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Wednesday, August 11, 2004  
Has it been ages since I last posted? Yes. This is partly due to the insane steak of artfulness I have been in lately (MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE URGE TO DRAW WHILE IT LASTS!) and partly due to the fact that I've tried to write this entry several times over the past week and half, and every time the computer has frozen partway through, thus causing me to lose the entry and lose heart at the same time. Let us hope this does not occur now.

Ryan Estrada, as I have said about 8 million times in here, is one of the coolest and nicest people on the Interweb today. He is so nice that he has raised Niceness up to the level of a super power, like flying, or the ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes. Anyways, he is taking a break from his online comic, Gamer's Edge, to publish a book (!) while he's in Korea. To fill the space, he's having people make guest comics. Each one focuses on an established character in his comic. I made one, which you may view here. It is rather unfortunate and hastily done (I was still in classes at MassArt when I drew it, and as such was somewhat pressed for time) and I feel sort of bad about it, so I might have to draw up something nice for him and send it along to make up for that. Ah well.

Look! Les McLaine made a tutorial! I must try some of his computer coloring techniques, they look about 20 times easier than what I've been doing. The man is like some kind of drawing monster of awesomeness.

Oh, joy. A brand new kung fu theater masterpiece from the mind and computer of Weebl, for you to enjoy.

Also, it seems as though Joel Veitch has simultaneously found a new music-making toy to play with, and lost his mind. The proof is this highly disturbing Internet offering. Be sure to watch it all the way through, now.


The most hilarious thing I've seen on the internet recently would have to be this Harry Potter livejournal community. It's one of an apparently large number of 'role playing' things, which normally would send me running for the hills, but this one is funny enough to be worth a read. If you go all the way down to the bottom you get the first entry, which explains the concept. Essentially, due to a curse or something, parchment can no longer be used at Hogwarts. So everyone's been given a laptop and a livejournal account, and the students and teachers communicate via the internet.

It. Is. Hilarious. There's a tenuous storyline running through it (the Macarena is a curse caused by Voldemort), but the hilarious bits are the interactions. It's not done seriously, like the really creepy RPG communities, but instead keeps a healthy tounge-in-cheek attitude. Harry does all of his entries in caps, because he's so angsty and angry. Dumbledore recommends cigarettes and communal baths as relaxants. Snape and Lupin are in a 'relationship' and call each other 'Sevviekins' and 'Remmipoo'. Minor characters in the books get a chance to shine here, like the moronically girly Lavender Brown, the permanently drunk Seamus Finnigan, or the disco-loving Crabbe.

The friends view is here, and that's where you can see the most recent posts made by community members. If you've got an empty afternoon or evening somewhere, read through it. Read the comments. Read the entries. It's frikking hilarious. Seriously. And did I mention the amusing usernames? Alpha_aconite is Lupin. Cedeadric is Cedric Diggory, making entries as a reanimated corpse (I'm a little unclear on this one). Shouldteachdada is Snape. Plugsplugsplugs are the Weasely parents. Purebloodyay is Lucius Malfoy-- I imagine this one with a little exclamation point at the end, and am amused.

My favorite conversations so far: Snape and Lucius Malfoy expressing their deep sympathy for the Muggles afflicted by the 'horrible curse'. I giggled aloud at points.

Harry reminding everyone that it is his birthday. Apparently this is the date indicated in the books as his birthday. Here he is somewhat bitter about no one remembering.

Voldemort's poem. Yes, Voldemort is on here. The poem is surprisingly clever and well-done, and made me choke on my laughter the first time I read it (I was choking because it was around 3 am and I was attempting to not wake anyone up, see).


I am aware that it's been quite a while since I last posted, and this means that lots of things have been going on here. I'll go over what I can remember here.

Leslie came into town for a couple of nights, and we all went to the Dispatch concert at the Hatch Shell in Boston. Hoo boy. It was crowded. I mean really, really, really crowded. They were expecting a crowd of around 30,000 to show up, and they got a crowd of around 100,000. They had to enact an emergency shutdown of Storrow Drive, as people were spilling out onto it. There were parts near the Hatch Shell where you literally could not move due to solid mass of people.

It did not help that a) I'm not even really a Dispatch fan in the first place, b) all of Massachusetts suburbia appears to have showed up for this-- including most of Swampscott High, and c) it was one of the hottest days of the summer. Uuurrrggh.

After a few hours spent in the sweaty press of white people (it was, frighteningly, the most uniformly white concert I've ever seen) a group of us split off from the hardcore Dispatch fans and retreated to the lawns further down Storrow Drive. There were still many people there, but at least you had room to breathe and space to sit. We then spent a couple of hours trying desperately to cool down in the stagnant air, every so often getting up to grab a free dixie cup of Nantucket Nectars (they were sponsoring the ill-prepared event), watching the police race up and down the little canals of the Charles River on jetskis.

I had a long phone arguement with Tom, who called to ask if I knew anyone in the herpetology department at Michigan (I don't) or the mammalogy department (I do) for a project we may or may not be doing. Since Mike is apparently still in Brazil (he went down there to do some study program this summer) I told him to call Trevor and bother him about it. He then threatened to try and go through the icthyology department, but between the two of us (Trevor and I) we managed to beat him down. So far all of our collective experiences with the icthyology people have involved morons.

