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Friday, February 28, 2003  
Lo. I have returned.

A certain one of the new blogs which I posted yesterday is now causing controversy and strife in my quiet little school. Such an impact the most minute things may have here. Sad and amusing all at once.

I went through almost the entire day today thinking that it was Thursday. Thank cats it is Friday. Except that I don't feel like it's Friday because I think I have to get up early tomorrow. Siiiiiigh. I hate wakefulness.

Games, I hear tell, are not allowed on these here computers. However, I do not think that blogging has been explicitly outlawed. I shall thus continue to blog with impunity.

I would say that this computer is acting retarded today, but that wouldn't be very politically correct, now would it?

I also don't remember hearing that online comics are outlawed. So I shall continue to view them with impunity as well.

Today in bio we dissected flowers. Rather, I dissected flowers while everyone else did whatever it is that they do in bio when they're not working. Gosh I am so diligent sometimes that I make myself jubilant.

I found a really good French CD yesterday. It is called Cuisine Nonstop and I have a great need to purchase it somewhere soon. I desire this CD. I require this CD. It must and shall be mine. I will find it. Maybe Newbury Comics will have it.

I was watching Animal Planet last night, because that is what I do. They had crazy animal video things on. These included goats that went stiff and fell over when you ran at them (awesome, you should have seen these things fall over with their legs all stiff in the air), kittens nursed by a pit bull, and an emu mating dance.

The emu mating dance was incredible. It looked like the male was trying to simultaneously break its own neck and dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe. It would run up and down, contort its neck, then leap into the air and click its heels. Literally. That is what it was doing. It was wonderous. The female was just standing there watching this display, utterly unmoved and utterly unimpressed. Nature is glorious.

Manhattan Kaboul is a good song in a weird kind of way, but the fact that the Grauls go around their house singing this song freaks me out in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

I got a flower today. Our bio teacher felt bad that she had given us such a hard test, so she gave us all flowers today. Usually we get candy, but she forgot it yesterday, so today we got flowers. I think mine is a tulip. It is very nice. Corey got a deformed daffodil.

Must run, the school day, it is a-endin'.

2:10 PM

Thursday, February 27, 2003  
Well. I feel it incumbent upon myself to inform those of you who do not regularly see the Blogger homepage that Pyra, which originally owned/ran Blogger, has been a-purchased by none other than my very favorite search engine, Google. I hope for great things to come of this.

I have some nice new tidbits for you lovely reader-like folk, in the form of links. I have created a 'Friends of the Cat' section in my increasingly extensive side-bar-o'-links, wherein you may view the blogs of people that I know. There are three which were there before, and there are two new, unproven ones which were only recently created. We shall see how long they last. The sites are listed in the order that I found out about them, and presumably in the order of their creation. May they bring you joy.

Today in english we learned that the handsome young man in a bathing suit was the angel of death. Of course.

My biology essays await me. We shall attend to them later.

Chirac and Bush don't much like each other, do they? In one of the French newspaper sites I was reading today (Libération) the headlined article indicated that Bush was saying that a new, sans-Saddam regime in Iraq would facilitate a peace between Israel and Palestine. Personally, I don't see how that would work out, and apparently the French don't see it either, because the article, while not being outright derogatory, was definitely rather snide.

I think that sums up a lot of the French attitudes towards Americans. Snide. Not that they're entirely without reason, but they tend to take it too far, and they tend to oppose us no matter what, just because they don't like us. Sigh. World politics.

Now, if the world were run by Anarchistic Green Democratic Felines (the AGDF party, of course), none of this would be an issue. The leaders of the world would get together in the UN and peacefully vote to let everyone do whatever the hell they wanted, so long as it didn't hurt the environment. Then everyone would go play with a crinkle ball, and then they would all go to sleep.

And the world would be a better place.

Yesterday I got a thoroughly glorious bit of junk mail. I had hordes of it, because I hadn't been online in so very long, but this one caught my eye. It advertised the "#1 COLON CLEANSER!", and it advised me to get this all-natural cleansing product right now, to protect against harmful toxins and parasites. Sadly, I had to decline this promising offer.

I also got a number of emails urging me to "Get the Size You've Always Wanted to Please Your Woman!", which at least proves that my email address is staying anonymous enough that spammers don't even know my gender. I wonder how I even get on these lists. I mean, what site am I hitting that is prompting these? Meowmail? Maybe it's the racy Bryophyte Photos that's doing it.

