslie, Sara, Matt, and Leslie’s friend Melissa to see them play.

They were excellent live, as usual. They played all their customary songs, plus a few I hadn’t heard before… two covers and one new original. They usually don’t play any covers, so it was interesting. They did a Queen medley which was freaking awesome, and something that they claimed was by Weezer… I wouldn’t know, but people were singing along, so presumably it was a known song. Dustin was flailing around with his bass like anything, and after every song they had to stop and find his glasses somewhere on the floor. Derek’s little brother was in attendence, with a group of his friends, and whenever Derek started to ‘rock’ his little brother and friends would start jumping up and down and semi-moshing. It was pretty hilarious.

Saturday I managed to resist all urges to leave the room (it was hideously nice out) and did work. Not as much work as I had planned on, admittedly, but I got some bio research done, some preliminary research for english, and some code tweaking for the website (including a hit counter on the homepage, so if everyone could visit and drive up my hits that would be just lovely). I ended up sleeping in a lot later than anticipated, and I spent probably far too much time on b3ta and 4rthur. Bah. But Supermoore is attempting to write a comic book, and I might end up illustrating it, which would be pretty cool, if it happens. Intercontinental collaboration, woo yay!

Today [edit: Sunday, that is] I had to do a multi-library run. I needed some more sound effects for my CFC final (that goddamn installation… I’m supposed to recreate the sense of the Michigan football stadium somewhere in the art school. It’s going horribly), and my professor had said that the Ann Arbor District Library had a great sound effects collection.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really know where it was. I had general directions, but no sense of how close to or far from campus it was, so I didn’t know how far down the roads I needed to go. I found it eventually… it’s pretty far down, almost all the way to Main Street and downtown Ann Arbor, so I kept thinking that I had gone way too far and must be on the wrong road. Thankfully it was a nice, relatively warm day... not a walk I'd fancy in bad weather.

Once I’d found it I asked a librarian and was pointed to the sound effects ‘collection’, which was actually just a section of 20 cds or so smooshed in with the classical cds. It also transpired that the entire sound effects collection was from the BBC, about 20 years ago. Fine if you want a CD of sound effects from the Czech Republic (which they had), but when she recommended this my teacher had clearly forgotten that they don’t play football in England. At least, not the kind of football whose sound effects I need for my project. And they had some crowd noise effects, sure, but they were all of crowds in function halls or classrooms, which is a very different sound from a crowd in an open-air stadium. Sigh.

Walking back I passed an otherwise completely normal-looking kid in a fantastically ridiculous black Stetson hat. As we passed he nodded to me and said, quite cheerfully, “Have a good day!” I was startled, but managed to reply, “You too,” with an air of vaguely confused geniality. He then smiled and said, “Nice hair, by the way,” to which I gave my usual, “Ah, thanks.” Very odd. I suppose he was just a friendly kid, but this sort of thing doesn’t happen in these days an’ times. Who knows, maybe he was one of those weird, amiable southerners one hears about.

I was also attacked by a fellow art student on the way back. I was walking along, minding my own business, which suddenly someone jumped on me from behind, getting me absolutely covered in the plaster dust which covered him. The bastard. I naturally began to swear loudly (Aarrgh! What the fuck are you doing?!?). This, plus the white plaster dust flying about, attracted quite a lot of attention in the street. Paul, you utter bastard. That is all.

I then had to penetrate the depths of the UGLi (Undergraduate Library, called the UGLi because that’s the abbreviation, and also because the building is monstrous). It wasn’t too bad, though, because while my internet had vanished before I could get a good list of books, I’d gotten the general call number area for Mozart books, so I was able to go there and find pertinent material with relative ease.

At that point I didn’t particularly feel like going back to the dorm, since I’d spent all of Saturday cloistered in there. So I went to Starbucks to have lovely coffee and do work. I was there for a couple of hours and actually got tons of work done, much more than I do most other places. Plus, you know, the coffee was good. Eh, I don’t care what people preach about the evils of corporate America, I still say that Starbucks is freaking great.

Around 6:30 I returned to the dorm, looking forward to a meal of microwave noodles and some more work getting done. But Leslie and Raquel came over and asked if I wanted to go out for Chinese food with them, so I did. We went to this place on South U that was quite good… I hadn’t had any Chinese food on campus all year, if you can believe it. Insanity.

