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Wednesday, August 28, 2002  
School is very surreal-feeling. And not really in a good way.

Perhaps that's just because it's early and I'm not used to any of the classes or teachers yet. But it all seems very weird, and there was something about today that made me very pessimistic about how the rest of the year is going to look. I don't know, I just hope that I'm wrong and it doesn't all suck as badly as it has the potential to.

The best by far is french class, which has a grand total of 6 people in it (me, Jess, Maura, Maddie, Vlad and Chulsky). It's incredible. And with Madame, the fun just never ends. I have no idea why they're running it with so few people, but hey, I'm sure not going to complain. I look foward to french class. It seemed especially good today because it was nice to see a familiar teacher.

It does tend to get somewhat disconcerting, all of these teachers being just completely unknown variables. I get the feeling that I'll be a lot more comfortable in the classes once I figure out the teachers.

The school seems so cluttered this year. My lunch was waaaaayyyy overcrowded. Maybe it's because there are so many dirty little freshmen. It might also be because they mucked around with the schedule to make it fully rotating, and they probably overloaded first and third lunch, and left second lunch empty. The people who run my school are geniuses like that.

This morning I arrived at the school and there was the entire senior class, standing there screaming at cars, cheering, and generally being loud and perky. Some of the girls had on translucent white tank tops emblazoned with witticisms like "03 4 life!". I saw a couple of my friends who were not screaming, so I went to stand with them. As I did so, I reflected on the deep and all-consuming hatred that I had for my class.

I mean, really. So far as I am concerned, the first day of school is not a cause for celebration, no matter what grade you're in. I wish people would just shut up and sit still so we could get this year over with already.

Yup. Nothing else to say about the first day of school, other than I hate being back and wish it were summer again. Thank cats there are only 2 days this week.

I have a paper to write for psych, already, but I am telling myself that I am writing this as a warm up exercise. I thus justify spending time on the blog. I also have a biology quiz tomorrow, but I have no justification for why I'm not studying for that right now, other than the obvious fact that I'm much too busy warming up for my psych paper.

My biology books comes with a CD in it. I hope it has games.

I hope that you all have games.

3:40 PM

Tuesday, August 27, 2002  
Sigh. OK. Here goes.

There are a number of things that I need to do today, on this, my last true day of freedom until next summer. One of them is blog, so I am doing that right now and thus fooling myself into feeling productive. I also had to finish rereading Blindess, which I did not like the first time and I did not like any better the second time. But I read it again, in it's entirety. How's that for dedication??

I also need to clean my room, because the best way for me to do my homework is sitting on my floor, and right now there really isn't anywhere on my floor to sit. A fine state of existence for the carefree days of summer, but when the evil, homework-laden days of the school year begin, I need clean (or relatively clean) floorspace. I'll get around to that sometime today. Maybe.

Last night me, Jessy, Kathy, Beth and Hel went bowling. It was fun, even though I lost miserably, as is usual when we go bowling. Poor Hel was given a massive and unexpected wedgie by Beth, at the prompting of Kathy, and that was the main entertainment of the bowling experience. I laughed very, very hard.

Then we mooched around at the Red Rock, and experienced an interesting episode involving a number of young boys, who might have been 3rd graders but also might have been unusually uniformly short people our age, it was quite impossible to tell. This episode terminated with everyone yelling a lot, Helene declaring her love, and Liz very nearly running a red light.

Then we came back to my humble abode with the intent of playing ping pong. Maddie, Noah, Jason and Brian were standing outside Noah's house, so they were assimilated into our happy and rather overexcited little group. Liz assaulted Brian in an outpouring of joy. Ping pong was played. There was some verbal sparring between Maddie and Brian that, at times, bordered very closely on the murderous. It was, shall we say, interesting.

But then, such is life, non?

Maira Kalman did the cover of the New Yorker today. I love her art! It's so cool... and it's so different from a lot of what's out there today. I have all of those books she wrote and illustrated... they are all quite glorious. You know... Hey Willy, See the Pyramids, Chicken Soup, Boots, etc. They give me hope that a career can be had in the art world, in these crazy days and times.