I was going to get offline and do my work. But now my brother is demanding to get online. So I shall remain on out of spite, and in the hopes of teaching the nasty, loathsome creature a little respect.

The sun is at that exact point in the sky where it hangs low over the horizon like a giant, swollen, burning tennis ball of flame. It fills the sky with yellow and orange light, and the trees turn black and stark as velvet cut-outs. Very pretty, yes, but it's just low enough to shine directly into my eyes whenever I glance at the window, causing me much pain and disturbing corneal afterimages of tennis.

That damn dusk.

I heard a most wonderous song upon the radio today. It was french. It said things like, "Quand tu tournes, tu es blanche. Quand tu tournes, tu es noir." only it was sung in a really cool way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I caught the name and the album name, and I shall look them up shortly.

Actually, I'll go do that now.

Later, alligator (an oviparous reptile, member of subphylum Vertebrates, member of phylum Chordata).

5:02 PM

Wednesday, February 26, 2003  
Internet is BACK! I am at home, evil little brother has left the building, and gosh darn it, I am blogging!

I am also aggressively not studying for bio. I started to read the chapters, and I fell asleep right on the book. Kind of unnerving. So I imbibed generous amounts of coffee at my interview in Starbucks (which hopefully is the last interview I have to deal with. I don't enjoy them) and I am going to wait until after I have dined to continue studying. I don't think I'll do any other homework tonight. Just biology. Endless biology. Reams of biology.

Can you imagine having 20 meters of tapeworm in your intestine? Is that not the most vile thing ever? What's a meter, like 3 feet? Imagine a 60 foot-long tapeworm inside of you. Imagine it just soaking up all of your nutrition. Imagine it's egg-filled proglottids. Imagine their release into your intestine, so that you may contaminate a water source somewhere, which cows will eat, and then someone will eat undercooked cow meat, and they will get a giant tapeworm just like yours.

Now imagine being awake when the doctors remove it. Remember, 60 feet. Tapeworm. See it coming out. All 60 feet of it. Just endless amounts of tapeworm, being removed from your very own body.

Now go eat dinner.

Hee hee hee. Yeah, it's utterly vile. I just like doing that on occasion to you poor, innocent readers. Sometimes it's good for you to exercise your atrophied little imaginations.

I think the moral of this story is: cook your meat well.

So, we lost our Mock Trial. Sigh. By one point. The judge, as he was telling us this, said, "One point! It doesn't get any closer than that!" Of course everyone on our side looked at each other in ironic mirth. It can get closer than that indeed, especially when the judge doing the scoring scores illegally and gives half-points! *insert scream of rage here*

Anyways. It wasn't too bad, because the Prep team was really, really good, and they deserved to win. We were mostly quite good, with the possible exception of one *ahem* person who *ahem* didn't know what *ahem* they were doing. No need for names. You either know or you don't, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Every single cross examination, on both sides, was hideously intense. The attorneys were all really intense, and the witnesses were mostly all really good. It was starting to tell on us poor observers. The intensity was starting to make us all a little nutty. At least, it was starting to make me a little nutty. Everyone else was acting nutty, but I suppose I shouldn't presume to know the reasons.

One of the Prep witnesses, a certain Mr. Underhill, was decidedly attractive. This was agreed upon by every girl on the team with whom I spoke of the matter. At one point I wrote a note saying "Underhill's kinda cute". It came back to me with "WICKED HOT!" written under it. Maura was starting to write things like "Underhill ? Legolas" on her notebook, and she was being to exhibit other such signs of adoration. Creepy, yet, in this case, rather merited.

Alors, the season's over, whatever, we made a good run of it. The team was, with a very few exceptions, AWESOME, and I adore them all. I shall miss them sorely next year. *sniffle*

Now there's just the enormous, utterly kick-ass Mock-Trial-Party-to-end-all-Mock-Trial-Parties to look foward to.

Our french class is going to try to go to Elephant Walk on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll really go. That would be very fun. Someone in the class brought up the fact that Vlad is going to look like quite the pimp, what with all of us ladies and whatnot, but I rather think that will only make it funnier. Not funner, mind you. That's not a word, no matter how much certain people from Powderpuff think it is.