After that we were walking by the Bubble Tea place, which is sort of a big deal on campus, but which none of us had ever gone to. The place was absolutely packed. Being the adventurous lasses that we are, we decided to go in and get Bubble Tea. I got something called a Snow Bubble, in almond (which I pronounced the correct way, ah-mond. None of this silly ‘L’ business). It’s pretty good… the almond is subtle but definitely present, it’s pretty refreshing, and the little jelly-like ‘bubbles’ are quite nice.

Although I now realize it’s probably got caffeine in it. This, plus the large coffee beverage I consumed earlier, is not going to make sleep tonight easy. Merde.

I have downloaded the whole of Mozart’s Requiem (from the iTunes store! Sheesh. I don’t do this ‘stealing music’ bit, not when it’s available from iTunes). It is obscenely good and I’ve been listening to it lots. I don’t like his little lighthearted bits… I’m all about the majestic pieces. Which is why I went with the Requiem. Even though, you know, he didn't write all of it... still good stuff.

What’s startling is that I’ve never really listened to classical music before. But this is terrifically good… I feel that I’ve been missing out and someone’s been keeping this music from me or somesuch. I only was prompted to get this after watching Amadeus for english class (an unbelievably good movie, you all need to see it right this very instant). First time a movie has made me have to go out and get music.

I should really go take some more notes on those books. I really hope my internet is working on the morrow… if it isn’t I’ll still try to upload this, either in the art school or Angell hall where there’s wireless access, or else I’ll try to access my desktop on a different computer in Angell hall and get it up that way (there’s a way to do it). Maybe I can get out of CFC for a bit to harass techie folk in the art school.

OK. Research time for me.

edit: Internet connection update. Wireless works, which is what I'm going to be using to post this. I'm in CFC right now and we get very good service up here. I went down and asked Andre the Much-Harassed Art and Design Tech Guy. He is our one and only refuge against complete technological anarchy up here. Every day we must pathetically plead for his services in art lecture, as the projector and/or computer conspires wickedly against us. Anyways, he was very nice and helpful. Turns out that it's either my room connection that's shot or the cable itself. We're going to hope it's the cable, because cat knows that would be easier to fix. I'll go back to the dorm and try to hook in using someone else's cable... if that doesn't work I have a magical number to call and I can whine at them until it gets fixed.

Wish me luck.

1:15 PM

Tuesday, March 23, 2004  
Time left the dorm today: 8 am.
Time returned to dorm: 9:15 pm.
Time spent in dorm between these hours: half an hour around 11:30, 12.

Total time spent in class/in trasit to and from class today: 13 hours.

Total food consumed: half a salad at 11:45, not finished due to biology reading.

Ah. And a biology question set is due tomorrow. And the website needs content up on all pages for critique on Thursday. English paper. Art lecture paper. Biology debate needs researching for next week. When we go into CFC tomorrow and the teacher asks what work I've done on my CFC final, I'm going to look her right in the eye and say, "Not a bit of it, my dear Cynthia." Unfortunately, I rather think things have reached critical mass and, quite frankly, I can't summon up enough enthusiasm for a kind of art I will never do, given the choice, to warrant working on it.

It is on days like this that I fondly recall the sumptuous Avery Block, during the Freshman Experience back home, telling us all that on some days she has but a single hour of classes, and this is why college is so much easier than high school.

Thirteen hours, chere Avery. I implore you to try it sometime.

I am going to eat some noodles now and listen to some Mozart, lest I perish utterly. Good eve.

9:41 PM

Friday, March 19, 2004  
No recent blogs, much work, sorry. SORRY.

In case you didn't notice, I posted the image link to my new website (Samcat) over on the side. It's spiffy, and getting spiffier all the time. I am perfectly aware that a lot of the links on there don't work yet, but some do... The scientific illustrations are up (Book o'Timers will recognize a lot of them), the bio is up (although it will be changing later), there is a page for the comic book stuff up (but no content yet), and the art both fine and deranged portal is up, although the only page from that portal with any content so far is the Great B3tan Name Illustration Project. If you're not on b3ta... don't ask.