There was a little black and white kitty out on my lawn today. She was adorable! Her fur was fluffy and her eyes were bright yellow. She was very, very friendly. No collar, so I don't know who she belongs to, but she's been over before, so I guess she lives with someone right around here. A friendly cat is always welcome here.

My brother has a habit of making cryptic little lists on small pieces of paper and then leaving them all over the computer desk. They say things like:

Lieberthal Gagne
R. Palmeiro K. Wood
B. Boone Wakefield
Hillenbrand R. Johnson
Garciaparra Astacio
Mondesi Moyer (or something like that, I can't quite read it)
V. Guerrero B. Lawrence
R. Ibanez BoSox 098

Now, I think that that has something to do with baseball, because I recognize a few of the names... Nomar, of course... Wakefield, presumably Tim..... Victor Guerrero sounds familiar.... I think maybe they're all pitchers, or something?.....but, you see, I don't know what in the heck this list means. And there are endless numbers of them dotting the computer desk, containing endless variations of last names and enigmatic little abbreviations. It frightens me.

If the above list makes any more sense to you than it does to me, you can enlighten me at

That's all for now. To close:

Dr. Pepper is a glorious, glorious beverage.

3:42 PM

Sunday, August 25, 2002  
Success! My hair is now, in fact, dark blue. Celebrate with me here, people.

Just got back from the Cape. It was nice. My mother complained that it was too cloudy, but I liked the weather. Some people are just silly like that. We went to Provincetown which was, well, interesting. I had fun, I don't really that my brother did. It was waaaaaaayy too crowded, but other than that I really liked it there. Sort of the anti-Swampscott, if you will. And o yes, you will.

*stomp stomp stomp* *whomp whomp whomp* This is my little brother throwing a temper tantrum because I am not letting him use the computer. O, sob sob sob, I'm so sad!. Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.

School starts on WEDNESDAY. Today is SUNDAY. Can you even conceive of how horrible that is? I don't even feel like summer is anywhere near over!! HOW CAN THIS BE?? WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO???

The very thought of calculus homework is a powerful blow that sends me to my knees. That's just the thought, mind you. What will the actual homework do to me? Will it actually knock the brains from my skull, where they shall lie, glistening uselessly, on the floor? Is this my fate???

I really should go clean my room. Unfortunately, the impetus for doing so is not strong enough to make me actually do it. Sigh. Maybe later... maybe tomorrow... maybe never. We shall see.

The queen, o how she sparkles.

We don't even get school off for Rosh Hashana this year. Two days of temple and we don't even get to miss school. That is evil! Plus the evil fact that Rosh Hashana is on my birthday this year. I suffer, o how I suffer. At least Dave will have to suffer that particular injustice along with me this year. The injustice is not quite so hard to bear when there is another innocent suffering alongside you.

Where are you thinking of?

The CAT always makes the rules.

Must. Purchase. Assignment. Notebook. (can you sense the inner struggle inherent in that thought?)

Unlike the vast majority of my peers, I have actually completed my summer reading. Ha ha! Take that, fools!

Now all good things must come to an end. A sudden end. You can thank my brother later.

8:51 PM

Wednesday, August 21, 2002  
Sigh. Feeling just this immense lassitude right now. Hmm. Sigh.

My hair is now, in part, dark blue with some occasional references, within the streak, to purple. I dunno, it's darker than any other color I've done before, so it doesn't stand out nearly as much as, say, the red or teal did. Well, we'll just have to see how people react, now won't we? I rather like it, so that's pretty much all that matters.

Going to the Cape tomorrow, after the joys of senior pictures (which, in case you couldn't tell, I am not looking foward to). So I am going to work from the assumption that I won't have computer access on the Cape. Well, one never knows, I may, but you ought to prepare yourselves for a few days without *gasp* a blog from me. If you're truly starved for blogging, I suggest you try the different but equally ambrosial blog flavor of my good buddy Helene, whose trials and tribulations can be found at *Me.