OK, Corey just IMed me. He's on the Biology Book Website, studying like the good student that I am not. Anywho, this is one of the actual, honest-to-cats questions which is in the practice quiz on this site:

Which of the following is radially symmetrical?
a) a doughnut
b) an automobile
c) a spoon
d) a dog
and the absolute best:
e) a submarine sandwich (a.k.a. hoagie, sub, grinder, bomber, etc.)

My god. I am in awe. Thank you, 6th edition Biology Book Website. Thank you. You are like holy cats in my eyes. You practice quiz question-writers are the most wonderful people that there are in this world. That is by far the most wonderful thing I have ever seen on a serious educational website. Ever.

Cats like heating vents.

Well, I'm going to go dine and then do massive amounts of biology studying and hopefully that coffee will prove it's worth. Wish me luck!

7:24 PM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003  
OK, I haven't been able to post for quite some time because my internet connection is dead. As a doornail. The phone line connecting my humble home to the vast World Wide Web has been shorted out, and the vicissitudes of the phone company mean that it probably won't be reconnected again until the end of this week. Maybe later.

I am in school right now, in case you couldn't tell.

I got a new cell phone! It's a lot smaller than my old one. We couldn't get it activated for a couple of days, because Sprint was 'updating their systems' or somesuchathing. I predict a long and fruitful relationship between my family and the Sprint PCS Complaints Department.

Leslie was here. It was a glorious time. We did many amusing and varied things, and I took a reasonable number of pictures, which is not particularily good, and it's not bad either. We went out to breakfast and I drank coffee, which is always necessary whenever I wake up early enough to have breakfast (in the absence of coffee, I will take Dr. Pepper). Then we sat around at my house, proving once again that we shall remain undefeated by the untold levels of boredom that regularly assail our little town. Later we went into Boston and mucked about in the slushy mess in the streets (which were approaching entirely impassable at points) and we saw Corey's painting where it was on display at the Transportation Building. It was a really cool exhibit. Some of the stuff there was just so-so, but some of it was very impressive.

Then we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which I think we finally decided is decorated not in the style of Egypt, not in the style of Art Deco, and not in the style of Panera Bread, but rather is decorated in the style of Ancient Atlantis, which is a propitious mix of all of these things. The food was plentiful and good, as is usual.

We had a devil of a time getting home, because the Ts were being more tempermental than is usual, but eventually we made it, and all was well.

We did some other stuff, mostly hanging around, but that was our main event, if I remember it a-right.

The last day Leslie was here we went out to lunch in Marblehead at some place named after a volcano. It was surprisingly good. Then Kate had us go to some weird, cult-ish little health shop, which stank of bad incense. I held up one of those 'natural sponge' deals, and I intoned, "A beautiful member of the Phylum Porifera! Now dead!" One of the women in the store kind of looked at me, but you have to admit it's a good point.

I went to Plum Island and saw tons of owls, which was very cool. They were flying right in front of us! Low and slow and o-so-majestic.

We have a trial today. I am pretty sure that it is our last trial, so we had better freaking win it! It's againt the Prep, and I would like to keep them from going 3 and 0, if we can. I like to think that we can. I have faith in my team. We shall see whether or not this faith is duly repaid later today.

I am very hungry. I am going to go scrounge in my backpack for some sugar. I must have something in there. I will blog again either if I finish my french work early again tomorrow, or when I get my home phoneline returned. Until then.

8:41 AM

Monday, February 17, 2003  
Look, people, the links are there because they're good. If you read my last post and you didn't visit any of the links, it's not my fault if you don't get it. They're funny. I put them in there specifically so that you will go and look at them and see what amuses me, and maybe be amused yourself. So don't come whining to me if you don't even bother to look at them.

Well, today it snowed in a way that would make Siberian huskies happy, but not really anyone else. I mean, I love snow just as much as the next warm-blooded mammal with a good home heating system, but this. is. vacation. We have had a terribly bad winter this year, and we have not had ONE snow day! Not a one! This is starting to get just a wee bit ridiculous. Not a single day of school has been called off! I am not sure how I can emphasize this enough. Every single time it snows, it snows in such a way as to not make us miss school.