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that my entire hall has an ant infestation... something to do with the warm weather (sort of... it was snowing like the dickens yesterday), being on the ground floor, and an overfull trash receptacle somewhere. Lovely. As if the ants weren't bad enough, I've started seeing what I believe are silverfish around. Freaky little bastards. They look absolutely vile, are a lot bigger than the ants, and move extremely fast. Man. I can't wait to get out of here.


I really should be working on the Artist's Statement page for my site right now... I have the site design all done in Photoshop, with the main image on it an' all, and I can't think of anything to write for a statement. All I've got in my mind is that satire on artists I wrote for english class last year. This, while perhaps amusing, is definitely not what my teacher is going to want to see on the page. Curses.

Oh, to get the image that I'm using on that page, I had to enlist in the help of Leslie (hallmate). I wanted a picture of me in Attack Mode, facing off against one of my own comic book characters. So we went outside and she took pictures of me in various attacking poses. Helena walked by and hailed me... I gather that she was somewhat amused.

Even better, the University was doing lots of tours today... you know, the huge groups of parents and high school kids getting led around campus. All of these tours came across the bridge and onto the Hill. We happened to be doing our, er, photography right near the Hill side base of the bridge. Ah, we got quite a few disturbed looks. YES PEOPLE LOOK AT THE CRAZY ART STUDENT. THIS IS WHAT YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IF THEY COME HERE.

The image, when I scanned the character drawing in and gave us both Lens Flare Hands of Power, came out pretty cool, though. So it was entirely worth it.

Nothing much is happening this weekend. Lots of people went home, the lucky buggers. Everyone else has massive homework, so for once I'm not alone in that aspect. I've got this website to work on, and a gargantuan 20 minute presentation for bio that's due on Tuesday. And I should start my english paper. And probably my art lecture paper too. And my CFC final.

I guess I really ought to go do that work... but before I go I'm going to transcribe herein a conversation I recently had with an art student. I forget what we were talking about, but at some point I mentioned Tom Brady (as I do...) The art student will remain anonymous, to preserve what little dignity he has left.

Me: Blah blah blah blah Tom Brady.
Anon: Who?
Me: Who? Who? Tom Brady. The quarterback. For the Patriots.
Anon: The... the Patriots?
Me: Hello? They just won the SuperBowl?
Anon: Oooohhh OK. So, um, who's Tom Brady?
Me: He's their freaking quarterback! He, you know, went here!
Anon (looking around, confused): What, this bus?
Me: No, you moron, this school!
Anon: So, uh, he's an artist?
Me (long pause during which I stare at this kid): ........What?
Anon: Well, if we went here, he must be...
Me (getting it): No, not the art school, idiot, the University. He went to Michigan.
Anon (tentatively): Er..... um.....State?
Me (absolutely losing it at this point): No! NO! NOT FUCKING STATE! He went here, to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. He is the QUARTERBACK FOR THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. He is FUCKING HOT. How can you not know who Tom Brady is???
Anon: OK, OK, I get it. That's cool, though. I didn't know of them had ever gone here.
Me (suspiciously): Any of who?
Anon: Any, you know, any famous baseball players.
Me: Aaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh.

I despair of ever getting through to any of them.

Also, the newest campus movement, headlined by Helena, Heather, and myself... we definitely should make signs and put them up in all the usual sign places on campus. SAGI-- Students Against Goldfish Imprisonment. Screw cancer, screw AIDS, screw anti-Bush propaganda. What about the prisons and death camps in our own homes??? Hee hee. I love it.

Oh, and tonight there was chicken for dinner. And Beth had eggs.

Beth: I ate the baby!
Leslie: I ate the mommy... Samara ate the daddy...
Beth: I can see the headline in the Michigan Daily now.... "Entire Family Consumed by Mosher Jordan Hall..."
Me: "...No One Surprised."

6:39 PM

Sunday, March 14, 2004  
Aaargh, is it 2:08 am already? No time to blog, must sleep. But here are the pictures from last night, anyways.

I'll try to blog properly on the morrow, we'll see what may be seen.

Suffice it to say that Necto's was awesome, it was Gay Night, and Matt definitely did a pole dance with another guy, giving us the quote of the evening:

"At one point there, I definitely had chin in my balls."

2:08 AM

Saturday, March 13, 2004  
Oh my god.