Worked on the mural today. All was well. It's really coming out quite nicely now, and although it won't be finished before school starts, we should be able to meet our new deadline, which is to have it finished one year after we concieved of it, which would have been at Noah's birthday party last year. Pray for us.

I feel no more urge to blog.

7:56 PM

Tuesday, August 20, 2002  
Ahh... look at this! Two blogs in one day! You guys are so lucky that you don't even know it.

See, the heinous little brother is away watching some boring baseball, so he isn't bugging me to get off the computer. The absence of his malicious whining and self-riteous anger is like the sweet scent of lilacs hanging lightly in the air. In other words, I love it!

I just saw Run Lola Run. Wow. It was incredible. Awesome. As in, awe-inspiring awesome. I. N. C. R. E. D. I. B. L. E. It was a little bit like Sliding Doors premise-wise, but it was such a totally different movie that I didn't even notice it until I thought about it. My mother likened it to Memento, but if you're going to compare it to anything it would be Sliding Doors. Sliding Doors was a good movie. Run Lola Run is a great movie.

I mean, just great. The cinematography is breathtaking. The camera angles and the colors conspire together to completely and perfectly hold you attention and keep you right in the story, right in there with Lola and Manni et. al. The snapshots! O man, those were magnificent! Looked at from a filming point of view, it's a work of art, really.

From a writing point of view, it's also a masterpiece. Not because of the dialogue, which is simple and not overdone. No, it's because of the way that the dialogue is used. It never overshadows the action. It lets you know what's going on without interfering with what's happening in the movie. The only times there is a lot of talking, there is also a lot of funky color and angle action going on, so that you know the character is standing still, but you don't feel still at all.

The movie never really stops moving, and you never get tired of it, even though you think, once you see the idea of it all, that you might get bored. I assure you, you don't. The movie is exciting, flawlessly written, flawlessly acted, flawlessly filmed, flawlessly executed.

If you haven't seen it yet, cat o cat, you don't know what you're missing. I sure didn't. But now I am damn glad I saw it.

If I had four paws up to give it, I would give it four paws up.

And the soundtrack is really cool too, if you like the whole techno thing, which I kind of do.


I got new sneakers. I know that you all care so much, but you know what? Tough kibble. They're blue. Hopefully I can break them in quickly, preferably before school starts up. Which gives me what, a week? A little less? Catdamned school, starting so catdamned early. Arrgh.

I also got 3, read me, 3 new books today. All Orson Scott Card, all in the Ender series. I'll probably finish the series before the summer ends. I happened to enjoy the first 3 very much. If you've ever read Ender's Game, you know what I mean, because that book kicks salamander bum. If you read it and didn't like it, then you suck salamander bum. There are no two ways about it.

Hmm. Tuesday night. There's nothing to do on a Tuesday night, really.

I have been wondering for a while, who really reads this crazy publication? I mean, I know Helene and Liz do. And yes, you nutso people from California, I get your emails. But that's not much of an audience. I am rather interested in seeing who's bothering to read about Feline Anarchy and other such entertaining topics. Well, if you feel like enlightening me, you can give me a 'shout out' (to put it lamely) at I would probably appreciate it. But only if you feel like it, mind you.

Sigh, well, yes, I need to wake up early tomorrow. What's your point? I should get offline and go to bed? Ah, what do you know about sleep anyways? Sleep isn't 6 and a half measely hours. Sleep is 12 hours, half a day, like it was meant to be, just nice, proper unconciousness for a good 11 or 12 hours. 10 if it's a busy day. That's what sleep should be, not this pansy 8 hours a night business. You don't know a damn thing about sleep. Cats know what sleep is all about.

That said, I think I'll go to bed.

9:31 PM

Um. Hi. I am so utterly astounded right now that I can't think what I need to say.

You see, I just saw Noah's latest cinematic masterpiece.

I think that perhaps my brother put it best when he said "This is the most incomprehensible movie I have ever seen since that Iranian movie The White Balloon, but even that one had it's moments!"

I don't really know which was more disturbing, the actual movie or the outtakes afterwards, which were about as long as the entire movie.

There was a pretty cool series of shots in black and white that I appreciated.