Someone out there really hates us. At first it could have just been coincidence, but by now it should be clear to everyone that there is some sort of malicious intent out there. I think that this is proof that there is a Higher Intelligence. A Higher Intelligence with a nasty sense of humor, mind you, and a streak of spitefulness to rival my brother's.

Anywho, today I managed to get oil paint all over myself and my clothing. I now smell like turpentine. I did finish a painting that I had been working on, so that was nice, but I started another one, which means that I now have a brand new partially-completed canvas that can sit in my basement for months before any progress gets made on it.

I also used vast, untold quantities of Woodrow-juice, that being printer ink. I am printing out pictures for the Book of Time, see. I make little drawings from these pictures, see. Good times, see, but it uses a lot of ink.

The Phylum Annelida is my favorite, of course. Annelidæ are SEGMENTED WORMS.

Is that a plow I hear?? By cats, it is. Useless, if you ask me. It's still snowing, and it's supposed to keep right on snowing through the night and for much of tomorrow. There's really no point in plowing it now.

The Weather Underground has many interesting and exciting things to say about the weather here. Apparently the storm total accumulation is supposed to be 15-25 inches, and we are supposed to have a Coastal Flood Watch for tomorrow. I guess all that snow has to go somewhere when it warms up a bit. The weather right now at this very moment is

16º F with a windchill of 0º
a northerly wind at 17 mph with windgusts clocking in around 24 mph
visibility of 0 miles
conditions being Snow Showers Freezing Fog

Delightful! Don't you wish you were here? Unless, of course, you are here, in which case you are rejoicing in your current location. I know that I am.

I think I am using a rather lot of italics in this here blog. What can I say, there is just so much to emphasize.

It doesn't feel like a Monday. Not at all. This is a good thing.

I still have to print out some pictures of Chordata, but I won't do it now, because my parents are asleep, and methinks Woodrow's loud noises of complaint and reluctant acquiescence would awaken them most unpleasantly.

Methinks is a funny word.

Hmm. No one from Nahant is online right now. I hope they still have power out there on that storm-tossed, godforsaken island.

I'm actually pretty impressed that we still have power here.

What if we lose power right now? I'll lose this entire blog!

Holy cats! That cannot be allowed. I must post right now!

11:46 PM

Friday, February 14, 2003  
I am now on vacation, thank cats. And I am blogging from home, rather than French, so this is all good and all novel and whatnot.

Yesterday (that being Thursday) we had a Mock Trial against Lynnfield. We won. Oh yes, we did. It was lovely. 71-80. We had a fair judge, and we went up against a pretty competitive team, and we came out the victors. I love it when that happens. Plus, I didn't have to rip anyone apart with my excessive vengeful tendencies and riteous wrath. These things I use when people aren't trying. Most everyone seemed to be trying at this trial, so they are safe for now. If I find out otherwise, damages will be incurred.

you can feel science

I also found out yesterday that I am going to college. Hooray! Purr! Etc! I am so happy. Now it doesn't even really matter if I get in anywhere else (although I certainly wouldn't mind having options). And this was such a pleasant surprise, because I wasn't expecting to hear from anyone until around April. Joy incarnate.

Leslie is coming this vacation. Hopefully fun things will be done and good times will be had.

This vacation I need to a) work on the Book of Time (I am its keeper), b) clean my filth-ridden room, c) read some heinously boring book for english, d) finish that painting that has been sitting in my basement forever and a day, and e) work on the mural, which we haven't worked on in millenia. Sigh. I also need to go *shudder* shopping. So much to do, so little time in which to do it and still get enough sleep.

Today is Valentine's Day. This is the day when they decapitated St. Valentin for advocating marriage among soldiers, when the emperor wanted his soldiers to be unmarried. So we celebrate a rancorous beheading with candy and flowers. I find it somewhat inappropriate, but that doesn't mean I'll turn down the aforementioned candy.

Well. I was getting a bit tired, but now I am awake again. We shall see just how far this will carry me before vital neurons begin to fizzle.

If you would like to learn about fungi (and really, who doesn't?), I suggest that you look here. It's good stuff.

Today in Marblehead we saw a cat. He was very big and fat and orange. I liked him. Jess and Liz thought that he had rabies, but he obviously didn't. He was very sweet. The world needs more cats.

Speaking of the world.