Tonight me, Beth, Sara, Matt, Leslie, Raquel, and Elisa went to see The Jaded Reason (Derek's [Elisa's boyfriend] band) play the Michigan League. They were ace, as always... they don't seem to have such a thing as a 'bad show'. I am still amazed by how good they consistently sound. I got one of their demo CDs, so you kids from home can listen to 'em at some point.

After that me, Beth, Sara, Matt, and Shelby all went to Gay Night at Necto's night club. Why? I don't rightly know. But it was one of the best times I've had since I came here.

Yes, I danced. I got down like there was no tomorrow. I think it's safe to say that the MA kids have never, ever seen me dance that exuberantly. Yowzers. I guess the moral of the story is if you kids want to see me dance we're going to have to go to more techno and remix-playing dance clubs.

I'm pretty sure I got dehydrated, because I now feel like there is a hoarde of midget line dancers frolicking on my innards. And my muscles are twitching from the come-down off the adrenaline. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I got lots of excellent pictures. But now I should really really go to sleep so I shall endeavor to post on the morrow... but lord only knows when I'll be up.

Hope all your nights were as absolutely frikking awesome as mine was!

Oh, and Chris, hope you had a happy birthday! :)

3:16 AM

Tuesday, March 09, 2004  
Just a note today after a fun day that consisted of 12 HOURS OF CLASSES. 8 to 8. I don't recommend it, kids.

Walking home at the end of it I went past one of those emergency phone stations they have all around campus... the things with blue lights on the top, that have direct lines to the police stations, you know? Anyways, this one had neatly chalked on it's side: Trust Jesus.

I just thought it was funny... I mean, if you're making a dash for the emergency phone some dark and scary night, fleeing your pursuers or something, you're not really placing too much trust in Jesus at that point, are you?

Ah, the delicious irony.

9:57 PM

Sunday, March 07, 2004  
edit: Got some photos from the hockey game online... they're posted up on the side, and, for you lazy folk, right here. Celebrate.

Oh, and Ryan posted some photos from the Envelope show on his site, check 'em out. /end edit

OK, so I didn't blog on Friday. I am SORRY. Too much work. And technically I've got enough work so that I shouldn't be blogging right now either, but I'm doing so because the work is going to terminally annoy me if I continue working on it just now.

Anywho, a lot has happened, but let us go back about a week ago, and hundreds of miles away, when I was still in that glorious state of being known as Spring Break.

I didn't do much to finish it off... the family went to see Triplets of Belleville, which was in-freaking-credible. The animation was gorgeous, the story was funny, the music was great. It looked like the sort of thing which would have been very fun to do character sketches for. Everyone in my family loved it except for my brother, who 'didn't get it', despite the fact that there was almost nothing that needed getting. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it, you fool.

On Friday (I think it was Friday, anyways... it's been a long week) I went to Tufts to visit Jess and Stephanie. The campus was pretty much how I remembered it from when I visited during the Grand College Search, but back then I hadn't gone into any of the dorms. Jess's dorm was certainly much more modern-looking than dear ol' MoJo (i.e. not made of 100% flammable aged wood).

I was shocked and appalled by the size of their rooms. Neither Jess nor her roommate Elyse have their beds lofted, and even so their room was much larger than the biggest room (with two lofted beds) on my hall. Stephanie said that her room was smaller, but it still looked larger than mine is. I only peeked into Stephanie's room, though, since her roommate was firmly ensconced in there and she, I gathered, is not the most sociable of people. Jess's roommate was very nice, though. Made me slightly jealous, since she seemed like the anti-Brynn.

So I got to meet some of their Tufts friends. It seemed like a good bunch... funny, friendly, and slightly insane (that being the best combination). They seemed to indicate that it was weird that their hall hung out together, but maybe that's a Tufts thing, since my hallmates and I are all good friends (well, with a few exceptions). Then again I've heard that kids don't do much hallmate bonding in Markley or Bursley, so what do I know.

One of them had apparently just got a conch shell with the pointy bit cut to make it a horn, and they made the mistake of telling Stephanie about it. Stephanie ran to get it, and a little bit later we heard this sonorous horn noise drifting down the length of the hall. Then she brought it in to Jess's room and we were treated to the full aural pleasure of the conch shell blowing. It is very, very loud, I assure you. Other people tried it but Steph and the guy who owned it were really the only ones who could sound it properly.