There was also an entirely terrifying shot of Matt. He growled at the camera and I think he scared the cats right out of the room.

I may have to watch it again just to see if it really was that incomprehensible, or I was just missing something over all the hysterical, nervous laughter from the rest of my family watching it in the room with me.

3:32 PM

Monday, August 19, 2002  
Look at how early I'm up!!! Look!!! It's 9:30 in the am right now!!!! O MY CAT! That's so hideously early!

Why am I up this early? Well, see, we were supposed to work on the mural today. So we went into the school around 8. There we were informed rather brusquely by the Captain that the art wing was being waxed today, and we therefore could not go down there to get our paints out. His demeanor made it clear that this was not a day for working on the mural. So, rather than force a major, probably physically painful, incident with the Captain, we decided that maybe tomorrow would be a better day to work on it.

After all, isn't there an axiom that says something to the effect that Prudence is the better part of valor? I think that applies rather well here. You don't mess with the Captain.

So after that, I went with my mother to wrassle with guidance over schedules, both mine and that of my joyous little brother, who will be joining me in my high school experience this year. I look foward to ignoring him in the halls, and I hope that he intends to do the same.

The MassArt show was Saturday. Yes, good times, good times. It was, as usual, way too hot for it's own good there. The only good thing about this was that finally my parents realized that I wasn't just griping baselessly when I came home all tired and miserable from the heat. Other than the heat, it was a pretty good show.

I managed to get most everyone's emails, which is key, because now I can send them all the pictures they've been clamoring for, and I can keep in touch. I very much enjoy being able to do that. Just think... if there was no Internet, I would have a much, much harder time staying in touch with people who do not happen to live in lovely little Swampscott. Bless you, Internet. Bless you.

There was also the fashion show, which was pretty amusing. Some of the outfits were actually pretty nice, as in, they didn't look shoddily made and they didn't look too outrageously styled. Some... well, some were a little, o, well, I'm not sure exactly what word you would use. Maybe you could say that the fashion show was definitely styled towards summer wear. But maybe you could also say 'Woah, whore wear, ten o'clock!'. Well, whatever else it was, it was decidedly amusing, at least.

Um... yeah.... there were also all of the galleries, filled with our work, which were nice, as painfully overheated galleries go. Many people got a kick out of the titles of my and Arielle's surreal paintings. They were hung up next to each other, and Arielle's title was 'Samara's is a boat'. My title was 'Arielle's painting kicks salamander bum', or, alternatively, 'The salamander's pen'. Very surreal.

So.... it was nice to see most everyone again at least one more time before MassArt ended and all... ya, a good time overall. It was very sad that the program had to end, because the people there were (are) pretty much all cool people who are fun to hang around with, and the classes were (possibly excepting Issues and Images) quite fun. But it was nice to get home to the air conditioning and think to myself 'Never again must I sit up on the 5th floor in 105º weather while surrounded by all-consuming turpentine and oil paint fumes'. That was a nice thought.

I got a new hair color. It's kinda purpley-blue. At least, that's what color it is in the bottle. I have absolutely no idea what color it will end up being in my hair. You never can tell, really, how it'll end up until it's actually on there. Hmm, well, we shall see.

I wonder how we'll be tested on our summer reading? I don't know anything at all about my english teacher...

Come to think of it, I don't know much about any of my teachers for this year. I haven't had any of them before, excepting of course Madame Shanahan. This could be either a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose that only time will tell.

Dern it. I wish I could fall back asleep. I know I'm going to crash later. Alas, now that I am awakened, I cannot retreat into slumber just yet.

OK, that's all you deserve for now.

10:01 AM

Friday, August 16, 2002  
It was the last day of MassArt today! *sniff* *sniff* yeah yeah, whatever, it wasn't that sad, since I'll be seeing everyone tomorrow at the show.

It was actually kind of sad because I had acres of fun at the program (excepting the heat), but it wasn't too bad because we kept pretty busy today and there was no time for mooning in anguish about the impending end of the program and the sad concatenation of events that result all too soon in the beginning of regular school. Anyways.