Today the world was so beautiful it could have been eaten by a segmented worm.


i didn't see the car

Many things are random, yet amusing. And people need to learn how to mind their very own businesses, and let everyone else run their own personal businesses by their blissful lonesome. This I do declare.

By the by, I have recently learned that it is an Ibizan DOG, not an Ibizan Hound. Sorry. I was mistaken. Mistooken. All of those things.

My cat just got her wire whisk toy stuck on her tail. She spun round and round trying to get it off. Then it flew off due to the opposing forces at work in centripedal force. Or something. Anyways, it came off, and she attacked it, and it was funny.

Must. Clean. Room. But. Room. Is. So. Dirty. So. Hard. To. Begin.

Why would you ever be trashed online?

Please, I beg of you, do not bring up the coffee incident again. I do not need to hear of it again. Yes, it is funny. But I remember it, yes, I surely do. I do not need it quoted at me. I am ALL SET.

I don't think Heath Ledger can really sing. I don't think that was him singing in 10 Things I Hate About You. That movie is so much better now that I read the book. There are so many more jokes in it that I just didn't pick up on before.

Blank DVDs are a lot more expensive than blank CDs. Especially if you wish to purchase a large-ish number of them. Then they begin to wander into the upper range of pricey.

i'll kill you with my knife!

Oh man. That Hero song in Vermont... with her sister at the sound system... it is just too horrible to be conceived, unless you were there, in which case you rightly share my horror.

Farscape was on tonight. I like it. So take that.

I got pictures back from the Mock Trial already. Only one roll, I took practically two. But the ones I have developed are glorious. We have such a great team. After Lynnfield and the judge had left, we were sitting around waiting for our bus to show up. So, of course, we tore up the courtroom. I have pictures of people sitting in the judge's chair, playing with the gavel, sitting on the tables, etc. Shhh, we're a good bunch of kids.

Oh man, and there was this enormous painting on the wall of this woman... she looked something like Justice, because she had the scales, but she wasn't blind, so she couldn't be Justice. She also looked something like Liberty, because she had a crown sort of thing going on, but she had the scales, so she couldn't be Liberty. She was lovely. I wish that I did paintings like that.

There were also a number of ink drawings up on the walls. One of them depicted Moses holding up the 10 Commandments, illuminated in the light of the Lord. So much for a separation of Church and State, hmm?

i am the master of evil genius

I am beginning to tire again. My energy levels are rapidly waning. Help me, help, help, I'm drowning.

OK, one more, and then you may go.

everyone else is really boring

11:57 PM

Wednesday, February 12, 2003  
Back in French. This is starting to get just a wee bit ridiculous.

Congratulations to the Westminster Kennel Club BEST IN SHOW, the Kerry Blue named Mick! He's a lovely dog, and he had wonderful poise. Indeed, his poise was rivalled only by the crowd favorite last night, which was Dallas the German Shepard.

Personally I was rooting for Bunny the Ibizan Hound, who was a gorgeous individual. But alas, she did not win. It was the first time that an Ibizan won Best in Group, though, so I was appeased.

All these dogs have fancy 'official' names and regular 'everyday' names. The official names are usually 'Sir Canis of the White Mountains in the Land of Golden Chickens' or 'Mistress of the Slowly Smoking Night' or something along those lines. Bunny's official name was 'Playmate of the Year'. This, and her everyday name, was because she has a marking on her haunch that looks just like the Playboy bunny symbol. Hence the names. I laughed.

OK, here are the Best in Group winners from two days ago again, and last night's winners as well, for your own personal enjoyment:

-Working: Josh the Newfoundland
-Terrier: Mick the Kerry Blue
-Toy: a Pekingese (I forget its name)
-Non-Sporting: Mike the Standard Poodle
-Sporting: Jester the Brittany
-Hound: Bunny the Ibizan Hound
-Herding: Dallas the German Shepard

And of course Best in Show was the Kerry Blue.

You can see pictures of Mick, and of all of the other winners at the Westminster Kennel Club. I highly suggest you check them out.

The dog show is good times.

OK, that's about all I've got for now.

11:10 AM

Tuesday, February 11, 2003  
I blog again. I think that pretty much the only time I blog now is when I am in French. As I am now. Of course, I only blog after I have finished my work. Otherwise, that would be irresponsible.