Eventually we went into Boston to meet up with Corey and get some dinner. We went to the Prudential, aiming for the Cheesecake Factory. The 70 minute wait was not to our liking, so we ended up at the California Pizza Kitchen instead, which was much more reasonably crowded. We had been wandering about the Pru a bit before we ate, and we had noticed a whole lot of high school kids walking around dressed up with little badges on. A bit of scrutiny of the badges revealed that this was a Harvard Model Congress weekend (that being a large event attended by many high schools, run by Harvard, where kids go to a hotel or something in Boston and go to committees and such and pretend to be Congress for four days).

After dinner we were wandering around looking for a bathroom, and we decided to wander off down into a part of the Pru none of us had been in before. We were strolling along, marvelling at the fact that there was this whole part of the building we'd never seen, when suddenly we were treated to a most glorious vision. Before our bemused eyes was the enigmatic visage of Ms. Henning, accompanied by what was presumably her gentleman friend. Apparently she was chaperoning Swampscott's Harvard Model Congress team, and was taking a break while the kids were in committee to go in search of ice cream. She directed us to the hotel tucked away in the corner of the Pru, saying that we might see some of our (younger) friends there.

When we entered the hotel we could see the first floor and also the second floor, which was set up kind of like a balcony. Who did we see hastening across this upper level? Why, who else but Maura, Swampscott's own little Harvard attendee.

She descended from on high to speak to us, and then led Stephanie and Jess off to a bathroom. Corey and I stayed on the lower floor, slouching casually against the wall and generally looking very much like we were in no way, shape, or form associated with the Harvard Model Congress. Some fantastical images of high school wandered by, among them an unlikely couple (an enormous and awkward boy crammed improbably into a suit, chatting amiably with a trendy midget in a day-glo tshirt and large tinted glasses) and some delightful high school females (tottering uneasily on their high heels, their eyes rimmed heavily in eye shadow). Of course we commented upon and laughed at them, causing a couple to turn and glare at us. We also attracted the gaze of a security guard, since we were such plainly suspicious-looking figures.

After a bit Jess and Steph returned, and we headed home.

So Spring Break was good, it was great, it was glorious. And the week following it sucked a lot, because the teachers apparently thought it would be a good idea to make all kinds of things due right after we got back from break. The only good bit was that I started Digital for this semester, and we're making websites that will ultimately be big online portfolios. Mine's coming along slowly but surely, and it can be seen here.

This Friday Sara and I went to the Union for dinner, then we all sat around in Sara and Elisa's room watching a movie (Summer Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr.... hey, it was about the Cape Cod baseball league, and it was on TV, so watch it we did) and chatting. Then we decided that we wanted some ice cream, so off to Stucchi's we went. We were, for some inexplicable reason, completely crazed by this point, so that we thought it would be a good idea to rocket all over the streets and scream and for Beth to do the Horny Chicken Dance. Anyone seeing us would have immediately assumed we were drunk, although this was not the case.

A couple of fine lads driving along South U. at one point slowed down and leaned out the window and hailed us, asking if they could come back to our house. As we giggled like morons and said that we didn't have a house one of them asked Katy and Beth if they were twins, which caused us to scream with hilarity. Eventually they had to move on because they were holding up traffic.

Last night we went to the Michigan/Michigan State hockey game at the Joe Louis arena in Detroit, 'we' being me, Sara, Beth, Katy, and Sara's friend Amber. Oh, it was glorious beyond glorious belief. I took lots of pictures, including a whole lot where I zoomed way in and took pictures of the hockey players. Because they were zoomed in so far some came out pretty fuzzy, but some actually came out OK.

like so. hooray for the Michigan goalie!

We had a hell of time getting there, because 96 (the highway) was completely closed for a very large section, and this meant that we ended up following orange detour signs for around 45 minutes before we got back to where we needed to be. Those orange signs are going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Eventually we got there and managed to park, but were horrified to see that the line to pick up tickets was enormous... luckily they had it split alphabetically into three lines, and the P-Z line was, for some reason, a great deal shorter than the other two.