We went to Jillian's, because Chris got lost and couldn't find wherever else it was we had been aiming for. I was quite ready to place a hefty price on his head (it was really, disgustingly hot out, and we were wandering around Landsdowne Street [sp?]), but then we went into the air conditioned Jillian's and didn't get kicked out, so his life was spared.

Anyways, it was pretty fun. There was pool played and then there were arcade games played. Chris played a very nasty game of pool where he cleared the table in 2 or 3 turns. Insanity. Nathan played a really excessively violent boxing video game thing. Mike didn't play any arcade games because he didn't buy a game card. I didn't play anything because I stink like a three day old fish at arcade games. There were 2 other girls with us who were sisters and whom I didn't really know.

Correct usage of 'whom'? I know not. I hope that it was, 'who' and 'whom' are such hideously annoying little words to get wrong.

Tonight is my parent's 22nd anniversary.

We were outside and the sky kept lighting up, but we didn't hear any thunder or anything. So I asked, "What is that??" and my dad said, "Well, it's either lightening or the sky is taking flash pictures."

Wouldn't that be so cool, though? If the whole sky took a flash picture of everyone on Earth in one moment... wouldn't that just be incredible? I think that it would be.

I am really rather tired right now, but I don't feel like doing much of anything, or sleeping just yet. Hence, the blog.

*We both like soup... and snow peas... and talking... and not talking... we could talk or not talk all night.*

You know what that's from. You should know. If you don't know you need to get properly educated dammit, and I am personally ashamed of you. You know what, though? I'll be nice. I'll give you a hint. It's a movie.

Stupid senior pictures. Freaking waste of my precious, school-free, end-of-the-summer time. O yes, and also my ever so vital mural-painting time. Yes, Corey. I will not leave you alone to work on it. All of us in the Architectural Club shall share in the joys and the sadnesses of the mural together.

I said I wasn't going to finish my comic book, didn't I? Well, guess what??? I didn't finish it. So now I have an incredibly lame, half-finished comic book in the show. I am very unhappy about this. But I don't think there is much of anything now I can do to rectify it. Alas, alas, alas.

Loudermilk, 'The Red Record'
30 Seconds to Mars, '30 Seconds to Mars'
These are 2 CDs I am very interested in. Yes. Veeeerrrrrryyy interested....

Before 9! I said before 9! Frelling little brothers, always being so frelling annoying. Ha, 'frell', I'm such a dork (and no, Kate, not that kind of dork. Dirty, dirty Kate).

Cats are soft.

Got my schedule today. It doesn't look like they screwed it up too badly, only mildly. They put me in Painting instead of Portfolio. But the rest of my classes look OK. Is it too much to ask, you wonder, for the guidance department to not make any mistakes in the schedules? Ha! I reply. Of course it's too much to ask. Harassing guidance until they fix your schedule is one of the many glorious SHS traditions. I partake of the joys of this particular tradition every year without fail, sometimes twice a year if my schedule changes between semesters. O, how I adore it so!

Yes, really tired. Good night.

8:52 PM

Wednesday, August 14, 2002  
Today I saw three tall, thin, white egrets standing gracefully in the blue water and round patches of bright green grass alongside the train tracks.

It was miserably hot today. Thank cats I got to leave early, or I think that I would have died a most horrid, over-heated death up in that stupid painting room. Really, there ought to be a law to the effect that all rooms where turpentine is used must be air conditioned.

I heard a really weird song today. It was by Altered State and it was called Where's Harrison Ford? The lyrics were all about all this crazy, bad stuff happening to the singer and the chorus consisted of him singing "Where's Harrison Ford? 'Cause this must be Bladerunner." If you've blogged here before you know about me and Bladerunner. I don't know a dern thing about this group, but I must learn more. The song was, shall we say, intriguing. Anyone heard of 'em?

I'd also like to hear a little more about 30 Seconds to Mars. Also a band that intrigues me.