So, New York was OK, the Bat Mitzvah was OK. I can't get over these reform services, though. They had a lady playing the organ, and that was bad enough, but then the rabbi broke out his guitar, and my mind was lost. He played the guitar during the silent meditation prayer, which completely ruined any chance I might have had to meditate in a serious manner. It was horrid.

The cantor.. now, she was a prize. She was very tall and very thin and she had very short hair. She looked something like a cross between a man and an affronted heron (to borrow from Douglas Adams). She sang. Oh yes, did she ever sing. I could sing better than this woman. She warbled the low notes, cracked the high ones, and quavered the whole way through. She also had no tone. While she was singing, she would waggle her shoulders around in what I assume was an attempt to show the congregation how much she was pouring her heart out into this music. It looked like she was convulsing. I was sitting with my cousins, and we were giggling madly. It was pretty unfortunate, because we were sitting near to the front, so she glared at us a number of times. Even under her daunting stare, we were quite unable to control our mirth.

The ride there wasn't too bad, even with the hoardes of snow. Once we got onto the highway it was fine, and Massachusetts was the only place with a foot on the ground anyways. We got to take the new I-90 extension! I was excited. It was much faster, since we didn't have to go through Boston at all to get to the Pike and whatnot. Good times.

The hotel was OK, no elevator nightmare like in NYC. I don't think there were any elevators at this hotel, or if there were, they were service elevators. The whole place was all spread out, but it was only 2 stories high. Bizarreness.

The party was OK, nothing wonderous and nothing heinous. There was a lot of singing.

So, that was New York.

Last night I was watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is a pretty big deal. It's what the incredible movie Best in Show was based on. I saw four groups... the Terriers, the Toys, the Non-Sporting, and something else that I now forget. A Newfoundland won the something-else, a Peke won the Toys, a standard Poodle won the Non-Sporting (of course, it's always the damn poodles), and a Kerry Blue won the Terriers. I'll try to watch the rest of it tonight, if time allows.

I really wanted the Italian Greyhound and the Skipperkee (sp?) to win in their groups (toys and non-sporting, respectively). They both came in 4th. Alas. The announcers kept on saying that the dog in the book Eloise was a Skipperkee, but I was skeptical. So I dug out the book. Her dog was a Pug named Weenie. She had a turtle named Skipperdee though, so I think that was what they were thinking of.

I like dog shows. They don't televise cat shows, not that I know of. I don't think they are very good to watch on TV. Very fun to attend in person, but just not thrilling TV.

Wow, this teacher-who-is-in-the-room-with-me-but-shall-remain-unnamed is a real *female dog*. This I do believe.

Must get homeroom numbers. Evil people who don't come to meetings. I shall make them run as levrets before the weasel.

Class is nearly at an end. Thus, I end.

2:09 PM

Friday, February 07, 2003  
I am in school again. It is Friday. It is snowing like the Frozen, Sinner-Chewing, Bloody-Slavering, Three-Faced Devil himself. Pardon my Dante-ism.

i love kate. she is the most fantastic person that i have ever met. i just thought that i should let you all blog-readers know. you should love her too. she is BEAUTIFUL!

That was Kate. We are in French, and she is not, but she is here anyways. I know not the reason. But I have decided to let her statement stand, for it is there, and I am too lazy to delete it.

I am supposed to be heading to New York tonight. Driving, mind you. This snow is going to make things rather difficult and evil. says that Travel is not advised. I am going to bring provisions (in the form of candy, of course), just in case we are stranded somewhere and need some sugar to add seasoning to the gophers and other small mammals we will undoubtedly have to kill and cook IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

Many people got dismissed these last few periods. I find it much more amusing to sit here and blog, since cat knows I wouldn't have time to do it when I got home. There remains packing to be done.

Our Mock Trial meet was cancelled today. This is incredibly terrible, because it means that there is a distinct possibility of our having two meets next week. Two trials in one week is not a good thing. But we shall have a meeting this Sunday, and all eventualities shall be discussed in depth.

Maddie is listening to the weather on the computer. There is video too. The storm that is over us right now looks damn nasty. They are saying 1-2 inches every hour until around 4pm. That would be a lot of snow.

Kate must defend her dignity. But it is hard to do that when you are a marsupial (as she is). Marsupials have internal... well, you know what it is.