Pizza was consumed, as were Dippin' Dots, which I hadn't had in ages. I had almost forgotten how incredibly glorious they are. We were sitting pretty high up but could see the ice perfectly. We also ended up sitting quite near the Michigan band, which was nice. The game was a really, really, really good one that we just had the misfortune to lose. It was scoreless up until the end of the third period, when State scored with only 5 minutes or so left to go in the game. Michigan just couldn't muster up anything in that time, and that was that. Sigh. It was agonizing.

But it's OK, because we're still Michigan and they're still Michigan State... MSU: where the men are fat, the women are bored, and the cows are running scared. I heard some people singing the ever-popular chant "If You Can't Get Into College Go to State" (sung to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands). The State chant "Go Green, Go White!" was countered loudly by Michigan fans yelling "Smoke Green, Snort White!", which is an accurate assessment of State.

The fans were great... there were some State fans sitting around us, but there were tons more Michigan fans overall. We had a very small Michigan fan sitting in front of us who was cute, as parasitic children go. There were also a couple of slightly older children sitting a few seats down from us who started cheering "Go Blue!" at one point, so we cheered and applauded them. A man sitting behind us in his most heinous State finery leaned over and said, "Hey! Don't encourage them, those are mine!" which caused us to laugh and assure him that we had their best interests in mind... after all, we were urging them to go to the better school. There were also some very attractive Michigan fans sitting a few rows behind us. They were very vocal and we appreciated them a great deal.

Leaving the arena was a bit of a mess, since the place was mobbed and there was no easy way to get through the press of people. At one point we were going by the bathrooms and an awful smell was lingering in the air, indicating what must have been a backed-up toilet. People were yelling "Smells like East Lansing!" and "Smells like MSU!" At one point Beth attracted the attentions of a very, very heavily inebriated man. Eventually Katy stepped in and dramatically shoved the man away, shouting, "That's enough! This man is TOO OLD for my friend!" When we got outside and got a little bit of breathing room we all had a good several minutes of hysterical laughter over that.

We then discovered that not one of us had noted where we had parked the car. Amber thought it was on the 6th floor, but we weren't terribly certain about that and we weren't at all sure where on the floor we had parked it. We wandered around the parking structure for maybe 20 minutes, getting increasingly crazed as we covered the same ground over and over (It should be right here!). At one point some guys in a car honked at us, causing some guys in another car to yell, "Yeah, great way to pick up girls, honking at them!" which made us laugh some more.

Another car full of gentlemen stopped at one point to inquire if we had any rolling papers. Katy politely explained that we did not happen to have such things in our possession at the moment. Later we circled back and saw them again. It must have been clear that we had lost our car, because they shouted, "Lost your car, huh? It's OK, hop in and come back to Ann Arbor with us, and figure it out in the morning!" We prudently declined this invitation, although not without some more laughter.

Eventually we started hearing a faint beeping that wasn't the honking of the tons of other cars in the garage (we'd been compulsively pressing the beepy indicator button on the keyring). By following the faint beeping we were finally able to find the car. This naturally was cause for us to scream like anything and run towards it. This scene led some fans sitting in a car nearby to honk and yell, "Congratulations on finding your car!" Ahh, yes. T'was lovely.

So we made it back much more quickly than we had made it out, since we knew enough to avoid 96. We had very loud singalongs in the car, and had to scream at Beth to stop dancing spastically while driving on the highway. But make it back we did.

Today I slept until 1:30, which was beautiful. Then I did work, then I edited the photos from last night, then I decided I should blog. And now I really should go do more work. Amanda's mother is a professional baker, and she made a giant cake for Beth and Amanda's birthdays, which Amanda brought back to the dorm today. So that shall be my dessert later, which will make tonight OK.

Mmmmm cake.

2:25 PM

Thursday, March 04, 2004  

By the by, anyone going to have a car on Saturday? C'mon, Michigan/Michigan State hockey game at Joe Louis Arena. You know you want to go.

11:47 PM

Tuesday, March 02, 2004  
Blimey! My actual, real, not-blog website has started its slow and painful birth! Now I just want to muck around with Adobe GoLive all day, as opposed to writing the english paper that's due tomorrow.

You can see it here, but bear in mind that I just started it today and it's terribly Work in Progress-y.

Proper blog later, probably when I finish my english paper and no longer feel the agony of it over my head.

12:35 PM

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