Finished another roll of film today, much to my mother's chagrin. Alas, that is the way that I must be, photographically inclined. C'est moi, et ce n'est rien qu'on peut fair de changer ça! (sorry Helene, but it was unavoidable)

This roll has on it, among other things, a number of pictures of Rebecca and Ellen trying to unwrap Starburst with their tongues. Yes, 'ay gavult' is the proper reaction. It should also contain photos of Eva lying on the floor, which she seemed to do quite often [Eva, mono cannot be an excuse forever! :-)].

I really ought to be working on my comic book right now. I'm not. I dunno, it's just that I have to be in the mood. I'm not in the mood. Sigh. It'll never be done.

I just reread Bel Canto today. It is a very good book, equally so the second time around. You all ought to read it. It's not too long either.

There were some SAT analogy questions in the newspaper today. I got 10 out of 10 right. Boo yah! Take that, SATs! Alas, the verbal section does not trouble me. Nay, 'tis the evil section of math that disturbs my nocturnal rest. Frelling math.

Yes, you best look out for Mr. Oysterhead.

It is a desk. Not a boat. Just a very, very badly painted desk. I know what it looks like. I know I can't draw a straight line to save my life. Yes, I know. But it is, in fact, a desk. Not a boat. Not. A. Boat.

And while we're on that subject, yes, it is a salamander. Learn some catdamned mythology, people.

*i found a dime under the corner cushion
wishing it was someplace else
and so do i
so do i*

Can you really choke on apathy?


Whenever I type 'roll of film', I always want to type 'role of film'. I don't know why. I just do.

Dye the hair before senior portraits? Or after? Are those things color in the yearbook, anyway? I can't remember if they are or not. O well, what the hell (to quote McWatt), I'll dye it whenever I can get a freaking appointment and senior portraits be eternally (internally?) damned.

So there.

*you've dreamed a thousand dreams
none seem to stick in your mind*

'New features, better performance, flexibility, reliability.' Now, what would you say that was an ad for? Hmm? I ask you. I, of course, know what ad it is, since I can see it right here on my magnificently flat screen before my tired, myopic eyes, but I'd very much like to think you all out there are sitting at your sadly warped screens, puzzling your minds as to what in the world this could be an ad for.

i will not think about school starting i will not think about school starting i will not think about school starting i will not think about school starting i will not think about school starting

and i will especially not think about my little brother being in the same building as me

Argh. That was a quietly exasperated 'argh', just in case you were wondering.

I know you wonder sometimes.

Today Izzy caught a spider, but my mother killed it and disposed of it, and he didn't get to eat it. He was very upset, and after she removed it he spent quite a while looking for another spider that he could eat. He didn't find one. This is bad, because I don't want Izzy to be unhappy. Then again, this is good, because it means that our house is clear of spiders for the present. He's a pretty good hunter. If he can't find one, one is not there to be found.

Errr... OK. I've had enough.

7:58 PM

Monday, August 12, 2002  
Tonight there is a thin crescent moon, and it is orange.

I hate the heat. I hate this heat. Really, why can't it just hurry up and be winter already? I do so wish that it would.

I printed out all of the captions for my final comic book in MassArt on my computer tonight. I had a great deal of fun with fonts. I just thought that you ought to know that.

*with all that's fake there's sense to make from toys that break*

The little symbol on iTunes for 'burn CD' looks just like I want my comic hatchways to look. I think that that's kinda cool. I wonder whatever possessed them to make it look like a hatchway? I wonder if that's too many 's's in possessed? I wonder if a sentence beginning with I wonder should actually be punctuated with a question mark?

Once again, I would like to strongly reiterate the fact that I utterly loathe and despise my little brother.

bring in CDs tomorrow bring in CDs tomorrow bring in CDs tomorrow

So far I have been contacted by the US Army, the Navy, and the Air Force regarding the possibility that I would want to enlist in their respective organizations. Obviously these people do not know me at all. If you do know me, you know exactly what I mean.

Can you really go sideways in all directions?