Anyways, eventually the heat and the crowds got to be too much for those of us with delicate constitutions, so a group of us left Boston, shaking our fists in defiant defeat at the unapproachable Hatch. It was certainly an Experience, in the sense that it's an Experience I have no desire to repeat any time soon.


As I said, most of what I've been doing lately is drawing. After that MassArt anatomy class I got an enormous burst of people-drawing desire, and it's been cramping my phalanges ever since. Most of it's been comic book-y stuff, and a lot of it's been character design. I have also, however, gotten a package of tshirt transfer paper that seems to work pretty well, so I've been scribbling up some tshirt designs for my own personal amusement.

The one I've been needing for ages is a Michigan Art and Design one. Because on campus you can buy Michigan Law tshirts, Michigan Architecture, Michigan Drama, Michigan English, Michigan ANYTHING, but for some obscure and unfathomable reason you cannot get Michigan Art and Design. No one has any idea why. It pisses me off to no end. So I knocked out my own, slightly crap design. Eh. I'll probably wear it anyways.

This is the design, see.

So far the only other designs I have are these:
1) A poorly drawn wolverine in blue and yellow is reclining and picking his teeth on top of a sprawled and poorly drawn Spartan in green and white. Text reads "Rivalry: it's a Michigan thing". Referring, of course, to the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry. This is a pretty awful design, but it was my tester, so meh.

2) I *heart* Drosophila melanogaster. Accompanied by a little inked drawing of a fruit fly. Ah, biology humor. I quite like this one, I look forward to wearing it around and confusing people.


Before the DNC (Democratic National Convention) ended, I went in with Corey and Jason. We originally were going in so that Corey and I could draw the crazy people (Jason was just along for the heck of it), but it ended up being such a madhouse in the city that we couldn't resist joining in. It was hideous piles of fun. We held up Kerry/Edwards signs and cheered behind the MSNBC desk, we walked down to the protest zone by the Fleet Center, we went into the Cage of Free Speech, we witnessed the insanity that were the protestors at Faneuil Hall.

When we were down in the main protesting area Corey and Jason got stopped by a woman and a photographer. The woman was apparently the president of, a liberal online dating service. Since both Corey and Jason had big signs, they got their photo taken with the president-lady to represent a couple of strapping young eligible democrats. I doubled over with mirth. Amazing.

We strolled all around that area, since it was such a nice day out. We went to visit the seals outside the Aquarium-- they were sunning themselves on the rocks and being infinitely cute. They have such great faces. Corey claimed to be disturbed by their very intelligent looks and gestures. Everyone who finds themselves in that part of Boston should go visit the seals. I generally make a point of dragging people down there because, I mean, come on people. Seals!

Faneuil Hall was filled with crazy protesting folk and crazy space-invading media folk and slightly bemused-looking police folk. There was a gentleman wearing a bloody doctor's coat and holding a giant sign with what he claimed was an aborted fetus on it. It was a truly disgusting image, so I didn't want to look at it too closely, but sheer proximity forced me to examine it to a certain degree. Well. It was gross, yes, and it was a baby, yes, very clearly dead. But it wasn't an aborted fetus. It was, pretty evidently, a dead full-term baby. Who knows under what circumstances the baby had died, but it certainly wasn't due to abortion. Sigh. Not only is the anti-abortion lobby hideously unsubtle, they can't even get biologically accurate images for their shocker posters.

There were also people in Faneuil Hall with colonial costumes on, and a giant cloth Declaration of Independence, which they proudly unrolled and displayed on the steps of Quincy Market to a small crowd of onlookers. There was a small girl who had been decked out in red, white, blue, and Kerry gear. This delightful child was being happily exploited by her mother, who steered her forcefully towards all video and photographic cameras in the area. And there were police. Lots and lots of police. Boston police, Massachusetts state police, Boston park police, MBTA police, and so on.

Photos from the glorious event may be viewed here. I suggest that you look at them, for they are most excellent. At the end of the album there are some photos from my family's trip to Mass MoCA, the best art museum in the history of ever. Good times.


The other night Jason, Corey, Dave, Noah, Jess and I were bored (as is usual). Lacking anything more stimulating to do, we wandered into a park in Marblehead, down some treacherously unlit steps (only afterwards did I remember that, ever since the debacle in the woods, I always carry a flashlight in my bag), and onto a small dock in Marblehead harbor. The night was very pleasant, so it was enjoyable sitting there, except when the ladder connecting us to land would creak ominously. And Noah kept saying things like "I can just see a pair of HANDS coming up over the edge there, and DRAGGING YOU DOWN", which didn't help to ease one's mind.

Upon reflection, we probably weren't supposed to be on the dock, especially not in the middle of the night, but hey. It's not as though we were doing damage to anyone or anything. You would think that the local police would actually be happy that kids were spending their evenings sitting on a dock in the harbor, as opposed to getting stonkered and throwing eggs at the Fish House or somesuch activity.


I recently burned my mother's Greatest Hits of Duran Duran CD, and have been listening to it quite often. I enjoy it. A lot. Does this make me a bad person? I feel like it violates some kind of anti-80s-music-college-student law.

OK, that's quite long enough for a blog. Tomorrow I'm heading into Boston with Jess for the Red Sox game (you're going down, Tampa Bay!), and next week the family is off to Chicago, so I will hopefully have things to report after that.

Until the next, mes amis.

6:32 PM

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