When you are eating fruit salad, do you know what you are really eating? Ovary salad.

This I learned from my biology teacher. She told us this with great relish. And mustard too, perhaps.

I still can't hear the Spiderman 'Hero' song on the radio. I have to turn it off right away. This is terrible. I am completely and utterly ruined, and there is no hope of recovery in the near future.

1:52. School ends in a bit and a half.

This I do remember from my days at Arts at Tower:

How long does the average iguana live?
(a) half of its life
(b) a quarter of its life
(c) all of its life
(d) some of its life

Not sure why I recalled that just now. But I did. The answer is at the bottom of the blog.

Today in health we had some lab thing in the gym. We had to step up and down for three minutes and then take our pulse. Then we had to do sit-ups. Then we had to hang from a bar. Then we did the sit-and-reach. I did more sit-ups than Noah did, and that makes me happy.

Many people just got kicked out of the computer room. I have opinions on the computer room policies and those who enforce them, but I probably shouldn't make them public while here I sit.

Proximity alert! Proximity alert!

Danger averted for the moment. I shall remain vigilent.

Ce n'est pas un bon jour pour l'ecole.

I can't do accent marks on this stupid, worthless, non-Mac computer. This... well, it's got Intel Inside and a shiny silver sticker that says 'CCS' in some fancy writing, but I am still not sure just what it is. The screen is an AOC Spectrum 7Vlr. It is enormous. I am not sure what any of it is, but I am sure that it is all, if you will pardon the expression, crap.

Should only seniors be able to drive? That is the question. Sticker the cars, they say, sticker the cars.

It really stinks that Mock Trial got cancelled. I heard that it wasn't even the court that cancelled it, it was that cowardly St. John's Prep. They had fear of us. And rightly so, rightly so.

I could sit there and draw dinoflagellates all day long, and I would be content.

A quote from the Simpson's:
*small boy: "Now the monkeys can't bite me anymore. Oh no!" *monkeys come running at small boy. small boy slams door. small boy peers out of mail slot* "I am like candy to them."

Well, I laughed.

Printer Cartridges for this printer cost over $100 each. Please conserve whenever possible. Thanks.

Sound Force 505!!

Well, I am going to go look at some online comics and things. I will let you know of the New York journey just as soon as I can, because it is sure to be a rollicking good time. Assuming we ever get there, of course.

The answer, by the by, is (d). Obviously. You all ought to know better than to answer a multiple choice test with an absolute. Surely your teachers have told you to be wary of words like 'never' and 'all'. Silly folk.

2:06 PM

Tuesday, February 04, 2003  
I am in school. I am in french class. We do internet things in French class now. We look at french newspapers. But I have finished for the day. Thus I blog.

Jessica says hi.

These are some french newspapers, if you would like to regard them. They amuse me. They don't like Americans in France.
Le Monde
Le Figaro
and especially radical and joyous Liberation

Liz and Jess thought that the ice cream place Puleo's is pronounced POO-lee-ohs. I said that it was pronounced puh-LAY-ohs. We asked the guy who worked there. He said that it was puh-LAY-ohs. So take that! I am so very correct. Puleo's has good ice cream.

tables made of chess

I think that you should check out the message board at WiGU. It is a thoroughly glorious message board. I made some very amusing posts there. In particular you should look at the thread that has something to do with Topato art, I'm not sure of the exact title. But that is where I posted, and the artwork in that thread is varied and good.

It also inspired a Tshirt, which I shall forthwith endeavor to buy.

I know that I haven't blogged in a bit, life has been much too intrusive. What can I say?

We lost our first Mock Trial meet. We lost 97 to 97.5. This is interesting because you are not allowed to give out half points in Mock Trial scoring. We lost because the judge was wacko and incompetent and should not have been judging Mock Trial if he didn't even know the most basic rules.

Our team was better than the other team. Our demeanor was more professional. We were better prepared. Our questions were better. Our lawyers were infinitely better. Our witnesses were better. And we didn't say things like 'they was my friends'.

So we should have won. We should have won easily. We did not. Why? Because the judge was a complete and utter quack. I was angered.

We have another trial this Friday, which hopefully we will win. One never knows. But I can hope.

OK, class is nearing it's end. Thus, I shall end this blog.

Salt is not an adjective.

11:14 AM

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