I do not like glue sticks. No matter what you do, if you want to get your paper to stick down in all it's corners, you will end up with glue stick on your fingers. This then gets dirty and sticky and all over your work. Then you swear (in French, of course), and attack your work uselessly with a kneaded eraser. Once you've determined that doesn't work, you shout and wave the paper around and snap at the cat that wanders in and tries to eat the paper. Then you realize you've gotten the dirty, sticky glue all over everything you've touched in your little fit of rage, and you lapse into another fit of rage. Then you go wash your hands and maybe sulk for a bit. Then you use the glue stick again, because you haven't got anything else around. Repeat indefinitely.

That's why I hate glue sticks.

i don't own emotion
i rent
what was it about that night?
connection in an isolating age
for once the shadows gave way to light
for once i didn't disengage

Errrrrrrrrg. I feel like there should be more to say. Alas, I am under a time constraint, due to the profound and inexhaustible evilness of little brothers.

O yeah. Today I mentioned something about having a blog and how I liked it because it was good writing practice. Someone said that it wasn't, because it wasn't proper english at all. I was a little surprised at this misconception. I read a few diverse blogs, and none of the ones I read use 'IM english'. They all use standard, perfectly good if occasionally conversational, english. I endeavor to do the same. Why do people assume that a blog is written in that cat-awful IM english? y dont u lemme no bout that, k? ttyl!

Got the pictures back. They included some lovely ones of Krystal being choked. There were a couple of Rebecca going way overboard with the salt. And there were some outside action shots of Tyler, Chris and Nathan having a little bit too much fun with a kickball.

I would like to state that RENT merging into Orgy makes for some really, really weird music.

now there's nothing left but time
now that i'm following you

That moon is so cool! I wonder what makes it orange? Is it something about the angle of reflection of light from the sun? Is it something in the clouds or upper atmosphere? Is it some dirt on my window? I do not know.

Arright. That's the total for the nonce. Sconce. Hee hee hee. Nonce.

9:11 PM

Friday, August 09, 2002  
Today was really weird.

It was 'College Day'. Whoop dee doo. It was rather bizarre. There were 4 workshops in the morning, Slide Making, Artist Statements, Mock Interviews, and Portfolio Reviews. The Slide Making was weird because the woman running it turned out to have gone to Swampscott High. She said that she was there Mrs. Hodin's first year. I sadly had to inform her of the departure of that particular teacher.

The Artist Statements was stupid because I'm not going to any art school, so I don't need any such a thing. Alors...

The Mock Interview was OK, but it was basically all just common sense stuff. You know, don't dress like a slob, smile, say 'thank you' at the end, etc.

The Portfolio Review was kinda stupid because the guy just looked at my stuff and said "Yeah, you'll be fine". Real helpful.

Then we had about an hour in which we could do nothing because the staff had nothing planned, but we weren't supposed to go to lunch yet. So some kickball was played (the teachers got their rumps soundly beaten), until the ball rolled into yellow tempera paint that some girls had on the ground. Then we managed to sneak back into the building (they were keeping us in the courtyard) and ping pong was played.

Then we had lunch.

We finished lunch early and our next 'event' was an assembly to tell us all about going to school at MassArt. I was with Ahna and Chris, and none of us plan to go to MassArt. So we figured the times, and saw that we had 2 hours until the 'event' after the assembly. So we snuck out and went to Copley. It was fun. We dragged Chris into all these clothing stores and he got all sad and despairing. Good times, good times.

The final 'event' was a movie. We had a choice. Chris and I went to go see Office Killer. It was an incredibly bizarre movie. It had some funny moments and it had some highly gruesome moments. Some of the humor was of the type where you really don't think you should be laughing, but you just can't help it. The general consensus afterwards was that it was a very very good, but very very disturbing movie.

Then I caught an early train home, and that was the day.

Lizzy, Kate and Abby have been rather adept at avoiding my camera thus far. But I will get them. I will capture them on film for all of posterity. HA!

Yesterday me, Jess, Helene, Kate, Stephanie, Jason and Corey went to Laser Quest. It was very fun! We got to shoot things. The only bad bit was that the smoke was suffocating in parts of the maze. In any event, I came in 14th out of 35. Jess came in 13th and Stephanie got 3rd. Kate the Great got 34 out of 35. Our names were as follows:
me- The Cat
Jess- I Don't Kno
Helene- Margareta
Kate and Stephanie- Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but I forget who was who
Jason-Sor Soce, because the guy couldn't spell
Corey- M Night

And that was that.

Did you hear about that crow, Betty?? Did you?? It was awesome! I've always said that I liked crows because they're smart. So that that all you non-believers! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Finished another roll of film today! I get it back on Sunday. Joy be! I do so enjoy pictures! I just hope that the flourescent lights don't wreck havoc with them like they did in the last roll.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks have a new website format. I can't decide whether or not I like it yet. Hmm. Decisions. Decisions.

The picture of the squirrel, by the way, came out rather well. It looks crazed, and it's wicked funny.

Did you know that certain kinds of weeds, inserted into the holes in the top of baseball hats, look a whole lot like antennae? And did you also know that these 'antennae', when worn in the hat in a public area, such as Copley, will cause many people to regard you with a somewhat startled manner? Chris and Nathan illustrated this point quite graphically for us today.

Dern and tarnation! I have to finish this stupid comic book for my class! It's 8 pages long, and it took me one entire 3 hour class to pencil in 2 pages. Only 2! And that's not even with the inks! I am so infinitely screwed.

Well, OK, I can't think of anything else. There y'are.

8:10 PM

Saturday, August 03, 2002  
Got some pictures back. They were OK. Nothing too spectacular, but there was a picture of my brother sleeping in the bathroom in Pittsburgh. Don't ask.

There was also a picture of Liz with really scary hair.

Yesterday there was a squirrel in the school. It was awesome. It was really really cute, and me, Chris and Nathan had no pressing urge to go to class so we followed it around for a bit. At one point it got itself into a corner and started freaking out, so it jumped up onto the wall and then up onto Nathan. I laughed. He didn't. In any event, I got a picture of it before we went back to class, so it was a profitable experience overall.

I also discovered that there is a T stop that lets you off right at Newbury Street. See, whenever we went to Newbury Street before, we would get off at Copley and usually get kind of lost trying to get to where we wanted to be. But yesterday we were on Newbury Street, and then all of a sudden we go into this place, and it's a T stop! Ah, revelations!

The family has departed for the present. I think they went mini golfing. I didn't really feel like going, so here I remain. Ah, sweet, air conditioned solitude.

And yes, Helene, tout le monde parle français! Il y a plus de pays qui parlent le français que l'espagnol dans le monde! Ha ha! The magnificence of online translating programs (, par exemple) that let me read Spanish allow me the pleasure of an appropriate retort!

is anybody even there
who doesn't just pretend to care
this time i need to know
are you there?

If you would like to view some flowers that I created, you can go to and click on the Flowers icon and enter the number 120807711139. Yes, that's the flower number. Mmm. Delightful.


Cinnamon gum is really quite delectable, don't you agree?

Last night I went out for ice cream with Jess. It was fun. The ice cream place was overrun with hordes of depraved, slavering small children, but that was OK because then we left and drove around and chatted. Good times. We enjoyed the MediMobile in all of it's glory.

Jess also professed an interest in attending my art show at the end of MassArt. I dunno, I don't personally think it's going to be all that thrilling, but then again, I don't really know what's going to be happening yet. Alors...

I've been getting this newspaper in the mornings... the Metro. It's free, and there's always a guy right outside North Station handing 'em out, so I take one to read on the T. It has the most incredibly random and bizarre stories. Here are a few honest-to-cat-true headlines:

-Surfer crabs win beauty contest

-Shanghai bears begging for cola

-Group's research calls modeling clay a danger

-Heaven/hell debate ends with gun death

-French siblings barred from freezing mother

-Activists angered by zoo lions' incest

-Manatees flee amorous male herds

-Maimed turtle scaring birds

-Last Times Square porn palace shut down

Don't you just wish you could read the stories that accompany those headlines? Ha. Well, it makes for an interesting morning read, in any event.

This is a short blog but I can't think of anything else to write right now. Ha. To right write now. Anyways. Blogger's block, I guess. So.

C'est tout.

4:20 PM

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